Chapter 03

I never saw this coming 

Chapter 3


It was a weekend and I woke up early and cleaned the whole house then did mine and Kagiso’s 

laundry. You would think that since he was at home all day everyday he would at least do the 

laundry but nope not my husband I have to work for him and his family cook for him and clean he 

is very inconsiderate. I thought this move would be good for us but nothing has changed. It was now 

around 12pm the house was quite it was just me and Naledi Kagiso was still sleeping yes I know at 

this time right. Aunt Kele and Lebo went to the mall. I take a bath one done I lotion myself. It has 

been weeks since Kagiso touched I was craving some action so I decided to not wear anything and go wake him up.

Me ‘’baby’’

Him ‘’mmmmhhh’’

Me ‘’wake up’’ I touched his privates

Him ‘’no man Kutlwano I am not in the mood’’

Me ‘’please Kagi it’s been a while I need you’’ he sat up straight and I tried to kiss him but he just 

pushed me off

Me ‘’kanti whats the matter with you’’

Him ‘’no whats the matter with you Kutlwano I said I am not in the mood’’

Me ‘’what about my needs I am your wife dammit its your duty to satisfy my sexual needs’’ he 


Him ‘’oh you want to talk about duties right its your duty to give me children do you see any 

running around’’ that was a low blow those words hit me hard that I cried

Me ‘’you talk as if I am the problem you know we are both fine the Dr…’’ he interrupted me 

Him ‘’ýou paid that one so he can lie you are infertile you want me to keep humping in and out of 

you for nothing your womb is useless it cannot produce any kids you are damaged goods’’ I just 

cried some more

Me ‘’Kagiso its me why are you saying all these things to me Kagi I love you’’ he just clicked him 

tongue and walked out. I said in bed crying my eyes out why do I love this man so much while he 

constantly treats me like trash God please give me the strength I can’t take this anymore please. He 

walked back in with a towel covering his lower body he applied lotion and got dressed. 

Him ‘’the time you sat the crying you could have made the bed anyway I need money where is your 

handbag’’ I didn’t answer him he spotted on top of the chest of drawer and he opened it and took

out my purse he took my bank card he took his keys and walked. I closed my eyes and exhaled I am 

tired of this marriage I have tried he insults me takes my bank card and drives off with the car I pay 

every month. If this is not desperation Kutlwano I don’t know.


Another suffocating weekend Tshepi decided to sleep over again. I tried getting myself out of it but 

she just didn’t take my story. So here we are at some wedding boutique I am bored to this if I could 

command the ground to open and swallow me I would trust me.

Her ‘’babe look at this centre piece isn’t it nice’’ I rolled my eyes

Me ‘’yeah it is’’

Her ‘’can you at least pretend to be excited Andile’’

Me ‘’I just don’t understand why we are doing all this you told me that you got the best events planner to 

organise our wedding once I’ve set the date now what are we doing in a store full of wedding shit’’

he was shocked 

Her ‘’Andile Zwane you will watch your mouth when you talk to me. I am your fiancé’’

Me ‘’oh trust me I know its not like you and our mothers will let me forget it’’

Her ‘’what is wrong with you lately’’

Me ‘’lets see the fact that everything is about this stupid wedding during sex you talk wedding staff 

on dates we talk of wedding shit


on dates we talk of wedding shit I am tired of hearing about this wedding bullshit I think I wanna 

have the longest engagement maybe we can get married in 3 or 5 years ‘’ she was now crying 

Her ‘’why are you saying these things to me are you cheating on me Andile Zwane’’

Me ‘’arg I can’t listen to this bull I am out of here’’ I left her standing there shocked. I have never 

spoken to any woman like that before that’s not how I was taught but honestly It felt freaking good 

to speak my mind. 


I was driving around Jozi Kutlwano can be annoying at times she pushes me to end up saying all 

these bad things to her but maybe today I took a bit far she didn’t deserve but hey its done I can’t

unsay those words now I will just have to live with it. My phone rings and its Lebo my wife’s cousin 

I smile me and her have been flirting.

Me ‘’hey sexy’’

Her ‘’hey sexy yourself’’ I bite my lower lip

Me ‘’what’s up?

Her ‘’i get home and you are nowhere to be seen exploring Jozi without me’’ I laugh

Me ‘’sorry just needed to get away for Kutlwano she is depressing’’

Her ‘’the divorce her where are you I can come there and show you a good time’’

Me ‘’that sounds good I was just driving around I am in Maboneng now’’

Her ‘’wait for me there then will go find a hotel where we can have our own fun I am tired of the 

flirting I want the real thing now’’ I got an erection instantly

Me ‘’fuck you just turned me on. Hurry I am waiting’’ she giggled 

Her ‘’I will see you in a few sexy’’


Me ‘’order anything you like babe don’t be shy’’

Naledi ‘’are you sure’’

Me ‘’anything for you baby girl’’ she smiled and we signalled the waiter we placed our order and the 

waiter brought our drinks she was having a virgin mojito and I had a beer.

Me ‘’why are you so shy Ledi we have chilled before’’

Naledi ‘’I know but I thought you would be bored with me by now but you keep on coming back’’

her honesty is everything 

Me ‘’babe look I keep on coming back because I like you so much nana the is something about you 

it keeps drawing me to you I like the person I am when I am with you I would take the whole day 

explaining why I keep coming back to you’’ she blushed 

Naledi ‘’but our age difference’’

Me ‘’Babe you are 18 and I am 26 I know it’s a bit much. But what is age when I comes to matters of 

the heart I want to make you mine allow me please’’

Naledi ‘’I don’t know Sibu’’

Me ‘’just think about it babe please I beg you’’

Naledi ‘’okay I will’’

Me ‘’thank you beautiful. So did you do as I asked the last time’’

Naledi ‘’yes I did I will get a response soon’’

Me ‘’good you are smart I am sure you will get in. even if you don’t want to be in a relationship with 

me I will keep to my promise and pay for your studies till you are done’’

Naledi ‘’thank you for that Sibu’’

Me ‘’it is a Pleasure my future Dr’’ she blushed fuck she is beautiful.


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