"Hey what are you doing ?"
I looked up and smiled all along I was pretending to be busy on my computer 
Him:"Working or overworking your self?" That was accompanied by a friendly chuckle ...
That's the first I'm not complaining though I liked it 
Me:"I was drafting the collarbone's proposal "
Him:"And ?"
Me:"Only but I'm done"
I stood up and took my bag I could feel he was staring behind me ..
He cleared his throat a little

Him:"You shouldn't overwork your self "
Me:"I was bored so I needed something to keep me occupied "
Him:"I understand "

We walked quietly to the elevator .He isn't a man of words I guess ...
We got to the parking lot 
Him:"I'll see you on Monday "
Me:"Monday it is "
I was about to walk away when he stopped me 
Him:"Aren't you driving ?"
Me:"No but I'll call a cab"
Him:"I'm driving past your apartment ..I can drop you "
I didn't want him to ask even further so I turned instantly and got inside his Jaquar XE S

We didn't say much in his car all that played part was Offset and Migos music playing on the tape ..
Well seems like he ain't really a classic man ..

Throughout the journey to my apartment I couldn't stop stealing a few glances at him ...

Dear God this man is flames !!!!!

He is perfect in everyway the way he leaned his back on the car seat his hand holding the steering wheel while the other was on the gearbox was so sexy ..
The way he was rapping along the songs playing on the tape ...

Dear God can you please give me a husband like him ...

I didn't notice we had already made it to my apartment ...
Him:"And here we are "
I snapped out of the drooling quickly 
Me:"See you on Monday "
Him:"Monday "

I stepped off the car and watched him driving away...

The rest of my day was a lot boring just on social media with a bottle of rose wine with ice I'm a wine addict ...

A text on my phone came through it was from Buhle ...
-Bitch- Buhle

I really love Buhle she is no different from me the only difference is she is into blessers while I have a crush on my boss and in a boring relationship with Sabelo nothing more or less ..She is doing her final year in Mechanical engineering at UKZN and renting an apartment next door mine. 
Her and I got to close when we both noticed we are a lot in to partying .
Her and Khwezi don't get along but just respect each other for my sake ..
-Bitch- I texted back 
Her:"Where you at...I'm in the country "
I got really excited Goodbye boredom!!
Me:"Yeey ..Where you at ? "
Her:"In my room already let's go out drinks on me tonight !"
Me:"Sure thing ...Fetch me in my room in an hour "
Her:"Wear something sexy we'll be chilling with my potential client tonight "
Me:"Sure "

I excitedly got up from the couch...

255 255);">I took a which shower...

I was wearing a marron midthigh backless dress that had a bit of gold blings gold five inch stilletoes and applied on light make up with a messy bun on my head ...

I took my gold bag and walked off the bedroom to grab something to eat before going out I'd hate to party with a grumbling stomach ..

I found Khwezi and Shirley cooking romantic right ?

I didn't know Shirley was in Durban 
Me:"My favourite couple "
They both turned to me and Shirley whistled..She came my way and gave me a hug 
Me:"Shirley how are you ?"
Me:"I'm good I didn't know you're here "
Her:"Arrived about an hour ago where are you going ..Are you sure you'll be coming back tonight ?".i chuckled 
Me:"YEAH "
Khwezi :"I thought you're out with Sabelo "
Me:"And you think I'd be wearing this if I was with him?"
She shook her head 
I got my self cereal
Shirley :"I thought that was meant to be eaten in the morning ?"
Me:Its the only food that's quick to make -
I head a hooter 
Shirley :"Your boyfriend isn't the romantic type ..A hooter ?"
I laughed taking my bag and the cereal along 
Me:"And that's my cuee to leave ..Dont wait up "
I walked out a black Mercedes Benze C class was parked outside Buhle was also waiting outside near it ..
I guess it's our ride

We hugged before the guy opened both our doors to let us in I assumed he was our driver ...

He drove us to Eyadini we made our way to the VIP section ..
It wasn't that full only a few guys ...

Apparently Buhle's blesser booked the whole VIP section for tonight it's his birthday ...

The blesser stood up when he saw us making our way in ..
Him and Buhle kissed

I think he is too young to be called a blesser he was cute very cute but not like my boss !
Kgnthe what is a blesser bathong?
Isn't it a sugar daddy ?
Or is it just someone who is loaded?
Buhle:" Babe this is my friend Bopaki but we call her Paki Paki this here is Sbongiseni "
Him:"Nicr to meet you Paki "
Me:"Like wise " we handshakes ..
Sbongiseni:"And this are my friends ..Menzi and Lungile "

We did the introductions perfectly ...

The guys seemed a lot loaded ..
I could see their car keys on the table the phones too shouted expensive..
The drinks too the only drink that seemed less expensive there was the 26 year old Glendfiddich Excellence whisky ..

Sbo:"Can I get you Anything to drink ?"
Buhle :"We'll go with the cocktails for now " she looked at me 
"Right ?"
I nodded 
Him:"Okay "

Sizwe:"Kanti baphi la Bafana ( Where are this boys)?"
Menzi:"Here they come "
We all turned to the door to see the "boys "

I couldn't believe this all the four Khumalo brothers ..
All of them were heading our way ..
I wished I could bury my self I'd hate to party with my Boss !!!..



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