I never saw this coming

Chapter 9


One of the ladies in our street is a nurse she came with a first aid kit and started treating their 

wounds we were now in the house and the neighbours had left. I was sitting by the corner crying 

not crying because Kagiso cheated on me with Lebo but because I let him influence and change the 

type of person I am I am not a violent person I hate fighting I hate been in the public eye for all the 

wrong reasons. I am a peaceful and humble being. I am tired of this man he has managed to turn 

me into this monster I need to cut all ties with him the two guys who stopped me earlier were still 

around they were making sure that I don’t give them a repeat I stand up and wipe my tears that’s

when the devil decided to say something

Kagiso ‘’I don’t know why I keep hurting you like this my love. I don’t know why I always do you 

wrong. I have cheated on you countless times and you forgave me each time coz you love me I do 

not deserve you you are too god for me. God blessed me but I chose to throw away a diamond coz of 

glittery rocks you have been my pillar of strength from day one please my love I ask for one more 

chance to make this right’’ I laugh

Me ‘’you are right I deserve better you don’t deserve me and worry not I realised that long ago. I

am beautiful humble smart intelligent focused driven and I was nothing but faithful to you you 

Kagiso decided to cheat on me with thousands of trash like Lebo you have broken me I thought I

was beyond repair but God came through for me. I will not curse you I wish you nothing but the 

best as for this sham of a marriage I am done I want no more Kagiso’’ I walked to where I placed 

my handbag and retrieved the brown envelop and threw it to Kagiso

Me ‘’those are the divorce papers that’s all I am offering you can try and dispute it but after this no 

court will even offer you more than I offered you I suggest you sign them ASAP’’

Kagiso ‘’baby please no you can’t divorce me you can’t leave just one  more chance babe that is all I am 

asking for one chance’’

Me ‘’i have ran out of those’’ I was now crying deeply a part of me felt free but another part of me 

was broken yes he treated me like trash but at some point I loved this man with all my heart and he 

once showed me that he loved too I am hurting coz the good memories are also flooding into my 

head. I vowed to spending the rest of my life with this man and that has all come crumbling down 

don’t judge me allow me to grief my failed marriage. I looked at Lebo

Me ‘’you will only be good enough to these man for a quick fuck you will never know how good it is 

to be cherished and worshipped all you will ever be good for is entertainment. I pray that you 

change your ways you are too young to be a playground for married man’’ she looked down in Shame

Me ‘’sign those damn papers Kagiso’’ with that I walked out.

I stopped by my car and let all the 

emotions out I cried so much I swear I though I was going to faint the two guys were next to me 

clearly not sure of what to do I continued crying I felt numb so I sank down on my knees if only I had parents or siblings at least I could run to them for support I only have Naledi and she is too 

young for me to place my burden on. I was now feeling weak from all the crying I heard the guys 

whispering and one of them disappeared in the house then came back and opened the gate got in the car the one 

who stopped me earlier came down and picked me bridal style and got into the backseat of my car I

didn’t have the energy to even ask where they were taking me to. the car drove out and the one 

driving got out when we got to the bottle store and came back a few minutes later

I was still 

weeping in the other one’s arms a few minutes we parked outside some house a street away 

from my house. We got out I still haven’t asked them why they took me I just wanted to be away from 

that house. We passed the door of the main house and made our way to the backrooms the driver 

opened and we walked in the guy went to place me in bed and tried moving but I held on to him. I

continued weeping and by now I had hiccups and the poor guy was rubbing my back rocking me until 

I fell asleep. 


she refused me to leave her alone in bed. I kept of rubbing her back trying to calm her down her cry 

earlier on pierced through my heart I could not find it in me to leave her alone so my brother and I 

decided to take her with us S’bu said he will call Naledi to ask her who this lady is. That guy is 

heartless how could he break a woman like this a woman who clearly loved him very much I don’t

understand why people rush to get married then cheat there is nothing wrong with not being ready. 

I look at her and she has finally dozed off I lay her down and cover her with flee on top of the bed and closed the bedroom door.

