I never saw this coming

Chapter 8


I drove like a maniac to Soweto I was furious how can my own mother be this wicked does she not 

care about my happiness why does everything have to be about her and what make her look good 

in the public eye. I get to MaShirley’s house and park outside I sit in the car trying to calm down 

and a few minutes later I walk out and make my way to the house I knocked and someone shouts come in.

Me ‘’sawbona maShirley’’

Her ‘’Andile yebo ndodana’’

Me ‘’I know I was only supposed to come tomorrow but I couldn’t wait any longer’’

Her ‘’its okay your father already called to let me know’’ I nod

Me ‘’can I have the key’’ she walks to the lounge and comes back with it hands it to me

Her ‘’would you like anything to eat first’’

Me ‘’no ma but thank you I just wanna rest’’ she nods and walks me out to show me my room. 

Iopen and walk in and honestly it is not bad not at all. But something’s are a bit overboard. Its two

rooms. The bedroom has a bed and a nice black headboard with matching pedestals and a huge

wardrobe for my clothes the is also a long length mirror on the wall on the side opposite to 

wardrobe there is a nice painting. The bedding is black and grey and white the is a fluffy black 

carpet. In the kitchen the is a metallic fridge with a cupboard on top of it the is a metallic 

microwave kettle and canistersnext to it a small stove in the same room on the other side there is a 

L-shape black leather couch with a coffee table in the middle facing the plasma mounted on the wall 

a small tv stand with vases on both sides and a decoder and also a sound system I notice a play 

station and I smile. The fridge and grocery cupboard are packed okay at least it’s just ready mates I

will just pop them in the microwave. Okay it’s not what I am used to but it will be comfortable. 

I throw myself on the couch and take a deep breathe I take out my phone and there are millions of 

missed calls from my parents Thando and Tshepi a text message from my brother which reds *you 

are my fucken hero I will see you in a few hours* I laugh and decide to call my dad who picks up in no time 

Dad ‘’Andile’’

Me ‘’baba’’

Dad ‘’did you arrive well’’

Me ‘’I did baba the place looks nice thank you’’

Dad ‘’I am glad you like it. I am so proud of you’’ I smile

Me ‘’I’m glad you are’’

Dad ‘’your brother will bring your things yezwa we are still packing’’

Me ‘’I will be waiting on him’’

Dad ‘’okay sure’’ we hung up and I decide to take a nap. 

Mrs Zwane

Does Andile know what he has gotten me into this boy wants to end my marriage I see. I am in deep 

shit. I don’t know how I am going to fix this mess. I gulp down the whisky in my glass. The door 

swings open and Tshepi’s mother walks in.

Me ‘’I am truly sorry for what Andile did’’ she gave me a deadly stare I know she is mad as hell.

Her ‘’I thought you said that this marriage was a deal’’ I sigh 

Me ‘’it was I don’t know what got into Andile’’

Her ‘’I don’t want to hear this shit. I want you to get that spoilt brat you call a son to come back here 

and do right by my daughter’’

Me ‘’ I am working on it I promise’’

Her ‘’did you see how embarrassed my baby girl was fix this or I will embarrass you the same way’’

Me ‘’Ntswaki please don’t do this if you reveal this secrete it will break my family apart I promise 

that Andile will marry Tshepi come hell or high water’’

Her ‘’it better happen. I will be in touch dear friend. Make this wedding happen and I will take your 

secrete with me to the grave’’ she gave me an evil smile and walked out. Dammit Andile dammit. 


Me ‘’how could your brother do this to me in front of everyone Thando I will be the laughing stock 

of this town how can Andile make me go through this I know love was not on the table but I

thought we were working towards that’’ I was crying hysterically 

Thando ‘’I know babe and I am really sorry but I am pretty sure he will come back to his senses and 

come apologise’’

Me ‘’I hope so coz this engagement can’t be over I have told the whole world how I will be Mrs 

Andile Zwane in a few months how will I go out in public people will laugh at me I don’t want to 

talk about work oh my God’’

Thando ‘’my mother will fix this

you know she will and I will definitely help her even if it means 

beating sense back to Andile we will do it. We love you babe and only you will be my brother’s wife’’

Me ‘’thank you for the support my friend’’

Thando ‘’now cheer up this is just a hiccup you will be okay Andile will come back to you. Prepare 

for your wedding so long’’

Me ‘’you give me hope. I know your mom will fix this mess. I will stop crying and start picking with 

my wedding preparations he will be back I can feel it’’

Thando ‘’now that’s my girl. Let me bring some champagne darling’’


I get to where my brother stays and it’s just a street away from Naledi’s house I will see her when I

am done with Andile. I take out two of his biggest suitcases full of his clothes and two medium one’s 

full of his shoes. This guy has so much clothes we didn’t pack everything just his favourites. I take 

the suitcases in and MaShirely shows me his room and I knock a few times before he opens

Andile ‘’ahh ntwana yami’’

Me ‘’bafo unjani’’

Andile ‘’ngi’right ntwana come in’’ I walk in and the place is not bad at all. 

