Chapter 6

I never saw this coming 

Chapter 6


I am driving home from church todays sermon was fire pastor Mhlaba’s wife Minnie was the one 

preaching today she spoke of self-love and she also gave a testimony on how you will never be 

happy for as long as your happiness depends on people she told us her story of how she did not 

obey her father and ended up with a drug dealer who later turned his life around and left her that’s

when she started picking up the pieces of her life and went back home to ask for forgiveness it is 

such a touching story it gave me hope and the strength to continue choosing myself. It feels good 

being in the house of the Lord really.

 I get home and park outside I notice my clothes as well as 

Kagiso’s clothes on the washing okay who did the laundry I was so confused I walked in and found 

my husband if I can still call him that well he was in his apron cooking it smelled really good Naledi 

was on the counter doing her homework I think and she seemed frustrated

Me ‘’afternoon’’

Naledi ‘’hey sis how was church’’

Me ‘’it was amazing doll you should come with next time’’

Naledi ‘’definitely’’

Kagiso ‘’hey babe I’m sure you are hungry the food will be ready soon I will dish up for you in the 

meantime sit down and put your legs up I will pour you a glass of wine’’ I give him a confused look

Me ‘’thanks but I was hoping to go eat out it’s been a while since I dinned out’’

Kagiso ‘’okay give me an hour to get ready then we can leave’’

Me ‘’no need to do that hey I was planning on going out with Naledi’’ he gave me a pained look

Kagiso ‘’oh I see’’

Naledi ‘’oh really sis thanks I was really drowning in this homework trigonometry is not my fave’’ I


Me ‘’I am good at math I will help you with that go get ready you have one hour then we out of 

here’’ she practically ran to the bathroom leaving her books there I laugh and make my way to the 

counter and collect them I was about to walk out of the kitchen when he spoke

Kagiso ‘’I know I have been a jerk baby but I am trying here please my love try and meet me half 


Me ‘’I have been trying for months to make things between us and you couldn’t give a fuck and now 

that you see I don’t have the energy for this useless marriage you suddenly want to fix thing don’t

make me laugh wena please’’

Kagiso ‘’baby please we can’t let go of what we’ve build all these years please my wide’’ I laugh

Me ‘’you destroyed whatever we have built not me so don’t bore me with this rubbish I am done 

with your ass papi’’ he closed his eyes obviously feeling defeated and I let him standing there the 

nerve of this thing so he wanted me to be depressed while he was out there living his best life 

aowa I am done been his fool honey no man is gonna treat me like that ever again he can be 

Obama or Motsepe’s son I don’t care my next one better have his shit right. I went to our bedroom 

and changed into a maxi dress with a high slit and gladiators let my weave down and changed 


I went back to the kitchen and Naledi was all done excited as hell. On our way out we met 

with my aunt and Lebo 

Kele ‘’where are you too going’’

Naledi ‘’out for lunch’’

Kele ‘’and you are leaving Lebo wena Kutlwano don’t cause a rift between my daughters’’

Naledi ‘’ma stop being dramatic’’

Lebo ‘’leave them ma its fine Naledi has shown me who’s side she is on’’

Naledi ‘’what side Lebo are you Kutlwanos enemy or something please balance me’’

Me ‘’ledi lets go please’’ she got in the car and drove off to Sandton I wanna have a meal at Pigalle .


It’s one week till I move to Soweto I am not sure on what to expect I have never had to use a taxi all 

my life except for uber when I am drunk obviously

I can’t cook or do my laundry so this move is a big 

one for me really It won’t be easy but it will damn right be worth it. A part of me is excited this is a 

way for me to explore and not be in my comfort zone but I am also scared fuck the hood can be 

nasty at time and my poor cheese ass is not the fighting type I can stand up for myself but I rather 

avoid fights at all costs. Well this weekend was not a nice one coz Tshepi is here I have been trying 

to call the engagement off for weeks but she keeps interrupting me it’s like she can sense what I

intend to do. I don’t want to disappear on her like that yes I don’t love her but I still respect her as a 

woman so leaving her hanging won’t be fair though she is trying to avoid this break up it is going to 

happen one way or the other I just want it to be in a civil manner. Speak of the devil here she comes

Tshepi ‘’babe what should I make you for lunch’’

Me ‘’’nothing I am okay but thanks’’

Tshepi ‘’not even a glass of hennessy’’

Me ‘’no thanks Im okay We need to talk though and please don’t try and avoid this we really need o 

talk’’ she closed her eyes and made her way and sat down I held her hands and looked her in the 


Me ‘’you are a beautiful woman smart and successful you and I have been known each other for a 

very long time and its safe to say we are both in this for the wrong reasons and going into marriage 

with that little is nothing by suicide we might divorce even after 3 months of getting married I think 

its best if we…’’ my mothers voice disturbed us she was calling out Tshepi’s name

Tshepi ‘’your mom is calling’’ she stood up very fast and walked out quickly so I don’t call her back. 

Dammit mother dammit. 

Mrs Zwane


Tshepi ‘’mama you called’’

Me ‘’for a prosecutor you can be stupid man what did I say to you’’

Tshepi ‘’I don’t understand’’

Me ‘’Andile was about to dump you man I told you to avoid these serious talks with him until next week’’

Tshepi ‘’ma I am tired of all of this it’s clear that Andile will never love me we can’t force him really’’

Me ‘’Andile is just confused after next week he will be fine trust me he will be forced into a corner 

in front of all of those people he respects me too much to embarrass me in front of our friends 

including your parents next week just act surprised nawe I want you to go upstairs and pack I will 

go distract him until you leave do not meet up with him during the week. You will see each other 

next Saturday I promise you that he will set the wedding date come hell or high waters’’

Tshepi ‘’thank you ma you are the best’’ I smile 

Me ‘’now go upstairs and pack and leave without him noticing I will come up with an excuse’’ she 

leaves and I go to distract Andile.


Kutlwano is showing me flames I have been trying to show her that I am trying but she doesn’t

want to hear any of it. Today I woke up after she left for church I did our laundry cleaned the house 

and cooked Sunday lunch but now she refused eating and decided to go eat out she didn’t even 

want to go with me it is safe to say that i have lost her I honestly don’t know how I will fix this but I

will try by all means to get her back I know she loves me and that doesn’t go away easily.


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