Chapter 7

I never saw this coming

Chapter 7


Having a sister like Kutlwano is everything she is smart beautiful educated and most of all she has 

self-respect I honestly look up to her her life seems great except for her marriage of course it has 

always been clear that Kagiso mistreats her but recently I have noticed that she no longer cry’s in her 

car or the bathroom she seems to be genuinely happy. I doubt she would ever mislead me so I am 

going to ask advice from her regarding Sibu. I keep stealing glances at her we are enjoying our meal 

in peace I wanna say something but I end up swallowing my words


Kutlwano ‘’Ledi I suggest that you cough whatever it is out.

Me ‘’what do you mean’’

Kutlwano ‘’you keep looking you obviously have something to say so say it please’’ I sigh deeply

Me ‘’well I met a boy’’ she stopped eating

Kutlwano ‘’okay?’’ she says in a questioning tone

Me ‘’infact I met a man’’ her eyes popped 

Kutlwano ‘’give me the full story Ledi’’

Me ‘’well his name is Sibu he lives in some expensive suburb he is the son of a business mogul 

named Zwane well I met him on my way from school he was around visiting a friend he asked to 

give me a lift and I refused then we met again that’s when I decided to give him my number he is 26 

years and ive went out with him a few times. I honestly like him Kutlwano I like him a lot I even think 

I am inlove with him and all but I am scared girls at school told me he is a player but I see none of

that when I am with him he asked me to apply for medicine since I love it so much I did apply and 

they accepted me he promised to pay for my studies whether I become his girl or not I don’t know 

what to do he has been waiting for my answer for so long now he is not pressurising me or anything 

though’’ she sighed deeply 

Kutlwano ‘’firstly congratulations on being accepted I am proud of you well nana I don’t have much 

experience when it comes to boys Kagiso was my first boyfriend and we ended up getting married 

something I regret but we not talking about me. what I know is people change for those they love

talk to him about your fears and let him clear his name from the rumours if he really cares for you he 

will tell you the truth another things is you are still young you might realise that you don’t want to 

be tied down in a relationship as yet I married young I regret marrying Kagiso not committing to a 

relationship clubs and changing boys was not my thing I do have some fun though I believe that 

every man will hurt just find the one worth your tears love is beautiful embrace it I say explore but 

don’t let him rush you into anything you not ready for if you do decide to explore let it be on your 

own terms and own pace who knows Mr man might be your hubby’’ we laugh

Me ‘’I really like him I stare at his pictures when I’m alone he is practically running in my head all 

day everyday’’ I blush as I say that

Kutlwano ‘’haiii girl you are in love stop tormenting yourself like this’’

Me ‘’I’m gonna call him tomorrow and let him know that I want to be his’’

Kutlwano ‘’you do that baby girl but remember your own pace’’ I feel better after sharing this with Kutlwano is just amazing.


I have finally decided to divorce Kagiso so today I am meeting with a lawyer so she can advise me I

am glad I finally gathered my strength to leave this sorry excuse of a man the Lord has been good to me If only I had turned to prayer earlier but I guess everything happens for a reason. I am 

waiting for her at a restaurant a lady walked in a suit and made her way to me 

Her ‘’Kutlwano?’’

Me ‘’yes hi’’ I say standing up and shacking her hand

Her ‘’sorry for keeping you waiting’’

Me ‘’not a problem I am just glad you are here’’ she smiled and pulled out a sit

Her ‘’okay we can start what’s happening why do you want to divorce’’ I narrate the events of my 

marriage to her and she is listening attentively 

Her ‘’in community of property ne eish but not to worry’’

Me ‘’so how will the estate be divided’’

Her ‘’well The common misconception made by parties in a divorce action based on a 

marriage in community of property is that the Court will decide on how the division of the 

property will take place that is which party will remain owner of the immovable property or in 

most cases the movable property including the pots and pans.

This is however not the case as according to Section 7 (1) and 7(2) of the Divorce Act Act 

70 of 1979 which states that the Court granting a decree of divorce may either in 

accordance with a written agreement entered into by the parties or mero moto in the 

absence of such an agreement

in the 

absence of such an agreement make an order with regard to the division of the assets of 

the parties.When an written agreement is made between the parties prior to the divorce 

order being granted the Court will incorporated such an agreement into the decree of 

Divorce explicitly dealing with the division of the estate. In normal circumstances and if a 

spouse does not claim for forfeiture of the joint estate and a forfeiture order is subsequently 

granted the joint estate will be equally divided between the parties unless the parties agrees 

in writing on how the estate will be divided.Forfeiture order must be applied for by the party 

requesting same as such the pleadings must clearly convey the said application and if not 

the Court will not grant a forfeiture order. In deciding whether to grant a forfeiture order the 

Court will take into consideration the duration of the marriage the circumstances which 

gave rise to the breakdown of the marriage and any substantial misconduct on the part of 

either of the parties and the fact that an undue benefit may accrue to the one party in relation 

to the other if an order of forfeiture is not granted. A Forfeiture order is based on the 

common law principal being that no one ought to benefit financially from a marriage that he 

or she had destroyed. To enable the Court to perform or comply with the order of division of 

the joint estate the Court has the power to appoint a receiver or liquidator to realise (which 

means valuate and sell the assets) and divide the assets of the joint estate on its behalf.

