I must say that life can change within a blink of an eye it true when they say you never know what u have until it's gone from 

being my dad's princes to be kicked out and to be treated like an outcast I fell in love with a wrong person at a wrong time and to top it up fell pregnant to say I regret my  mistakes will be understatement I wish I could go back and change the hands of time maybe my life would have taken a different turn .

I miss my care free days where I was treated like an egg and lived a life of being spoiled brat

but I have to learn my lesson. 

I was kicked out from my father's house  in the suburb  by my father and thank god my Aunt took me in I'm still not used in staying in the location/kasi and to do house chores but what can I say burgers can not be choosers. 

by the way I haven't mentioned who I am.  My name is Nokuzola Msomi. My dad calls me his "highbred" because of my mix race. My mom is white and dad is black.  I have two siblings my big brother Zweli (19) and young sister Zanele (4) my father 'Sandile Msomi' raised us and spoiled us to bits he adored us and was  extremely over protective over us. Maybe that's the reason why I enjoyed walking on the wild  side of life. 

" we' mgani! are u daydreaming again about ' Sophia's father " * laughs *

That's ' mpume' the only person I call a friend since I arrived in this place 

Me: " I wish we oeh! " lol

Mpume: "so are you going to tell me what eating u up or should I buy u -ingwinya - as imvula mlomo"

We laughed so hard that we even forgot that we are in a school assembly

 *shoooooh.......* that was a warning from our class monitor .

My day went by so fast and I can not  believe I'm writing my grade 11 final exams next week.

 I'm constantly distracted and can't stop thinking about what if . . . which would never get me anywhere now 

I switch on my phone on my way home 

Days like this I wish mpume was around to walk with me but she had to meet up with her  " kissing partner " as she calls him 

Two SMS aish!! Its dad

" u can not avoid me forever. I need the truth or help me God I will beat it out from u " 

I felt tears again why is my father  like this I wish he can just forget about this. 

But who was I kidding he needs to know the father of this baby but how can I tell him that ' the father of my baby is his friend that his mentoring at his work


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