S’bu ‘’how is she’’

Me ‘’finally asleep’’

S’bu ‘’man no woman’s cry has ever hurt me like that’’

Me ‘’me too bafo that guy really hurt her bad’’

S’bu ‘’kodwa she gave them a hell of a beating’’

Me ‘’that she did mfethu’’

S’bu ‘’I need to call my ex-girlfriends and apologize for ever hurting them like this if they felt the 

kind of pain this girl is feeling then bafo I am an animal I need to ask for forgiveness’’

Me ‘’your maturity scares me these days hand me a beer’’ he passes me one corona and I open it and take a gulp

S’bu ‘’slow down tiger’’

Me ‘’have you called your girl’’ he was about to answer when we heard a knock on the door 

Me ‘’come in’’ a beautiful light skinned girl in school uniform walked in and S’bu smiled and stood up I guess that’s Naledi

S’bu ‘’hey nana that was fast’’ she smiled and they hugged 

Naledi ‘’I was already on my way when you called’’

S’bu ‘’oh okay nana meet my friend Andile ntwana this is Naledi’’ I sighed at least he didn’t blow my cover and called me his brother

Me ‘’nice to meet you Naledi I have heard a lot about you I must say I see why my friend is crazy about you’’ she blushed

Naledi ‘’nice to meet you too Andile are you sure you too are not related you guys look alike’’ Icough

S’bu ‘’nah we not babe we just close friends’’ she nodded 

Naledi ‘’can I see the lady you called about’’

S’bu ‘’oh yeah sure you can go into the bedroom she is sleeping’’ she placed her school bag on the 

carpet and walked to the bedroom. She came back after a few seconds 

Naledi ‘’that’s my cousin Kutlwano what happened Sibu’’ she says asking alarmed we explained 

everything that happed from when we got there till we decided to leave with her

Naledi ‘’how can my sister be this heartless I knew she hated Kutlwano but to sleep with her 

husband that is just poor evil poor Kutlwano she doesn’t deserve this she is such a great person’’

Me ‘’this is all so messed up hey’’

We stayed until 7pm for her to wake but she was sleeping so peacefully that I didn’t want to disturb 

her and remind her of her pain. So I told Naledi to leave her here S’bu and his girl left and I was just 

left with her I continued watching soccer highlights. 


Me ‘’I can’t stay long you know my mom will lock me outside’’

S’bu ‘’I know nana it was nice seeing you though’’ I blushed 

Me ‘’uhm Sibu’’

S’bu ‘’yes beautiful’’

Me ‘’I agree’’ he gave me a confused look

S’bu ‘’you agree to what manje Ledi’’

Me ‘’ I will be your girl’’ he gave me a smile 

S’bu ‘’don’t joke with me babe’’

Me ‘’I am not I will be your Girlfriend Sibu I am not kidding’’ he screamed yessssssss so loud that I laughed 

Sibu ‘’do you know how happy I am to hear that Ledi thank you so much for giving me a chance you won’t regret it’’ I smile 

Me ‘’I hope not’’ he pulled me to him and gave me the most passionate kiss ever 

Sibu ‘’I love you Ledi have a great night I will call you once I get home’’ I blush I walk out the car and 

blow him a kiss then walk to my house. 

I get in and find my cursing Kutlwano for what she did 

Me ‘’stop cursing her your daughter deserved it’’

Mom ‘’and wena where are you coming from this night’’

Me ‘’I went to see Kutlwano’’

Mom ‘’where is that bitch I want to give her the same beating she gave my baby’’

Me ‘’shame you are confused mama the thing you calling a baby is the bitch wena Lebo she did 

nothing to you she should have rearranged your face shame kore you are such a loose panty 

sleeping with your cousins husband as for wena Kagiso after all the good she has done for you you 

cheat with this thing that doesn’t know whether its coming or going ai shame you are the definition 

of stupid wena mama Lebo is the way she is because of you I wonder what she will become when 

you die’’ they were all shocked I hardly talk in this house so my opinion really shocked them

Kagiso ‘’I just need to know if she is alright please tell me where she is’’ I gave him a nasty look

Me ‘’the only thing you need to do is to fucking leave her alone. Focus on this Hoe you chose over your wife’’ with that I left them in the kitchen and went to lock myself in my room.


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