Waking up in the morning to the fresh smell of the soil ..Oh God nothing beats the smell of the soil after rain .Last night it was raining but today : The sun was up over the sea it's rays coming very clean and clear on the water . 
Well I am in Durban a place known all for fun and I am here to work !
Opening up my window to kindly feel the fresh breeze from the ocean ....It captured my mind again I stood there to watch the view once more before heading to the bathroom for my same old routine..

I'm still wondering how people here keep this place so beautiful and clean..The grass is rich and matted you can not see the soil.It holds the rain and the midst and they seep into the ground feeding every kloof .It is well tended not too many birds feed on it : not too many fires burn it laying bare on the soil ..There are hills hills that are grass covered and rolling and they are lovely beyond any singing of it .The road climbs seven miles into them and from there if there is no midst you look down on one of the fairest valleys of Africa. The road is so clean and the pavements as well ..

The sound if the alarm ringtone on my phone brought me back .. I woke up before my waking time just to watch the view again ..
I guess I'll never get used to the beauty if this place ..

Well it's been two months now since I have come here all thanks to Khwezi if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be in Durban working ..
I am renting a two bedroomed apartment with Khwezi and working at one if the biggest Agencies in South Africa Khumalo Resources Angency ...

I jumped on my bed to snooze the alarm clock then made my way to the bathroom and had one hell of a hot shower right after brushing my teeth ..

I was wearing a black tight fitting below knee formal dress that hugged my body very well ..
I have got the body to die for :size 32 top 36 waist ..Black strappy heels and a touch of Kelvin Klein silver watch : Nothing fancy though. 
My make up was also on point and my hair was neatly tied ..
Well I work for the biggest agency in SA so I have to be well presented at all times .Auther Ford perfume just to smell good : nothing beats a good smell on a woman !

"Morning?" I greeted Khwezi as I made my way in the kitchen 
Her:"Morning and bye "
Her response was accompanied by her packing her files in a bag in hurry 
Me:"Ouh Really Khwezi ?"
She took her laptop bag 
Her:" Askies nana but I have a meeting with the Paton tec industries I'm already late "
Me:"You really are going to sign that company ?"
Her:"Yes ..Bye "
Me:"I need a lift ?"
Her:"Lets go " she said walking out 
Me:"What about breakfast?"
"You'll grab something at work ...Lock the door " she shouted from outside

I took my things and walked out

The journey to work was same old boring ...We would talk here and there but music played part in our boring conversation

Well Khwezi and I have been friends since high school ..I am practically from limpopo while she is from Durban but we were in the same boarding school in PolokwaneLimpopo ..
Apparently her parents were getting divorced so they both fought for full custody but she decided upon her self to be moved to a boarding school so she wouldn't have to choose on who to stay with ..We both completed our matric and went separate ways ..
Luckily for her she got hired the following year to work at the KR agency to work as an agent while I on the other side got accepted in Menlyn Technical college to study forensic psychology and I enrolled there till I suddenly got bored and wanted to do something more fun..So I went in to music and completed my degree ..

We all know how hard is finding employment this days especially with the higher rate of the unemployed so I spend my time in looking for employment here and there but I wasn't that serious since we'll I had the folks money to depend on and to party with . The parents cut my allowance for me to fully focus on finding employment than to party .Mom is working as a consultant at capitec Bank while dad is a doctor .

My mother and I once shared that strong bond it was always us against the world .
Dad got involved in a car accident when I was 5 years and unfortunately he lost his life then .
I won't really tell how mom felt for i was very young to tell .For me life was never hard to say we were poor mom always knew she would have to be independent some day .

Mom fell in love with my step father when I was yet to start high school . They were so much in love that sometimes I would feel my step dad wanted to take her away from me hence I grew so much hatred for him ...Even when I hated him and disrespected him right in front of mom he still acted like a parent he is to love me still and treat me as his own daughter it is now that I notice how much of a good husband he is to my mother and a good father he was and still is to me .So that's when I decided to go to boarding school to avoid seeing him daily ..so then the bond between my mother and I was cut short then but it's all in the past now we are working on rebuilding it again ..

I have grown to be a matured woman now to understand that mom still needs to be loved and to understand that there should be a male figure to protect mama ..

