Chapter 02

I never saw this coming

Chapter 2


Staying here all day doing nothing is just frustrating Kutlano’s aunt is annoying. I am glad we have a 

TV and a DSTv in our bedroom the only pleasant sight in this house is Lebo damn her body those 

curves her breast and man she is hot. I have been eyeing her for a while now and I am pleased that 

she is of a naughty nature. I love girls that can get their freak on see sex with my wife is boring she 

doesn’t wanna try new things hence I end up cheating. I am hungry let me go make myself 

something to eat. I walk into the kitchen and Lebo is in there she is in a short and sports bra.

Me ‘’hey’’

Lebo ‘’hey sexy’’

Me ‘the house is quiet where is everyone’’

Lebo ‘’well my mother is at work Naledi hasn’t come back from school and well your boring wife is 

at work I’m sure you know that’’

Me ‘’oh so your mom works’’

Lebo ‘’yeah he was just on leave when you came through’’

Me ‘’so its only me and you in the house all day’’

Lebo ‘’correct’’

Me ‘’what do you do for a living’’

Lebo ‘’I breath and stay pretty’’ I laugh

Me ‘’interesting’’ she gives me a naughty look and I know it’s clear to make my move but I will give her more time. 


Work today was hectic I am glad this day is coming to an end I need a long hot bath and a massage I

don’t want drama tonight not from my husband or my aunt and her daughter Naledi has grown to 

be a sweetheart she is the only one I get along with. I park my car outside and get in I find Kagiso 

and Lebo in the kitchen laughing my cousin’s outfit is inappropriate but I pretend to not notice it. 

Me ‘’hello’’

Kagiso ‘’hey wifey’’

Lebo ‘’haibo you empty handed I thought I asked you to come with pizza’’

Me ‘’you didn’t give me any money for pizza now did you?’’

Lebo ‘’what do you think we are going to eat tonight then’’

Me ‘’you sit at home the whole day the least you could do is cook lady’’

Lebo ‘’cook for who wa ntlwaela shame’’ I laugh

Me ‘’I don’t have time for your nonsense Lebo’’

I walk to the bedroom and my husband follows me. I sit on the bed and remove my heels and start 

undressing he was just leaning by the door his hands buried deep in his pockets. 

Kagiso ‘’my mom called today’’

Me ‘’I saw her missed calls was too busy couldn’t even get back to her Is everything okay’’

Kagiso ‘’no she needs money for groceries stokvel money and Kamo’s baby mommas want money 


Me ‘’oh so much things’’

Kagiso ‘’I would do it if I could but I don’t have money to help my family out do you think I like being 

useless’’ oh here we again emotional blackmail.

Me ‘’stop that Kagiso will you stop it cut this emotional blackmail bullshit’’ I felt a hot slap across my 

face tears came and I couldn’t hold them back.

Kagiso ‘’listen here

you might be the one making all the money but I am still the one who wears 

the pants in this marriage’’

Me ‘’Kagiso you..’’ he cut me before I could finish

Kagiso ‘’shut up I am still talking aren’t I. send my mother R5000 before you go to bed I don’t want 

my mom dying of hunger’’ with that said he walked out and I just stood there staring at the door.


Dinner dates with my mother are every Wednesday we love dinning and catching up you know girl 

time. When you grow up privileged these are the kind of luxuries you get used to.

Mom ‘’oh darling you look great’’

Me ‘’thank you mother you look great too’’

Mom ‘’how can I not when I am dressed by my talented daughter’’

Me ‘’oh well your daughter has style’’ we laugh

Mom ‘’you know I am worried about Andile’’

Me ‘’you and Tshepi both what is it that you too see and I don’t

Mom ‘’he is changing baby I can’t easily influence his decisions like before just today I went to visit 

him at the office to ask about the wedding date I suggested a few and he straight up refused Andile 

told me he will set a date when he is good and ready’’

Me ‘’oh shit that doesn’t sound like my brother mama now I see why Tshepi thinks he is cheating’’

Mom ‘’I can’t have that happen it would taint the good Zwane name oh my God I would be so 

embarrassed I need to get him to set a date soon or better set it myself’’

Me ‘’mother that would be over stepping the boundary’’

Mom ‘’desperate times calls for desperate measures’’ I sign and sip on my wine. 


Me ‘’yazi your mother was here earlier on’’

Sbu ‘’let me guess to talk about the wedding’’ I nod

Me ‘’I don’t know why she is pushing this so much’’

Sbu ‘’why do you let her dictate your life like this bro’’

Me ‘’you won’t understand Sbu’’

Sbu ‘’then make me’’

Me ‘’I was groomed to be who I am today mfanakithi I cant just let go of those teachings’’ he 


Sbu ‘’what about what you want what makes you happy’’

Me ‘’I know I know’’

Sbu ‘’for once mfethu just choose yourself forget uMa Tshepi just forget about who they want you 

to be be yourself for once’’

Me ‘’I hear you wanna go out for a few beers’’

Sbu ‘’no can do I need to be somewhere and I am already late’’

Me ‘’this is a first you saying no to alcohol Amahle promised you monkey styles tonight’’

Sbu ‘’no mfethu I need to see Naledi before 8pm that’s when her mom locks the gate’’ I laugh

Me ‘’who the hell is Naledi you dating underage kids now’’

Sbu ‘’ai suka she is 18 lomtwana’’

Me ‘’and Amahle?’’

Sbu ‘’she is still in the picture but to tell you the truth I think I am in love with Naledi’’ I laugh so loud I can’t believe my ears

Me ‘’the mighty Sibusiso Zwane inlove I need to meet this Barbie girl’’

Sbu ‘’ai ftsek let me go I will see you later at home’

Me ‘’sure ntwan yam’’ he leaves and I shake my head I still can’t believe my ears.


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