Me ‘’you have a cute pozi here’’ he laughs 

Andile ‘’its not the luxury I am used to but its comfortable’’

Me ‘’ngiya bona’’

Andile ‘’unjani uTshepi’’

Me ‘’ai futsek you are free stop asking about that one and please don’t even try ask about the witch 

you call a mother’’

Andile ‘’don’t talk like that she is still our mother’’

Me ‘’this good heart of yours will get you into shit someday I tell you. But honestly what you did was 

boss seeing you standing up for yourself. It was like I was watching a movie I never thought I could 

hear you talk to mother like that’’

Andile ‘’ai suka’’

Me ‘’we need to celebrate let’s go buy ibeer nyana we can walk I know a bottle store not far from 

here’’ we locked the room and walked to the bottle store

Andile ‘’for a kasi this place is quite’’ I nod as we approached the bottle store I realised that the was 

a crowed outside Naledi’s house

Me ‘’bro we spoke too soon look at that cheering crowed it’s like they are fighting and khabo Naledi’’

Andile ‘’Naledi wakho?’’

Me ‘’yes lets rush there maybe they are killing my wife lapho’’ he laughed and we picked up the 

pace we get to the gate and people are cheering some begging for someone to stop. We walked to 

the front and a lady was giving a beating to a girl and a guy who were naked guess she caught him 

cheating. The way she was whipping them they were even bleeding a bit. 

Andile ‘’ntwana we have to stop her before she kills them’’ the gate was locked we jumped the fence 

and Andile held her and I walked to those who were given the merciless beating. Dammit uya shaya lo girl.


Today my boss came through for me she gave me a day off. I was so distracted I have this bad 

feeling I don’t know what it is about but my spirit is troubled I just need to get home pray and go 

sleep. I get to the house and this feeling just escalated like this bad thing is happening or it is about 

to happen here. I said a short prayer silently and walked in the house was quiet which is odd 

because Lebo was and Kagiso are the ones who stay at home during the day maybe they are sleeping. 

I walked towards the bedroom we use and I heard sounds like sexual sound I stopped to 

listen closely and it was obvious that Kagiso was having sex with someone else he now brings his 

hoes home. I walk back and remove my heels and my blazer and my shirt I am left with my vest and 

suit pants barefoot. I went to lock the gate and walked back inside I remember that my aunt has a 

sjambok she keeps behind the kitchen door I take it and walk back to our bedroom I open the door 

and what I saw was the most disgusting sight ever. 

My husband and my cousin having sex on my 

bed. Lebo was on top of him his hands on her breast as soon as they saw me they stopped and Lebo 

got off him. I walked in and closed the door making sure that I back them into a corner so that they 

do not escape. As soon as they saw the whip the both went to one corner and I went to them 

burning with anger I have never been this furious. I started whipping them with all of my strength 

they were both screaming their lungs out.

Kagiso ‘’Kutlwano stop this you are hurting us stop it’’

Lebo ‘’cuz please stop please its not what you think’’ I whipped their naked bodies as they begged 

me to stop they even started bleeding but I had no mercy on them. All the pain Kagiso ever caused 

me came back like a rush and I took it all out with the whip. They managed to run outside but I

followed them coz they were too weak to outrun me. they were now on the ground hiding their 

bodies but I continued moering them the neighbours came out to see what was going on some 

pleading with me to stop before I kill them while other encouraged me to continue coz Lebo is used

to sleeping with married man they couldn’t get in coz I locked the gate two guys jumped the fence 

and managed to hold me but I tried fighting them off and failed the one holding me was too strong.

Me ‘’let me go I want to deal with these two traitors’’

Him ‘’stop this you will end up killing them I am sure you don’t want to go to jail. They are not 

worth it’’

Me ‘’fine let me go I am fine I will leave them alone’’

Him ‘’thank you please sit over there’’ I did as he said. The neighbours were laughing so much 

some screaming my name calling me boss. I am not a violent person but it felt good beating the living shit out of them.

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