Insert 3

It's the first lunch break and I cling into Brenda like she were the trees to my oxygen as we sit on the school field while watching the popular girls talk to the boys in their low cut skirts as they play soccer shirtless in the hot blistering sun and even though I'm miles away from the town I used to know everything around here even the breeze still makes me reminisce of my old neighborhood and even the things I used to hate about it visit my mind and I remain teary eyed hoping Brenda won't notice but the only thing her eyes are locked into is the boy next to Mlu as I quickly wipe my eyes before the tears fall out. She studies every move he makes while he talks to one of the girls next to the goal keeper and she looks at the touching and the laughing and the joy they share together from the distance and I can sense a bit of infatuation going on in here.

"Brenda?" I say tapping my fingers on her face as she remains slightly enchanted by him.

"What..what..what did I miss?" She mumbles with her eyes on me but her heart still on him. 

"Who is that?" I ask curious. 

"Oh him? That's no one." 

"Yeah but you've been looking at him ever since we started sitting here." 

"Okay fine. That's Bandile." 


"And I like him." She says smitten with a hint of jealousy still within her. 

"Oh he's cute. Is that his girlfriend he's talking to?" 

"I don't know for sure because they have an off again on again relationship so it's truly hard to tell at times." She says taking a bite of her cheese and polony sandwich. 

"I hate those they are the worst type of relationships yet somehow teenagers find them so addictive as if they are a game." "Have you ever been in a relationship before?" 

"Yeah haven't you?" 

"No I haven't. Most of the guys here just think I'm weird and boring. So tell me how was your relationship and why did you break up?" 

"Arg it was a guy from my previous high school and he was so handsome and funny and everything that I wanted but I guess we just grew apart and he fell for the next best thing. That's how all these relationships are." 

"I'm sorry so how are you finding this new school?" 

"It's okay but I do miss my old one at times." 

"You'll eventually adjust you know I'd give anything to be the new girl in school. Everybody is fascinated about you and wonders about you and treats you like this new celebrity." 

"You're fucking crazy." I say laughing as the shadows of the tree tattoo themselves all over our bodies and the best thing about this is that we'll get to stay here for at least two periods because after break it's P.E and then it's the English class but the school is still looking for a replacement teacher to fill the gap created by disappearance of Miss Mthembu. The boys continue to play soccer shirtless and then suddenly Mlu joins the field and he runs to take his position. He has yellow golden like skin that has no sign of any pimples the muscles and veins of a boy you'd see in the gym when you're older and a voice that goes deeper than a gold mine and I look at him playing as he steals a look at me 

"I think Mlu is checking you out." Whispers Brenda at me as she smiles. 

"Yeah I noticed. Why are they even playing soccer?" 

"Didnt you hear the announcement? They'll be soccer match between us and another school in the district. I'm so excited!" "Oh that?" 

"Yeah it's going to be so huge and I cannot wait to watch Bandile play on the field. He's so good." 

"You really like this boy neh?" "Yeah I do ever since grade 3 actually. We used to best friends actually. We would walk to school together and share our lunch together but then high school happened and it's like we entered a new parallel universe where we didn't even know each other." 

"Ouch I'm sorry but you know it's like that. The puberty stage hits them and suddenly they fall for the newest trends and the girls with the shortest of skirts and not that I'm judging them. I don't slut shame and all girls deserve to be comfortable in their own ski..." 

"Hi guys." Says Mlu interrupting me as he blocking the sun even further while standing and breathing heavily. 

"Hi Mlu." I murmur slightly shocked by his unexpected appearance. 

"How are you?"  I respond annoyed.

"We're okay and you?" 

"I'm okay so why are you sitting here? Didn't the bell ring ages ago?" 

"It's actually P.E so you guys are on our field." 

"Oh but the netball field is on the other side though? You can admit it if you're just here to see us play." He says winking at me while Brenda sits awkwardly like the third of wheel. 

"Euw don't flatter yourself."

"I already did anyways I thought I'd just check up on you but let me head back so see ya after school."  He says walking away and I must admit I nearly found myself drooling over his body despite my sapiosexual oath. 

"Oh my gosh he's so hot!" Says Brenda finally talking. 

"I know right? I even feel almost feel ashamed that somewhere down there I actually wanted to touch those veiny hands of his." 

"Didn't you say he wasn't cute this morning?" She says laughing.

"That was before I knew he had such a sexy body underneath."


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