The look in their eyes is one I cannot explain nor describe ...
It was the longest four minutes of my life and none of them seemed to be breaking the eye contact so I had to break it ...
"Uhm ..Good night Mr Khumalo " I said

There was silence for few more seconds ..

He finally broke it and looked at me 
Khumalo :"Good night Bopaki "

He said that as cold as ever ...

A sigh escaped my lips when he finally walked away 
Me:"Uhm Sabs?" 
He looked at me in silence then walked in ..

"Babe ?"
I had to beg ...
I seriously had to I understand him ..
I wouldn't be surprised if he was angry or whatsoever ...
If I were in his shoes I wouldn't be happy seeing my girlfriend in a short night dress walking another man out of her apartment at this time either ...
I'd hate it too ...

Sabelo picked the vodka bottle from the table and read from it 
"Vintage Cruz Vodka ? With Khumalo ? Unbelievable!"
I didn't understand the meaning of his statement at all ..

But there seemed to be a very huge beef between them so I had to find out

"How do you know him Sabelo ?" I finally asked 
Ne:"Sabelo ?!"
Him:"I don't know him "
Me:"Don't lie..."
Him:"Lets just say he is an old friend "
Me:"An old friend ?"
Him:"Entlek what was he doing here ? Didn't I tell you I'll be fetching you from work?Or you forgot ?
I kept quiet 
Him:"Yeah .Yeah you forgot : you forgot because you wanted to bitch around with him right?"
I looked at him in disbelief 
Me:"Sabelo I knocked off early and he was here to fetch his car "
He chuckled bitterly 
Him:"He drove you home ?"
Me:"No ..He didn't. I came using an uber and he just came here a few minutes ago .He was here to fetch his car Sabelo ..I swear "
Him:"I hope you're telling the truth cause if not nc nc nc"
He shook his head ...

Okay Sabelo was now becoming someone I didn't know someone I feared

Him:"I'll go get my self something to drink seeing you were having this vodka with him "
Really now ?
But there was only one glass on the table .
Wasn't it obvious that I was drinking alone ?

Me:"Sabelo why are you being so sarcastic ?"
He laughed 
Him:"Baby girl .My woman should be my woman only not our woman ..."
He walked closer to me 
Him:"What ever relationship you have with him should end "
Me:"He is my boss "
Him:"Then focus on being his employee not his whore"
Wow ! Just wow !

Him:"And I mean it I'm sure you don't wanna see your self unemployed because I wouldn't mind forcing you to stay at home and just be my slave. I know pretty well you didn't come to Durban just to be a housewife but I'll turn you into one if I have to ..."
I swallowed hard

He turned to walk away but turned to me again 
Him:"And if I were you I wouldn't associate my self with the Khumalo brothers ..."
With that being said he walked away ...
I sighed in frustration or in fear this Sabelo here isn't the Sabelo that was begging for a relationship a few months back ...

If I had my gun with me I'd have shot him in the face and in the chest then on his dick ...
No! I want us to fight man to man 
No! I want to kill him slowly I want to torture him first 
No actually no Nkazimulo !!!!

I parked by the drive way and walked inside the house ...
I had no energy to wait for the garage electrical door opening slowly then driving in slowlyparking and waiting for it to close again..
Phumeza was in the kitchen 
"Babe ?" 
She kept silence ...
I walked up to her and held her waist turning her to face me 
Me:''Babe come onparking and waiting for it to close again..
Phumeza was in the kitchen 
"Babe ?" 
She kept silence ...
I walked up to her and held her waist turning her to face me 
Me:''Babe come on I hate the silent treatment "
Her:"Is it as much as I hate the gangster life you're leaving?"
I sighed 
Me:"Where are the kids ?"
Her:" I Just put them to sleep a few minutes back ..Nkanzimulo i-"
I kissed her ...
I know she was about to preach and right now I had more problems to deal with than to be busy shouting and being shouted at by my wife 
"Nkazimulo what is it ?" She whispered as she broke off from the 
Passionate kiss 
"I just want to make love to my wife "I also whispered un-tying her robe 
I kissed her 
Slowly nibbling her earlope 
"Phumeza I want you ..."i whispered in between the soft kisses I left on her neck 
I picked her up and placed her on the kitchen counter ..
Something was distracting me from fully focusing on my wife though ...
I was in between her thighs and soft moans escaped her lips as my tongue trailed from her neck down her breast ...