A further question that then arises is who pays for the appointment and subsequent division 

of the estate by the receiver or liquidator? The simple answer is you and your husband. The 

receiver or liquidator’s fees will be covered by the joint estate. Thus if the parties still cannot 

after consultation with the receiver or liquidator agree in writing how to divide the joint estate 

the receiver or liquidator will sell every asset in the joint estate after which the receiver or 

liquidator will settle all the liabilities of the joint estate which includes his/her fees and then 

divide the proceeds of the sale equally between the parties. 

Me ‘’okay I think I hear you so what do you advice I do’’

Her ‘’well firstly we keep this out of court by formulating a just and fair agreement on how you will share the estate and make sure he agrees’’

Me ‘’okay out of court sounds good’’

Her ‘’so tell me all about your assets’’ I hand her all my paper work of everything I own

Me ‘’He doesn’t have anything I paid up his debts so we are safe from that right’’ she nods 

Her ‘’well from what you told me he is the one who destroyed this marriage so the cant benefit financially from it’’

Me ‘’so what can we offer him’’

Her ‘’I will have to calculate how much your estate is worth and then I will draw up everything from that’’

Me ‘’okay but please don’t include the house in the estate my cousin lives there as much as 

I don’t get along with her mom I don’t want to distract her this is her matric year’’ she nods

Her ‘’by looking roughly at this I think we can offer him the car he is driving and I thinkR250 000 but I will let you know’’

Me ‘’sounds fair at least he won’t hurt my pocket as much’’

Her ‘’for your age you’ve done well for yourself except for getting married in community of 

property honey did love blind you that much’’ I laughed so hard and she was just smiling

and shaking her head

Her ‘’okay I think we are done now I will draft the agreement and one he agrees to what we offer him we will file with the court'’ I


Me ‘’thank you so much’’ we shook hands one more time and she left.


My mother just asked to see me quickly apparently the is an emergency at home so I am 

driving home like a complete maniac I wonder what is going on I had to leave the round of 

golf with a serious potential client. Whatever it is just ruined my Saturday afternoon. I get to 

my house and there are a lot of cars parked outside okay what the fuck is going on here. Iget out of the car and Tshepi’s car enters she also parks and gets out. 

Tshepi ‘’what’s going on your mom called me and said the was an emergency’’

Me ‘’I don’t know I just got here she called me too’’

Tshepi ‘’let’s go in and find out’’ she holds my hand and I roll my eyes what the hell is going 

on I am supposed to be leaving tomorrow for operation find love I just hope it won’t set me 

back. We walk in and people started shouting 

*suuuuuuuppppprrrrriiiiiiiiisssssssseeeee’’ I looked around and I saw our close family friends 

and Tshepi’s parents my dad was standing far from the crowed looking pissed people were 

smiling like lunatics Tshepiso was next to me acting surprised I know she and my mom 

planned this whole thing. Mother came to us and kissed Tshepi first then me 

Me ‘’what the hell is this mother’’ I whisper faking a smile

Ma ‘’hao boy it’s your engagement party’’ she whispered back and faced the crowed 

Ma ‘’everyone here is the couple and I am glad they are both surprised. I am so proud of my 

son for taking this step Tshepiso is a wonderful girl we are happy to have her as our 

daughter in law. I wish them all the best and they must give me many grandchildren’’ the 

guests laugh and the other devil decided to speak after her

Tshepi ‘’thank you for organizing this ma you are the best me and my soon to be hubby 

would like to say thank you for coming through and showing respect. I am happy to be 

marrying this man right here he is the best thing that has ever happened to me I love you 


Guests ‘’ncoooooooooh so cute’’ I cant take this bullshit any longer I am pitting a stop to this 


Me ‘’hey everyone uhm I am truly surprised that my mother would do this to me you know I

have nothing but respect for my mother she raised the gentlemen that I am but this stunt 

she pulled today has made me to feel indifferent I look at her right now and I am really 

ashamed to call her my mother’’ the guests were confused 

Ma ‘’Andile what are you doing’’

Me ‘’what I should have done a long time ago you are manipulative mother you enjoy 

playing God in other people’s lives I have let you do it for years but I am done with you I am 

sick and tired of your cheating and scheming’’ she was now crying I clear my throat and face 

the guests 

Me ‘’ I am sorry you had to see that it was never my intension I was just backed up into a 

corner. I am sorry but there won’t be a wedding Tshepiso I am sorry but you let my mother use you you knew i wanted out but you still plotted this whole thing with her. I might be quite 

but I am sure as hell not stupid. I hope you find a man that loves you one day because I am not him’’ with that I walked to my father who was smiling 

Dad ‘’I am proud of you Andile MaShirely is waiting for you I suggest you head there today Iwill get Sbu to bring your clothes later today or tomorrow morning’’

Me ‘’thank you pops I love you man’’

Dad ‘’I love you son remember only me you and your brother and MaShirley know about 

this. All the best I hope you find what you are looking for’’ I nod and walk out everyone still 

staring at me my mom is not in the room and Tshepi is crying in her mother’s arms. I walk out

Hello Soweto hello new life.

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