Chapter 01

I never saw this coming

Chapter 1


We have been staying with my aunt and her daughters for a month now this is my house coz my 

parents left it to me my aunt has turned it to hers if it was up to me I would have her move out 

immediately but that would mean world war 3 we are trying to co-exist in peace but my aunt and 

her kids are just difficult. I am preparing to go to work and Kagiso is just snoring in bed things 

haven’t really gotten better between us so i just bury myself in my new job. Once im done with my 

hygiene process I walk to the kitchen to have breakfast my aunt and her daughters are already in there.

Me ‘’good morning’’

Lebo ‘’morning yourself’’

Naledi ‘’morning sis how did you sleep’’

Me ‘’very well thanks wena?’’

Naledi ‘’I slept alright thanks’’

Lebo ‘’slept alright where we have to share a double bed Naledi do you know how uncomfortable 

that is if someone just went to rent somewhere we wouldn’t have had to share a bedroom’’

Me ‘’why would I rent when I have a house a house’’

Kele '’hehehe you are arrogant just like your mother this is also my brother’s house I have every 

right to be here’’ I rolled my eyes at what my aunt just said. I open the fridge to make my self 

breakfast and a lunch box for work funny the fridge is empty but I just bought groceries two days ago

Me ‘’where is all the food I just bought’’

Kele '’he bantu you live with people here we need to eat plus your useless husband eats 10 times a 

day’’ I try and stay calm I decide to just leave I will grab something at work. 

Lebo ‘’come with pizza when you knock off we don’t feel like cooking’’ I just laugh and walk out.


This weekend has been hell Tshepang came to spend the weekend and I must tell you I almost 

suffocated how will I spend the rest of my life with her when I can’t even stomach her for just a 

weekend this is too much Lord intervene. 

Ma ‘’boy boy u’right? You seem lost in your thoughts’’ Sbu laughs

Me ‘’I am fine ma just thinking about the busy day ahead of me’’

Tshepang ‘’he has been like this the whole weekend ma we didn’t even do one fun thing’’

Sbu ‘’hasn’t it occurred to you that he might feel suffocated by you and all this wedding bullshit’’

Ma ‘’Sbusiso watch your mouth you will respect Tshepi don’t ever for once think your brother is a 

low life like you my Andile is a responsible man’’

Sbu ‘’and I am the disappointment right ma?”

Me ‘’you said it son’’

Dad ‘’will all of you just stop can we just enjoy breakfast without you all being at each other’s throats’’

Me ‘’sorry pops’’

Thando ‘’on the lighter note when are you two giving us a wedding date Tshepi’s dress is designed we just need to make it’’

Tshepi ‘’you need to ask your brother that he is the one holding back’’

Me ‘’babe stop that I told you I wanna finish my job so we can enjoy our honeymoon’’

Ma ‘’ you better finish quickly then I want my grandchildren soon’’

Tshepi ‘’and ruin my figure no thank you’’

Dad ‘’haibo makoti we want kids thina’’ she fakes a laugh

Me ‘’I need to get going bye everyone’’I kiss Tshepi on the cheek ‘’I will call you later’’ she nods and I leave.


I didn’t go to work today I decided to tag along to the studio with Thando she is a good designer I

will also use this opportunity to pick out some clothes. 

Thando ‘’you seem distracted what’s wrong friend’’

Me ‘’your brother friend yoh’’

Thando ‘’what about him babe’’

Me ‘’he has changed I know we don’t have the most rosy relationship and all but I feel like he is drifting away from me’’

Thando ‘’is this about the wedding date?’’

Me ‘’yes babe’’

Thando ‘’stop stressing yourself like this man

I know we don’t have the most rosy relationship and all but I feel like he is drifting away from me’’

Thando ‘’is this about the wedding date?’’

Me ‘’yes babe’’

Thando ‘’stop stressing yourself like this man you know Andile will do right by you’’

Me ‘’what if he is cheating Tee I can’t take the humiliation’’

Thando ‘’stop this Andile cheat ngeke’’ she chuckled I hear her but I am still worried.


You can call me the black sheep of the family me and my mother don’t get along very well she loves 

telling people what to do she is a dictator I just wonder how my father stands her. She didn’t have 

her way with Thando because they have the same personality my poor big brother on the other is a 

victim of Mrs Hitler herself its sad really they choose a girl for him told him when to marry her and 

how many Kids and all that he cant do things he loves because mother doesn’t want to be embarrassed.

 I know I have been a handful. I have an alcohol problem and I am sort of a ladies man 

but recently I met Naledi very young she is doing her grade 12 I don’t know how but I think I am in 

love with her and its shocking she is not the type I usually go for but the is something about her I

have a supermodel girlfriend Amahle I have been avoiding her since I met Naledi. Now here she is 

infront of me time I have to fetch Naledi from school and take her to lunch.

Amahle ‘’why have you been avoiding me S’bu’’

Me ‘’I have been very busy I am sorry’’

Amahle ‘’too busy to even call me back’’

Me ‘’sorry mahle I will make it up to you’’

Amahle ‘’make it up to me now’’

Me ‘’I can’t I am swamped’’

Amahle ‘’stop lying your PA told me you free till knockoff time’’ fuck it Nina is forward now I cant go see Naledi. 

Me ‘’fine let’s go for lunch’’

Amahle ‘’good’’

Me ‘’wait for me in the car I need to make a call’’ I tors her my car keys to her and she walks out.

I can’t dump Mahle coz she gives me sex and that’s something Naledi is not ready for and I don’t

want to put pressure on her I dial her number and she picks up almost immediately.

Naledi ‘’Sibu’’ I love how she calls me 

Me ‘’babe how are you’’

Naledi ‘’i am well just can’t wait to see you’’ I love how honest she is with her feelings

Me ‘’about that hun a meeting just came up and I can’t miss it can we make our appointment for tomorrow’’

Naledi ‘’oh I see’’ I can sense her disappointment and I hate doing that to her she Is so innocent.

Me ‘’I am really sorry beautiful’’

Naledi ‘’its okay enjoy the rest of your day’’ she hangs up before I can say anything and I close my 

eyes Fuck Amahle fuck. I take my phone and walk out. I need to make it up to Naledi big time. 


I hate being supported by my wife Kutlwano doesn’t complain but I hate it still I have tried finding 

clients for my business with no luck I feel less of a man I can’t take this shit anymore. To make 

myself feel like a man I constantly cheat on her and spend the money she gives me on them and 

you know whats funny I don’t even regret it at times. My phone rings and it’s my mother back home.

Me ‘’hello ma’’

Ma ‘’dumela Kagi how are you’’

Me ‘’I am fine ma how are you’’

Ma ‘’I am not fine’’

Me ‘’whats wrong my queen’’

Ma ‘’why is your wife not answering my calls’’

Me ‘’she is at work what Is wrong’’

Ma ‘’we don’t have food in the house my stokvel money is due in two days and your brothers baby 

mommas came here they both want money for their kids’’

Me ‘’I will tell her when she gets back from work ma’’

Ma ‘’thank you I hope she is treating you well’’

Me ‘’we are fine ma’’

Ma ‘’okay tell her to send at least R5000’’

Me ‘’I will bye’’ I hang up and grasp for air.


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