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The blood from her nose is spilled all over my white t-shirt like an artist's cinematic piece as we sit at the principal's office with her lip swollen. It's the early days of the morning and it's not even the first period but here we here sitting with our new wounds and swollen bodies refusing to even look at each for a split second and I'm angrier at myself for letting my anger get the better of me and I still remember the taste of it the moment Brenda told me those eight words to me as she came back from the girl's toilet as she sat next to me then suddenly all of the puzzle pieces began to make sense as to why I felt like the entire world is looking at me. "Did you see what they wrote about you?" She asked shocked and battled by who could write such about me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused trying to finish my Maths homework but it was more like it was the one finishing me at that point. 

"Come see." She said grabbing my hand instantly as I followed her direction like a lost puppy with no home. The curiosity began to overflow within my mind and I began to wonder what's the fuss is all about and what could be written about me. Would it about my hair? Would it be about my skin color? My grades? Then the unexpected happened as I stood there unraveling such an anger and rage I have sworn never to indulge to ever again. 

"Who wrote this?" I asked Brenda as the girls giggled looking themselves on the dirty mirrors. 

"I don't know. I saw it here this morning." She said nervously shocked. 

"uNqobile from 11E has a stinky ass wide vagina. Wash your ngquza sisi." I read it out loud hoping that I was dreaming and that it would vanish into the air then a girl walked over to us. 

"Zinhle said we must tell you to stay the hell away from her man or she'll fuck you up sisi." She whispered then she walked as I remained shocked and confused as to who is this Zinhle and her apparent boo was. 

"Um Zinhle is Mlu's ex. She's from grade 12A." Said Brenda almost feeling the anger herself. 

"Do you know where she is?" 

"She usually hangs out near the taps at the back near the trees. " "Let's go." I said walking out. 

I didn't know what angered me the most between the fact that Mlu was the one pursuing me and I couldn't be less interested in him or the fact that she had the nerve to write about me for a boy who clearly didn't care enough for her to stay. 

"Ya wena rubbish!" I said pulling her hair as she fell to the ground. "Leave me alone." She said trying to fight back helplessly as I sat on top of her punching her over and over again as everyone chanted in excitement. 

"What the fuck did you write about me? Utheni!" I said punching her again as she began to bleed on her lips 

"Vele iyanuka inqgquza yakho sfebe!" She said splitting on my face.

"Yazi uzonya msunu kanyoko." I said chocking her as she tried to pull my hands away but she couldn't. 

"I...St...Yey..." She tried speaking as she mumbled struggling to breath. 

"Nqobile she can't breath. That's enough." Brenda said trying to pull me away as I alos pushed her to the ground and she looked at me shocked. 

"Ubuthini!" I said chocking Zinhle even more as she began to lose oxygen and started to become weak. 

"That's enough." Said Mr Ndlovu as he grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me away and she began to cling onto air like she has been drowning in the ocean. 

"You're crazy. You're crazy." She said she getting up and touching her neck and still struggling to breathe.

"That's enough. That's enough." Said Mr Ndlovu as he held me tightly making sure I don't escape from his hands and somehow that's what I've been longing for my entire life a man to touch me so roughly pulling me away from my troubles and issues.


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