The Khumalo brothers are sexy way too sexy and hotter than I have seen them in suits and on papers and magazines ..

My boss and one of his brothers had their rings on but his twin and the other brother had no rings ...

I sat down acted more of a lady than a girl who has a crush on her boss ...

They all shoulder bumped I don't know if my boss hadn't seen me or he was pretending not to see me probably acting all " professional " even when there was no need to ...

I needed to head back to the apartment a lesbian candle is way better than partying with my boss ..

Sbongiseni:"Thando the divorced life is treating you so good you have gained weight!"
They laughed 
Thando:"Yeah man I am chowing my money all alone now " they laughed even more 
Sbongiseni:"And nina where are the wives?" 
Nkanyezi :"Well mine is at home uyazi uNjabulo uhlanya kanjani (You know how crazy Njabulo is) "
He laughed 
Sbongiseni:"She is treating you well though look at you .You're glowing nawe "
Nkanyezi:"I am happy a lot happy .The twins are also growing up so well " 
Sbo:"I'm glad... Wena ?" He referred to my boss 
Nkazimulo:"She is at home you know how she hates partying with me "
Sbongiseni :"Oh and where is my respect at .Guys this are my ladies Buhle my girlfriend and Bopaki our friend "

I stole a glance at my boss he wasn't even looking at me sad!

"And ladies..Thando the first Nkanyezi the second Nkazimulo and Nkoskhona the last and this is Mondli but we call him Papabee " he continued

They all sat and started drinking ..
My boss didn't even try to engage in any sort of conversation with me .
We both acted like strangers though I would steal a few looks at him and noticed he was forever on his phone giggling ..

Who ever or whatever was on his phone must be tickling him so hard ..
***Rolling my eyes***

The night was kind of fun we drank and I would stand up and dance here and there I'm not much of a good dance though...

My boss left earlier than everyone the wife must be waiting ...

Sadly his brothers also left a few hours after he left ..

I was sloshed but not too sloshed to say I couldn't even see my way ..
I checked the time on my watch it was past 1am

Buhle was drunk too ..
Buhle is the type of girl that wants to get laid the moment she gets drunk ..
So I assume she forgot about me since well a dick was up and running in her mind so her and Sbongiseni left they didn't even say their goodbyes to us ..

I knew I had to call a cab all the guys had left and I didn't trust Sizwe and Menzi that much ask them to drive me home ..

"I need the toilet " I said to Menzi and Sizwe 
Menzi :"Should I come with you ?"
Me:"No I'll be fine "
He nodded

I excused my self to the toilet and called a cab ...
After the call I went to wait outside for it ..

I felt a little safe with the bouncers outside than with Menzi and Sizwe inside ..

I could smell a familiar male cologne behind me .
The cologne that wet my undies whenever it fill the room...

I knew who it belonged to 
"You do know it's not safe out here right?"
I turned to act surprised..
It was him indeed Nkazimulo my boss !
I got really happy at least I felt much safer now 
Md:"I thought you had left ?"
Him:"Nah I went somewhere so I thought I should come check on you guys before heading home "
**Maybe he went to see his mistress ** I thought 
**Stop being silly you will be his mistress .No one else!**My inner woman debated 
Him:"So where is your friend ?"
Me:"She left with Sbongiseni "
Him:"Menzi and Sizwe ? Isn't one of them your boyfriend?"
I quickly shook my head no 
Him:"Come ; let me drive you home "

He took my hand ..
The warmth of his hand was welcoming his hand touching my hand alone was turning me on ..I could get used to being held by his hand ..

I imagined the hand caressing my body ..
I imagined his body on mine 
I imagined seeing all those tattoes visible on his body ..
I imagined him fucking me really hard..

Note this:Even when I am drunk I do not let my mind do the things my body don't wanna do ...

But this my body soul and mind needed it !

While still at those lustful thoughts
I felt the urge to throw up ..

I couldn't hold in the vomit any more and I threw up right there it must be lots tequila shots I drunk back inside ...

He was quiet I was so embarrassed 
Him:"Should I get you water?"
Me:"No get me your saliva .."
I looked up at him and laughed I could see the disgust on his face 
Me:"You ...You can kiss me you know I can not stop imagining your tongue stuck up on this throat ..." I pointed my neck
I laughed even more 
He held my hand again 
"Lets go!" He summoned  
Mmmh the authority in his voice was doing wonders to me 
Me:"No I want more shots"
He stopped and looked at me

I turned to go back inside 
Me:"Call me when the cab is here "
I tried to walk away 
Him:"That's it .You're going home "
He picked me up like he was picking a sack of potatoes ...


He placed me in his car and buckled the seatbelt .

The last thing I remember was him getting in the driver's seat and driving off ...
I must have blacked out then.



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