I never saw this coming 


My name is Andile Zwane 28 years of age the first son of my parents with a life like mine one would swear 

that I am a ball of happiness but that is not the case see I was groomed from age 5 my father taught 

me everything about business and making money and mother she groomed me to be the perfect

gentlemen I respect and cherish woman. I am the CEO of Zwane holdings a company my father 

built from scratch my mother had always been by his side since from humble beginnings well me 

see I am engaged to Tshepang she is a prosecutor from a wealthy family like my own we are 

perfect together just not for each other see our marriage is that of convenience our mothers are 

best friends so they decided that we are going to get married since we grew up together. I grew up 

with a silver spoon but I have always been one to work hard even for my privileges I just want to 

feel like I deserve them. Let’s go back to Tshepang see she knows that the is no love between us 

but she doesn’t mind coz she knows we doing this to maintain the good name of our families. I

remember the first day my mother told me to pursue something with her she said son you are from 

a wealthy family every woman you meet will only be after your money and status so to protect your 

heart rather be with Tshepi we know she is from a good family that also has money I know you 

don’t love her but with time you will learn to trust me. And 8years later there is still no love. 

Tshepang and I are engaged I have been dragging the wedding date coz deep down I am hoping to 

find a way outf this relationship. Tshepang is not my ideal woman she is rude and arrogant she 

thinks the world revolves around her and I hate that see I want a caring soft and humbled woman 

who will be a great mother and wife. I pray that God paves a way for me to escape this sham. 

I have two siblings a brother and sister my sister I more like Tshepang spoilt brat what makes it 

worse is that her and Tshepang are close friends my sister is a fashion designer so she kind of thinks 

she is an important person coz she makes clothes for well-known people

my sister is a fashion designer so she kind of thinks 

she is an important person coz she makes clothes for well-known people oh her famous line ‘’honey 

I studied fashion in Paris under top designers I am not your typical Jozi fly by night collage graduate 

show me some respect’’ arrogant I know you will see the kind of person she is with time. On the 

other hand the is my brother Sibusiso boy that one is a handful my mother and him are oil and 

water they do not mix at all well my brother also works at the company he is an alcoholic

patriarchal bastard and a womaniser I try showing him the way but I end up being told that I think I

am better so most times I try and keep my distance. 

My folks well my dad is a great man polite and humble you would never tell that he is a multi-

billionaire he treats everyone the same from the garden man to a fellow business man. Well my 

mother she is a great woman but very opinionated and she loves to have her she can sometimes be 

manipulative. I have listened to her all my life but now I question if I really did good by letting her 

dictate my life. 

You are welcome to walk this journey of self-discovery with me.


I grew up in Soweto with my aunt and her two daughters I lost my parents in a car crash and my 

aunt had to move in and help raise me I was their only child. Well my aunt is my father’s sister and 

she never liked my mother and in turn she disliked me too. I never enjoyed my teen years coz I was 

basically the only one who did chores around the house my aunt would go shopping and her 

daughters would be out there enjoying boys well I never got the chance to explore 

them. After matric my fathers’ lawyer came through and told me about my varsity fund. I was 

thrilled to hear the news coz it meant I could finally leave aunt Kele and her daughters. 

I went to study auditing at Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein and that’s where I met my 

husband Kagiso he was just an entrepreneur and we would meet at business seminars that were held at campus. He was a 

sweetheart until after we got married and his business failed. We moved to Soweto recently from 

Bloem coz I got a new job he is currently not working so I basically do everything for him and his 

family back home and I must say they are very demanding I am grateful for the move maybe our 

marriage will go back to its joyful place my husband is a serial cheat this man has hurt me so deeply 

yet I’ve forgiven him each time. I hope and pray that this environment favours us. 

One more thing 

that has put our marriage in strain is the fact that I struggle to conceive we have tried every 

treatment in the book but nothing we are both okay but I don’t know what the problem is maybe 

God Is doing this on purpose. I have endured insults from his family they’ve called me all sorts of 

names and in turn ask me to do staff for them. I have no one in this world so it is really simple for 

people to mistreat me coz they know I have no one to fight for me. I sometimes think of divorcing 

this man and starting afresh but I love him and I am really scared of being alone. My name is 

Kutlwano Moroka walk with me through this life thing that is about to show me flames


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Zama 2020-10-07 00:36:42

OMG! what a fantastic book ( i am smiling from ear to ear) I thoroughly and absolutely enjoyed, and the ending is exactly how like it .....Beth, you are an outstanding author sisi YOH!! God Bless your skills of magination and writing