Khwezi updated me on the PA post available at her work seeing that I was finding it hard to find employment so I got up for it and here am I employed !!

There is nothing that annoy me like having to pack Mr Khumalos files in order but hey it's my job hence I have to do it ..
A strong cup of black coffee and two tea spoons of sugar that's how he likes to start his day : By having a strong cup of black coffee every time he gets in the office .
I see the elevator opening and he comes out as daily ..He was still looking hot .He was wearing a navy blue slim fit suit that went well with his body .He has that kind of Boyka body surely you can tell he love working out .Bottega Veneta boats and completed the look with Rolex celline watch

surely you can tell he love working out .Bottega Veneta boats and completed the look with Rolex celline watch Oh his silver ring is something I shouldn't forget to mention he is married !!

I was waiting next to his table in his office with his cup of coffee in hand and my journal to remind him of his meetings well I was instructed to do that daily .His expensive cologne hit my nostrils as he made his way to the table ..Oh God this man sends shivers down my spine .He turns me on whenever he walks in thought that elevator .
He is a private guy so I can't tell much of his life .
He's got that light Adonis look going on .He is fair few inches taller than me which I like. He is slim muscular with an almost symmetrical face .He has dark trousled dark brown hair which is thick and lustrous. His eyes are a mesmerising deep blue ocean flecks of silvery light performed valleys . 
His muscles appear right through his suits .

Him:"Morning "
Me:"Morning Mr Khumalo"
I handed him his coffee
Him:"What do you have for me today ?"
I opened my journal

Me:"The Winderson wire transfer came through from Botswana this morning just to announce the split "
He smiled a little then returned back to his serious expression but not unkind 
"And?'' He asked 
Me:"Uhm you have a meeting with lasizwe's sponsors at 9h00 then cocktail dinner with the Jakes "
Him:"Check with my wife if she is available for tonight "
Me:"On it sir "
I turned to walk away but remembered 
Me:"Well sir the Mac Maqui Jim called they requested a meeting with you "
"Fill them on any opening on my schedule "
He said busy on his laptop 
I stood there and just watched him ..His wife is very lucky to have him as a husband

He is everything every woman wants in a man has got looks he is rich from a rich family ( I have read a lot about his family the Khumalos)
They are forever on the spotlight a lot isn't good though .
Well he has a twin brother Nkoskhona .

"Anything else Ms Bopaki?" He disturbed my thoughts 
I smiled a little I liked the way he called out my name it's sexy
***snap out of it Paki!!!**
I cleared my throat 
Me:"Uhm nothing sir"
Him:"Okay close the door behind you "
I walked out and did Like i was Told he has the bad stinking attitude he is rude and intimidating but I guess it is all that turns a woman on right ??

My day went by so quick and well .He was all scarce at the office all day since he had back to back meetings .I was happy that it was my knock of time .Well I really love spending time at the office mostly to be watching my hunk boss but we all know work is tiring ..

I had a long relaxing bubble bath with the bottle of red wine on the side as soon as I got home I had ordered pizza I didn't feel like cooking

I really love the naked me even Khwezi knows it but a knock on the door got me annoyed knowing I'll have to wear something to open the door but my mid thigh silk robe helps

Well guess who it was ?
My salt 'n pepper look alike boss was standing at my door step
"Uhm Mr Khumalo " I said well it is never easy keeping the nervousness within around my boss .
He gave out his playful chuckle that drawn into a hard line across his face 
Him:"Hi Ms Bopaki I'm sorry to just budge in so late I'm here to fetch the Paton tec file Khwezi said it's in her bedroom top left drawer ."
Me:"Oh I'll check it for you .Come in "
He made his way in 
Me:"Can I get you anything to drink?"
Him:"No thanks I have to be somewhere "
Nd:"Let me go check the file then "
I said walking to Khwezi's bedroom maintaining my sexy cat walk hoping he was staring ....

"Got it "
I said handing him the file 
Him:"Thank you and good night "
Me:''Night "
I closed the door behind him .

Dear God please never bring me such temptations in my apartment again ..

Though I'd have made a deal that I wouldn't have to eye my boss even if he looked like a fermenting potato it just made things horrible because he is inviting to look at to flirt with but he is married hlee...

Well my name is Bopaki Mello . 22 years Allow me to take you through my story



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