She slightly pushed making me groan loud
Her:"As much as I am turned on right now I can not let you fuck me as your stress reliever Nkazimulo "
Me:"And there we go ..Can't I make love to you Phumeza without you getting any ideas of me ?"
She pushed me and got off of the kitchen counter 
Her:"I thought you had dealt with your anger issues Clearly you haven't ..You need to see your shrink Nkazimulo "
Me:"Now making love to you Means I still have anger issues ?"
Her:"I'll check the kids !!"
I let her walk away ..
This is the reason why married man cheat on their wives ...This hunger is too much to handle the boner is just too much ...

I woke up very much early today...
Maybe it was Sabelo's presence that was suffocating me ..
Yes he slept at my place last night and fucked me really hard ..
I hated him for that he had no mercy on me ..
I have never cried during sex but last night I was forced to ..
I stood by the balcony with a cup of coffee in hand and just watched the view ..

The great red hills stood desolate and the earth had torn away like flesh but at least clouds were gathering and light lightnings were flashing over the torn earth ...It was promising to rain ..
At least the beauty of this place was to be brought back again ..
I felt cold my hands were even numb ..

I remember how I used to admire Durban when I was growing up ..
I used to think people around here are forever happy seeing how this place was..
Beautiful place keeps people happy at all times at least I thought ..

But now I despise this place ..
I hate it I wish I never came here ..
I wish I wouldn't have had a crush on my boss whom has shown me the real world and made me fear Durban 
I wish I hadn't met Sabelo who has become controlling and a nuisance in my life ..

"Aren't you gonna be late for work ?"
I turned it was Sabelo behind me wearing one of my pink gowns 
Me:"I think I Will what time is it ?"
Him:"Few minutes after six ..Come take a shower I'll make the bed then prepare breakfast for you and Khwezi "
Me:"Thank you "

I walked to the shower ...

An hour later I was done and was wearing warm and decent clothes for work .
Khwezi and Sabelo were already having breakfast ..
I had no appetite at all 
"Come have breakfast sweety " Sabelo said as sarcastic as ever ..
I almost rolled my eyes at him but my inner woman denied me to I think she is now scared of Sabelo 
Khwezi:"My car is off to service seems like we'll be calling an uber today "
Sabelo :"I'll drive you "

He drove us to work and promised "Khwezi " to pick us up later ...
Mr Khumalo was already in the office ..
I checked my wrist watch we were still early ..
I walked in 
"Good morning Mr Khumalo "
Him:"Morning Bopaki ..I'm a bit early today I have to cover up for all my missed meetings "
I nodded 
Me:"Ill go make you coffee in the meantime "
I turned to walk away 
Him:"Craig ink finally scheduled a meeting with us.I received an email from them this morning "
I turned again in excitement 
Me:"Wow after so long ?"
Him:"It was such a long wait indeed but I'm glad we'll be proposing to them "
Me:''Im glad too I'll recheck the proposal once more ..I don't want any mistakes ..My dreams might come true "
He side smiled 
Him:"I trust you ..But we have a problem though "
Him:"Mr Craig won't be coming to South Africa..He'll be in Nigeria so that means we'll have to fly to Nigeria on Sunday so we can meet him over lunch on Monday "
I kept silence 
Him:"Will you be able to meet up ?"
I nodded this is my career we are talking about .
I don't want to die being a PA ..
This is the opportunity I'm not gonna miss

But what will Sabelo say when I tell him I'm flying out of the country with the same Khumalo he doesn't want me to associate my self with ?



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kgomotso 2019-01-11 16:58:14

bt then wjy wud you allow him to treat u like trash...i knw ur afraid of him bt jst tell Khwezi now u need his permission to travel??