Chapter 5

I never saw this coming

Chapter 5


I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been since I started putting myself first it’s been a month since he 

swiped my card at that hotel when he got home that night he insulted me so much but I didn’t even 

let him get to me I just continued minding my business. Today is a public holiday I am just gonna 

Netflix and chill and maybe drink a bottle or two of wine. Oh boy here come the devil I call my husband

Kagiso ‘’hey babe’’

Me ‘’hello’’ I say without even looking at him

Kagiso ‘’my mom called she said she hasn’t received her monthly allowance’’ I laugh

Me ‘’oh’’

Kagiso ‘’when were you planning on sending it?’’ I roll my eyes

Me ‘’I am not planning on sending it Kagiso’’

Kagiso ‘’and why is that Kutlwano. You know my mother depends on the money you send her’’

Me ‘’your mother is not my responsibility its high time your siblings find a job and support your 

mother. I have a lot on my plate’’ he chuckled 

Kagiso ‘’or so now my family is a burden to you’’

Me ‘’exactly my darling husband’’

Kagiso ‘’what the hell has gotten into you’’

Me ‘’nothing just that self-love started kicking in’’ I sip my wine 

Kagiso ‘’I never thought that you could be this heartless Kutlwano you want to starve my mother if I

could I would be supporting them but I can’t because I do not have a job why the hell am I still with you’’

Me ‘’oh honey if you feel that I am too much for you there is the door use it. And on your way out 

leave the car that I bought you I will only let you keep your clothes’’

Kagiso ‘’Kutlwano are you aware of who you are talking to’’

Me ‘’I am talking to my unemployed abusive cheating and ungrateful husband’’ I said walking out 

and leaving him there shocked as hell.


Okay what just happened this is the first time Kutlwano has spoken to me like that these past few 

weeks got me so scared and today she confirmed my suspicion she is fed up with me and right now i 

don’t doubt that she is going to leave my sorry ass. I have been treating her like shit and now I have 

pissed her off she could only take so much of my bull and I guess now she has reached her breaking 

point. Kutlwano has been nothing but a great wife to me and I took her for granted. Shit is about to 

get real now. My phone vibrates distracting me from my thoughts. I sigh 

Me ‘’my queen’’

Mom ‘’don’t my queen me Kagiso when is that barren sending me money we need food kapa she 

wants me to die so she can start mistreating you’’

Me ‘’mama stop insulting my wife please’’

Mom ‘’he bathing since when did you start defending her’’

Me ‘’since I am about to lose her’’

Mom ‘’what are you talking about’’

Me ‘’Kutlwano is tired of my shit ma she told me to pack my bags and leave her car when I move 


Mom ‘’haibo the weak Kutlwano said that’’

Me ‘’I am as shocked as you right now ma she has been standing up for herself lately she no longer 

fights me or beg me to spend time with her she is just her own person now’’

Mom ‘’this is not happening you need to make amends with her I will start being nice to her I


Me ‘’that won’t work Ma she told me she can’t continue supporting you guys’’

Mom ‘’tjonna jehova Kagiso what are we going to do what have we done’’

Me ‘’ma I need to fight for my wife’’

Mom ‘’please do because without Kutlwano we are nothing’’

Me ‘’exactly mama Kutlwano is the best thing that has ever happened to me’’

Mom ‘’son we will talk my airtime is finished’’ with that the call cut and I let out a heavy sigh.


Chilling with my big bro and old man have always been my favourite moment my dad is easy going 

its easy to talk to him about anything he will never judge you he will just make things simpler for 


his advises are the best. He has always been the parent I run to coz my mother and I don’t really get along.

Dad ‘’you know boys I want you too to be very happy. I don’t want you to live by anyone’s rules. I

want you to be who you really are this world will adjust to accommodate you but importantly I want 

you to treat people with respect like I have always taught you whether they are rich or poor you can 

always learn a thing or two from each person you come across’’

Sbu ‘’thanks pops we will forever remember that’’

Dad ‘’good wena I hear that you have a new girlfriend what happened to that supermodel girl of 


Sbu ‘’aah Bafo you’ve told dad about that’’

Andile ‘’sorry ntwana yam but dad had already saw the change in you’’

Sbu ‘’she is not my girl yet I like her so much I even think I love her pops thing is she is very young 

only 18 currently doing her grade 12 she wants to study medicine I have promised to pay for her 

education whether she agrees to be mine or not she is passionate about medicine forever talking 

about it’’

Dad ‘’you have grown Sbusiso’’

Sbu ‘’why do you say that’’

Dad ‘’you are doing a great thing for that girl without expecting anything in return’’ he smiled

Sbu ‘’yeah I guess I am growing’’

Dad ‘’she is quite young I think you should continue being there for her without mentioning the fact 

that you want her give her space to explore things or yet expose her to things legal things I mean 

let her decide if she wants to be her age and have fun or she wants to be in committed relationship

at her age let her decide for herself don’t impose it on her’’

Sbu ‘’thanks pops I needed your wisdom’’

Dad ‘’I wanna meet this girl’

Sbu ‘’you will soon’’

Dad ‘’I never thought I’d see this day my son in love hehehe’’

Sbu ‘’ Naledi is possess every quality I want in my potential wife’’

Andile ‘’yoh ai I give that girl a 100 she’s even got you talking marriage’’

Dad ‘’make that meeting sooner I need to see my future daughter in law’’ I blush

Me ‘’thanks for a wonderful time guys but I need to go see her now I promised her lunch’’

Andile ‘’thata Naledi thata’’ I laugh and walk out


This has been a chilled day I am just glad that Tshepi didn’t insist on coming over I need to breath 

she is taking too much of my time. My plan remember that well it got pushed back a little coz I had 

to secure the biggest contract ever for our company. Sbu just left to see his girl so it’s just pops and I

Dad ‘’how far are you from completing your duties at the office’’

Me ‘’three more weeks then I am done’’

Dad ‘’okay I will call my contacts and tell them you can only start work in a months’ time’’

Me ‘’thanks pops you the best’’

Dad ‘’you sure you still want to continue with all of this’’

Me ‘’yes dad I have never been so sure of anything in my life my happiness lies in this plan pops I

feel it’’

Dad ‘’I am glad to hear that I spoke to maShirley she has backrooms at her place she agreed to 

keep it vacant for you we just need to buy furnisher and you sorted’’ I smile

Me ‘’did you explain everything to her’’

Dad ‘’yes I did and she understands that she has to keep it to herself’’

Me ‘’great then my operation find love will start in a month’’

Dad ‘’I am proud of you and your brother you have proven to be your fathers sons’’ he gives me a 

hand shake.


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