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The principal finally enters the office as he prepares to sit down on his big chair. There's utter silence as the door closes from behind him and the fan spins around on the ceiling and the sun shines from the outside window and I can already imagine the gossip and speculation and the rumors lingering on the assembly and also at the classroom when everyone hears about our silly little fight and I know Mlu would be delighted to hear the news. I'm sure in his head he believes my actions would be a clear indication that I might have slight feelings for him since the person I've been in an altercation with is none other his ex girlfriend. 

"So Zinhle and Nqobile why we here?" Asks the principal taking off his glasses and looks straight into my eyes and I stare back so proudly unashamed of my actions. 

"Nqobile sir she started it." 

"Nqobile is that true?" 


"What is that suppose to mean?" He says looking at my school application.

"She wrote vile things about me on the girl's rest room about how my vagina stinks and is wide." 

"Do you have proof she did?" 

"I didn't need proof cause she admitted it herself when I was beating her up." 

"So what if she wasn't the one who wrote it and you had already assaulted her which is by the way not accepted in this school?" "But luckily for me that wasn't the case wasn't it?" I said with a hint of rebellion on my voice. 

"Okay so we don't also accept slander in this school as well Zinhle." 

"I know and I'm sorry sir and I promise that it won't happen again." "Good because this is not how young ladies should be behaving especially for you Zinhle because you're in Matric and you should be leading by example." 

"I'm sorry. I do apologize it was pretty childish for me to stoop so low." 

"Don't look at me apologize to her. She's the one you slandered all over school." 

"I'm sorry Nqobile. I shouldn't have written those things about you." She says looking at me and I can feel my anger and insanity shake away like an eagle getting ready for flight. 

"It's okay and I'm sorry for...beating..I mean for psychically assaulting you. It was so uncalled for." 

"I forgive you." She nods. 

"Okay Zinhle can you please go to the nurses office real quick please and Nqobile please stay behind." 


Zinhle can you please go to the nurses office real quick please and Nqobile please stay behind." 

"Okay sir." She says getting up. 

"Please close the door on your way out." "

"Okay." She says fixing herself and exiting the office. 

For a moment there's another awkward silence as he takes his glasses and reads through some the documents before him. "Okay so Nqobile I want to say this to you very clearly and I hope you take absolute no offense at all. This school has a reputation to uphold and we wouldn't want that reputation to be tarnished in anyway by you or any of us for that matter.  This school is very different from the other ghetto schools in which you used to go to which are uncivilized and barbaric and have no absolute rules whatsoever. I just thought I'd say because I'm not sure what caused your behavior and environmental factors from your previous school or your disorder." 

"It wasn't because of my disorder." 

"You punched a girl and almost knocked her teeth off and if Mr Ndlovu didn't walk in then I'm afraid that would have been a possibility so I don't want to come off as unfair or unreasonable so I'll let this one go just as once off courtesy because of your disorder and also the fact that you're still a new student and that slander on the toilet is not how we treat our new students but this should ever happen again then it's going on the records so you better behave yourself no matter the circumstances." 

"Thank you." 

"Good I'm glad to see the light back into eyes cause that shows you do mean that so uhm for now I won't give your parents any documents to sign or need them to come see me at the office because I have a busy week and I don't think I'd have time to go over a fight that happened between two little bratty girls who are clearly fighting over a boy or some rivalry in my opinion that's childish that's not how girls should behave." 

"But if I were a boy sitting here next to you because I assaulted one of my mates then you wouldn't have that same mind or angle but okay." 

"Save me your new age feminists views it's not how everyone should behave in general. You can leave my office now or go to the nurse's office before I change my damn mind about this."

"Sorry sir thank you sir."


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