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The Monday morning comes and my mind is still stuck on the moon view I was gazing from my window view last night as I prepare for school. The feelings of loneliness and isolation still hang over my shoulders like the blazer my father once bought for me for my sixth birthday and our relationship resembles the moon in all it's glory because it remains beautiful and mesmerizing from afar as it glows all over the night sky but sometimes it's full and it's sometimes it's half full and sometimes it's not even there at all but when it's back no matter it's shape and phase you'd somehow forget it was even gone and that was my father in a nutshell. It's a strange science how the mind works cause I don't remember all the things my neighbors used to intervene about I don't remember my mother crying from all the pain as I stood there watching helpless to mend her pain and so my father remains somehow a memory with hope like the moonlight but doesn't the moon only shine from afar and merely turns to nothing but a rock of ashes when above it?  That sounds exactly like my father. 

"I've ironed your clothes already but don't get used to it. It was a once off courtesy and also your lunch and lunch money is on the dining room table." Says my mom standing next to the door as she fixes her long mustard coat getting ready for work. 

"Okay thanks mom." I say rushing to get the Colgate and water. "Okay don't be late. It's already 6h:34AM." She says as I hear the door closes from the kitchen and I immediately rush to open the radio to listen to my favorite station while brushing my teeth and the water boils on the kettle. Despite our differences and the different views we have on women society sexuality and also religion me and my mother have been getting along pretty well since of late and it's like this new town has given her a new sweet and calm aura that's as appetising and perfect as her cooking. "Wait for me." I say locking the door all cleaned and dressed up for another of mayhem and edosclenes. 

"I've been calling you for 3 minutes straight." She says standing by the road with her big sized Nike bag. 

"Don't you get tired carrying that? We're just going to school not moving." I say walking towards her slightly blinded by the morning sun. 

"No I don't so how was your weekend?" She says as we start making our way to school. 

"It was okay and yours?" 

"It was awesome. I did all of my homework and I'm so excited for the Life Orientation project we'll be doing together." 

"I even forgot about th..." 

"Hi mantombazane." 

"Oh hello Mlu." Greets back Brenda sarcastically. 

"Ninjani?" He asks walking above us and this is the first time I'm knowing of his existence. 

"We're okay

hello Mlu." Greets back Brenda sarcastically. 

"Ninjani?" He asks walking above us and this is the first time I'm knowing of his existence. 

"We're okay hey new girl what's your name?" He asks looking at me biting his lips. 


"Nice name I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new from the hood or you're just new to the school?" 


"Okay nice to meet you. I'll see you at school then." He says running to his crew still dazzled by his unfruitful conversation. "Who the fuck was that?" I ask Brenda puzzled. 

"The most popular and 'cutest' guy in school." She says rolling her eyes. 

"Oh how disappointing? The standard must be very low if that's what considered cute." 

"The irony? I actually thought you'd crush and mumble to the scent of his very being. I mean most girls do in this school and I'm glad you're not that impressed cause he's just a player. He always wants the newest toy in the shelf then discards it after learning of all it's special tricks." 

"Luckily for me I'm not most girls and I'm also Sapiosexual so all that cuteness and muscles don't faze me at all." 

"Where have you been all my life? I'm not Sapiosexual or anything but I do find intelligence extremely a turn on from a guy."

"Exactly. " 

"Too bad for you he doesn't fit that old cliche high school plague. He's also very smart despite his childish antics." 

"But clearly isn't smart enough to know that playing with women is not a sport so he's not my type of smart now is he?"


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