Chapter 4

I never saw this coming

Chapter 4


Most of you are probably judging me for staying with Kagiso and putting up with his nonsense for 

this long see it wasn’t always like this he was loving caring and he was all about me I mattered to 

him I was his priority. I grew up alone so when I met him he became everything the only family i 

had that cared for me. I tend to hold on to the good that someone once possessed maybe that Is

why I am still with Kagiso deep down I am hoping that he will change and we can go back to how we 

used to be but my head knows that it is a farfetched dream Kagiso will never be who he used to be 

I just need to accept that before he breaks the little I have left in me. 

I have tried everything giving him money to restart his business therapy you named them I have 

tried them all. After today I think it is time I put myself first. I kneel down on my knees and pray 

‘’lord I come to you with a broken heart and a shattered soul the man who is supposed to love me 

treats me like trash father I have tried everything there is to fix my marriage but nothing seems to 

work I am tired oh lord father I am giving this battle over to you it was never mine to begin with. 

Father restore my strength so I can pick up the piecing of my life and start afresh knowing that you 

are fighting for me. Restore peace in me dear God I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen’’

I felt so much better after saying that prayer I have been allowing Kagiso to break me I gave him the 

go ahead to continue mistreating me and I say no more I am taking back charge of my life I am 

letting him go so he can pursue the life that he wants let me not hold him hostage in the life he 

clearly doesn’t want. i make my way to the kitchen to get a glass of wine since I bought two bottles 

yesterday after I knocked off. I meet my aunt cooking in the kitchen 

Kele ‘’you are in the house but you just decided to sleep instead of cooking no wonder Kagiso treats 

you like trash you are useless like your mother’’ I laugh

Me ‘’not today satan not today’’

Kele ‘’you are calling me satan in my own house’’

Me ‘’excuse me who’s house?’’ she kept quiet 

Me ‘’I thought so’’ I left her standing there after I rinsed my glass. 

Thank God we have a TV in the bedroom. I pour myself a glass and sit on the bed. I watch a movie 

and my phone message toned beeped I took it and checked. My eyes popped what the fuck Kagiso 

he just swiped my card at a 5 star hotel in Sandton is this guy for real my Goodness he is probably

there with a hoe he is about to fuck after he refused to sleep with me I just laugh. I just took my 

laptop and transferred all the cash in that account to another account. Let’s see how he will 

continue entertaining that hoe. I continue watching the movie and an hour and a few minutes later 

he called but I didn’t answer I’m sure the card is declining now I just laugh and continue ignoring his 

sorry ass. He sent a text *why the hell would you let me take a card that does not have money on it 

do you know how embarrassed I am right now Kutlwano. Send me at least R3000* mxm I just ignored that text too. 


Lebo ‘’she is still not picking up’’

Me ‘’yeah Kutlwano can be spiteful shit’’

Lebo ‘’how are we gonna pay this bill babe’’

Me ‘’I sent he a text telling her to send me R3000 she will respond soon’’

Lebo ‘’I hate being embarrassed Kagiso so ill pay and you will reimburse me later on’’

Me ‘’sorry about this babe I will deal with her later on when I get home’’

Lebo ‘’you better now let’s go have fun we didn’t book that room for mahala’’ I smile 

Me ‘’now you talking’’ I stood and took her hand I am till fuckin pissed at Kutlwano she will know 

me when I get home. 


I left Tshepi at that wedding staff shop this is all suffocating I thought I could but honestly I can’t

marry her

I thought I could but honestly I can’t

marry her I don’t love her. Marriage is a big step it wants two people who love each other and will 

be there through the good and the bad and to tell you the truth Tshepi would be the first out of the 

door if all the wealth would disappear I need to find myself a good woman that will love me for who 

I really am not what I have. I have been sitting at this sports bar drinking beer I just hope I don’t run 

into traffic officers when I drive home maybe I should just leave now. I pay the bill and drive home. 

I walk in and find my parents sitting in the lounge my mother is having champagne and my dad is 

having whisky.

Me ‘’mom dad hi’’ I say trying to walk away

Mom ‘’not so fast Andile come sit we need to talk’’ I roll my eyes 

Me ‘’oh boy what is it this time mother’’

Mom ‘’are you drunk Andile’’

Me ‘’no mother I just had a few beers I am sure that’s not a crime’’

Mom ‘’hehehe what has gotten into you son’’ I shrug my shoulder and lay back on the couch 

Me ‘’ma what is it that you want to talk about I want to go take a shower’’

Mom ‘’mxm anyway Tshepi was here crying because of you are you a man or an onion? I never 

taught you to hurt a woman’’ I rolled my eyes

Me ‘’of course she can running to you’’

Mom ‘’and what is that supposed to mean’’

Me ‘’tell me mother who is Tshepi getting married to me or you? Is she going to run to you each 

time we fight are you gonna be the third force in the marriage coz if that’s the case let me exit this 

polygamous relationship and leave you too to get married’’ my dad laughed and my mom was so 


Mom ‘’Zwane you laughing your son just insulted me’’

Dad ‘’he just said the truth I’ve told you to stop meddling in Andile’s affairs with that girl but you 

just won’t listen”

Mom ‘’oh so you approve of him talking to me like that’’ my dad kept quite and mom stood up and 

left my dad and i

Dad ‘’finally’’

Me ‘’finally what’’

Dad ‘’you stood up for yourself it was long overdue’’

Me ‘’I am just tired of mom telling me how to live my life’’

Dad ‘’I am glad to hear that boy its time you stopped listening to your mom and do what makes you 


Me ‘’you sound like S’bu right now’’ he laughed

Dad ‘’ihlanya lami (my crazy one). That one has his own issues but I love the fact that he is happy 

even though I don’t agree with the things he does most of the time but recently I’ve seen a lot of 

change in him’’

Me ‘’he met a new girl’’

Dad ‘’I like her already’’ we laugh

Me ‘’me too pops me too’’

Dad ‘’just put yourself first son’’

Me ‘’you know when I was at that bar I thought of a plan. Pops I don’t want to marry Tshepi’’

Dad ‘’I know’’

Me ‘’of course you know. Pops I wanna marry a girl I am crazy about a nice humble girl who will 

love Andile not Andile the CEO or Andile the billionaire’s son. I want to experience how it feels to 

love someone whole heartedly and for that person to love me back and that will never happen if girls know these things’’

Dad ‘’ you spoke of a plan’’

Me ‘’yes pops I want to go live in the township and hire a backroom I want a small car a regular 

job meet a girl and fall in love when I am sure that she truly loves me only then I will revile my true 

identity to her’’

Dad ‘’sounds like a great plan. I totally support it. I will find you a room in Soweto then ill find you a 

job what car where you looking at’’

Me ‘’I think we should forget the car’’

Dad ‘’will you cope with taxis’’

Me ‘’yes dad I will and find me a security guard post’’ he laughs 

Dad ‘’hehehe I wanna see this’’

Me ‘’love makes a man do desperate things’’

Dad ‘’indeed’’


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