My ringing phone woke me up in the morning .
It was mom

Her:"You sound like i have woke you from a deep sleep "
Me:"Yes but it's okay "
Her:"Okay how is work ?"
Me:"Same old boring ..how is dad ?"
Her:"Just fine "
Me:"Pass my greetings "
Her:"Will do when are you visiting?"
Me:"Probably month end "
Her:"Okay ..Bopaki don't forget you're there to work not to gallivant "
I laughed a little 
Me:"I know ma ..I am matured now so don't worry "
Her:"I trust your word..take care "
Me:"Will do "
Her:"I love you "
Nw:"I love you too "

I hung up after that

I am the only child at home 22 years rurning 23 in a month and a lot into partying but I have grown to be a much responsible girl now ..

I woke up since well I couldn't sleep anymore and went to rinse my mouth and wash my face ...i didn't get time to watch the view today


"What time did you get back yesterday ?"

I asked as I made my way in the kitchen it was Saturday we are not working on Saturdays..
Her:"Very late ..I had back to back meetings "
I sat on the night chair and joined her 
Me:"You're scarce this days "
Her:"Work "

I ate with her in her plate ..She made pork dumplings and chewy noodles my favourite !
Me:"Your boss was here last night "
Her:"Our boss .He took the Paton tec file ?"
I nodded

Khwezi and I are friends but our lives are way too different

Well Khwezi isn't in men at all ..She has been into lesbians since highschool and now she is dating one hell of a cute lesbian Shirley Owens who happens to be a lawyer .
I don't know how they met because Shirley is mostly in London and her family is in Cape Town but all I know is they are very much in love and committed to each other hope they keep it that way cause life is too short to be whoring around ..

Khwezi:"How is working with mr Khumal so far ?"
I blushed I guess his name alone was enough to make me ..
Me:"Good .i really love working with him "
Her:"That's the first .. That man has a stinking attitude ..I don't think I'd be able to work so close to him "
Me:"His attitude is sexy though "
She stopped stuffing food in her mouth and looked at me 
Her:"Dont tell Me you're also crushing on Him?"
Me:"What do you mean also ?"
Her:"Every woman talks of him babe the Khumalos are bad news besides he is married "
Me:"But they are hot right ?
"Hot in a way that it turns you on even when you don't see them right ?"
I said seductively 
She shook her head

Her:"Not hotter than Shirley though "
Me:"Shirley is a girl "
She stood up and walked to the fridge 
Her:"Whatever ..Are you coming with me to the gym "
Me:"I'll pass ...Sabelo will be here in an hour . He wants to spend the day with me "

Sabelo is my boyfriend .To tell for me : he is too boring he is not that kind of intimidating like my boss is he is not rich like my boss is ..
Woah am I comparing my boyfriend to my boss ?

255);">I had to don't get me wrong .I love a guy who gets to be in control of everything like my boss but Sabelo isn't...
Her:"You sound so bored?"
Me:"I don't love him Khwezi he is a lot simple for me "
Her:"Then dump him "
Me:"What about my sexual needs ?"
She took her gym bag 
Her:"I don't think I can answer that ..See you later ms Sabelo "

I rolled my eyes

Sabelo and I met about a month back . WE met at a gym and two days later he took me out for dinner. We slept together only twice .He is the not the type you can consider as boyfriend type but a husband type ..

His father is a king so I can say he is the Prince since well he is the only son of the king ..He is not a party type does not drink nor smoke can you see how boring he is ?

I thought I'd learn to love him when time goes on I'd develop some type of connection between us but still now there is nothing ....

My phone rang bringing me back to life .I am sure you have noticed I am a deep thinker ..

It was Sabelo 
"Sabs" I answered 
Him:''Babe I won't be fetching you to spend the day with me ..Something came up that urgently needs my attention "
A sigh of joy escaped my lips but I was quick to cover it with fake sadness "
"But babe I cancelled all my meetings for you I said 
Him :"I'm sorry babe how about I make it up to ...How about dinner with my parents ?"

That was quick 
Me:"Babe I can't ..Khwezi already got us tickets to John legends concert"
Him:"We'll do something tomorrow "

I hung up before he could start preaching how much he loves me and waiting for me to respond back..
I sat in the kitchen for a while and thought on what I'll do for the day ..

My friend. Buhle was out on a baecation with her blesser ..

Maybe going to the office and drafting Mr Khumalos proposal was such an idea

I showered quickly and changed to a simple mid thigh summer dress and gladiators ..
I wasn't going to wear formal especially not on Saturday..

I got to my work desk and started doing what needed to be done that's drafting the proposal..Halfway through finishing my work the elevator opened and Mr Khumalo made his way in ...

Dear God don't start with such temptations on a beautiful Saturday!

He wasn't in his formal wear like always just flap pants black molten channel style jacket and a pair of lecoq sportif shoes ..
I guess everything he wears fits him perfectly and reveals the beauty of his body ...

He took his laptop bag and finally he saw me and I saw him coming to my mini office ...



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