"Mama ?" 
I picked up my ringing phone and answered while on the escalator ..
I was knocking off earlier since well I had no work other than answering calls and telling clients my boss ain't around today which was annoying and tiring so I decided to knock off and drown my self with a bottle of wine and drift off to sleep ..
Her:"Paki how are you ?"
I'm fine ?
I'm not fine ?
Which one was the perfect answer for her question with everything that's been happening in my life since I got to Durban?
Me:"I am okay mama ..Just missing home "
Her:"We're also missing you nana ..You should visit "
Me:"I am thinking of doing just that this coming weekend ..Durban is tiring mama .I just wanna be home "
Her:"Are you sure you're okay? You're not sounding like my joyful daughter "
"I am okay mama " I felt tears threatening my eyes ...

Have you ever been in that situation where you are talking to that one person close to your heart and they could tell you are not okay and that made you emotional ?

I was in that situation

Her:"I'll see you on weekend ..I love you "
I hung up a lump was on my throat .
I couldn't swallow it nor spit it out

The cab dropped me off at the apartment .

Nkazimulo's car was still parked where I parked it ..
It suddenly took me back to the previous night ..
It took me back to everything that took place .
"God how am I gonna deal with this ?"

There was a black polo tsi parked two apartments away I couldn't shake off the feeling that it was following me ..
It has been following since the the cab drove me from work ..
I wanted to get my self a bottle of wine but it wasn't enough I needed something stronger than the wine I needed the whole bottle of whisky or vodka to take me off the edge for a while ..

I browsed through my banking app on the cellphone checking my current balance ..
I had R900 it was more than enough because I'll be getting paid in two days so I took a quick shower and changed in to comfortable clothes before locking the door and walking to the nearest mall for a bottle of whisky or vodks...

Phumeza has been quiet since I snapped at her ..I know shouldn't have but I feel like she was wrong deciding on my behalf to cancel all my meetings...
I had just taken a bath ...
She was in the bedroom all dressed up 
**Silence **
I understand where that came from I shouldn't have ..

Me:"Babe I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier on "
She looked at me 
Her:"Why do I have to be the one always injuring your anger ?"
She said that softly..
I walked up to her 
Me:"I shouldn't have ..I'm sorry"
Her:"Tell me what happened last night ?"
Me:"Lets just say things didn't go as planned at the party "
Her:"I know you are Lying to me "
Me:"Phumeza You wouldn't handle what I'm about to tell you "
Her:"Nkazimulo are you back to gangersterism life ?"
I kept quiet 
She looked at me in disbelief 
Her:"Wow !"
With that being said she walked out ..

Phumeza hated that life with all her heart and I understood because she is not so strong to handle the life of guns..
For her it's too dangerous so she is to weak for that life which is why I decided three years back that I should quit but with her psycho ex still around I just can't ...

I bought a bottle of Vintage Cruz vodka. Atleast it didn't empty my bank like I had expected .I still had enough money to get Khwezi and I a box of pizza for tonight. I'm no fan of cookingI'm pretty sure so far you have noticed ...

I'm pretty sure so far you have noticed ...


I washed off the makeup on my face then changed to my silky above knee probably few inches down my ass ...
The chilly weather added sauce to my attire ..

I missed home I knew at a time like this we would be chilling by the Jacuzzi area with a bottle of wine having the mother-daughter session ..

But now here am I alone in Durban .
Scared because of the weird TSI that has been following me all day who could it be? ...

Those thoughts attacked me with every sip of vodka I took ..

A knock on the door disturbed my quietness and moment of thinking ...
I wanted to just ignore it but it was clear the person wouldn't go away ...

It was my boss...

I didn't have any gown on ...

Dear God no matter how hard I tried to block away the crush I had for him I just couldn't.

He is hot ..With those mesmerizing eyes that are so piercing yet so captivating..
He smells go great his smell was just so intoxicating ..

I thought I'd hate him why am I still drooling 
"Mr Khumalo?"
He checked his wrist watch 
Him:"You're home early "
Me:"I knocked off early I wasn't feeling well "
Him:"Its okay you don't have to explain "
Me:"Come in "
He made his way in and picked the bottle of vodka on the coffee table 
Him:"Vodka ?"
Me:"Should I get you a glass ?"
"No thank you I'm here to fetch the car "he said picking my glass from the table and drinking from it 
Me:"I'll go take the car keys in my bedroom then"

I walked to my bedroom and grabbed the car keys 
"I'm sorry you had to witness that "
He said taking the keys 
**Care to explain why they were shooting at us ? Are you a gangster like they say in the papers and news ? Is it true you can kill people and sleep like nothing happened? My inner woman asked those lots and lots of questions **
I opened my mouth to ask louder but words failed me 
Him:"I'll see you at work tomorrow "
Me:"I'll walk you to the door "

I did as soon as he opened the door Sabelo was standing there and was about to knock ...


I could see shock written all over his face

My boss looked at him then at me 
Nkazimulo :"Mhlanga !"
Sabelo:"Khumalo !"
They then stared at each other for a very long time without saying anything ..
Anger and hatred was all portrayed in their eyes

Do they know each other?was all that was in mind



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