chapter 9


my life has taken one of the wrongs  turn ever yes I'm doing my 1st year studying mechanical engineering but as much as school is hectic I have found myself mixed up with wrong crowd my life was once so peaceful but ngokuthanda izinto and fast life I started doing doggy stuff like selling drugs and stealing cars it's such a trill and I kynder love being a thug listen  i have never killed a soul and not willing to do it as long as leave I just want to make a good buck and just enjoy the trill but I have to finish my studies or else my father will kill me he is still angry that I moved out from home but I was not willing to get caught for all my dirty dealings that I was doing so my father will just have to stop  fussing I'm a grown man after all and right now i have got a lot on my plate duhm . I took few pulls of my cigarette before throwing it away I was standing in my balcony looking at the beautiful Durban night and the busy street of morningside I walked back inside and looked at my fuck buddy she was still butt naked in my bed facing up fiddling with her phone 

me : u still here ? "

she looked at me and smiled she always tells me that my torso always turn her on I was wearing my briefs only 

her : we need to finish what we started "

she said that while playing with her legs spreading them wide open and closing them I instantly falt my Panis stand up and getting all excited of this I walk towards my bed took off my briefs and reaching for my side drawer took out a condom tearing it open and slide it on I could hear her talking but was not paying attention I got on top of her spread her legs open and pushed myself in her she screamed but I did not care I fuck her so hard and took her legs put them on my shoulder to go dipper in her she creams and that fuckin turned me on her creams turned  into moans I fuck her so much that she came and her legs were trembling I put her legs down and turned her around I guess she was to tired to kneel I just spread her legs and pulled her waist to me fuck I screamed she just flippin started to move her ass it shakes like jelly and she new that I was close now I went dipper and dipper till I came I pulled out and disposed the condom she was laying lifeless on my bed .

me : be gone by the time I step out of the shower"

Her : Zweli u so arrogant mos why? "

she sat on the bed looked at me 

Me: we fuck for for fun no catching feelings remember so get out of my flat cici "

Her : nxa!!! u worse than your father yazi I thought u were different fine I'll leave but can I shower fist ? 

Me : Cici u wasting my time now u came here all horny as fuck and I delivered and now u insult me and my father because u can not keep your panty on listen la cici your pussy may be tight and you may know few moves to keep a man happy in the bedroom but don't fool yourself that I'm in love with you " 

She looked away and started to pick up her clothes I could see she was pissed but I can not let her or any women infect have an upper hand at me.

me : finally she listens and Cici do take care of my little sister I will see u Friday " 

she looked at me and took her bag and did not say anything she walked out infect stormed out and banged my door in the process I just rolled my eyes and took a shower while the water  was hitting me I could not help but think about me and Cici she's my father's baby mama/ girlfriend what started like a harmless flirting 3 Years back has now become one wild fuck session I tell u  should my father find out about this we both dead... aish my life kodwa and yes I'm Fucking my Step mom and I enjoy it .


Mpume **

after a session of making out Thabo made me lunch nothing fancy just green salad with chicken strips I looked at my plate and laughed  

Him : what ? "

Me : ama hlanvu lawa "

Him : you so ghetto kodwa love its food " 

me : 1stly don't call me ghetto and your healthy food wakho lo awusuthisi 

he smiled and lifted his hand to surrender . 

me : so tell me what's up with you and leaving a healthy lifestyle like whites 

I took a bite on my strips and I must say it was so tasty and spicy 

Him : point if correction I'm not trying to be white by my eating habits I'm just trying to be healthy besides I have a stressful job that may give me a heart attack any day from now so I'm trying to balance staff "

Me : yoo so on a daily basis you work gym and eat this staff "

he looked at me with a frown and smile  

Him : yes but mostly I think of you and baby girl I do have a life outside my work" 

Me : if you say so one day is one day when u have to show me that life   but for now I have to get going " 

Him: so soon love "

Me : it almost 6 and yes so soon "

I looked down and wish this moment will last forever he clean the kitchen counter and put plate on the sink I was seating on one of the bar stool looking at his every movement 

him : its so rude to stare so tell me what's on your mind"

I wish I could tell him how scared I am that I'm falling in love with him and he is grown man whiles I'm just a teen who's trying to figure my life could I be attracted to him because I need a male figure in my life or is it because I'm just attracted to him I was so lost in thought that I did not even realize that he is no longer by the sink he hugged me from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder

Him : will figure it out together don't stress about us and the what if you don't have answers for one thing that matter is that I love you ". 

he kissed my chic and hold me tight  

me : you read minds also "

I whispered

Him : yap with my profession  you have to master it "

I turned around and looked at his dark brown eyes I caresses his jaw line  liked the fact that he did not have facial hair and his face was muscular yet very cute he never smile a lot but every time when our eyes meet his face lightens up I wanted to kiss him and do things to him but he intimidate the hell out me  his hands were resting on  my waist

him : tell me what do you want baby" 

his eyes darken and his look change I could not read his facial expression if he wanted to me tell him what he want to hear or if I must tell him what I want my body was failing me and yet this was a strange feeling for me i have kissed lot of boys in my life but when I  kissed him it felt like my 1st kiss  

Me : may I kiss you "

Him : I'm all yours baby "

he smashed his lips on mine and this time the kiss was forceful he was in charge sparks flew  in my body his lips are soft and he knew how to press my buttons and he likes the fact that my body failed me every time he touched me I could not breath and I could feel a blow of explosion that just busted between my legs and made my panty wet he moved his lips fro mine and since he was standing in between my legs I could feel him in between my legs he kissed my neck and I let a slight sound escape my mouth he hold my thighs so farm I cold fill that it will leave his handprint 

Him: see what you do to me ? " 

I couldn't even talk I just let out a loud breath when he whispered those words to me he was driving me insane  

Him : come baby let's get you home before I eat u all up in this table."

I stepped back and his eyes were dark and he looked at me and smiled

I was too shy to even look at him and don't  know why I had this strange butterflies in my stomach

Me : I need to use the bathroom "

he directed me and I close the door and dropped my panty and took out my wet party liner my nunuza was wet  wiped myself flushed the toilet  and disposed my liner on the side been I splashed my face with water and moved my dreads from my face and heald than together with a band

I stepped outside and I had the shower running I just decided to go to the seating room and wait for him after a while he came out looking all yummy with his track pans and T-shirt his arms were exposed and T-shirt was bit tight on his buffed up arms why did God bless me with this  man and expect me not to seen 

Him : baby stop drooling I told you I'm all  yours but I'm not willing for  you to let me take another cold shower so i can let this man slip ( pointing at his dick ) I blushed and looked away ow my God did I turn him on 

him : don't shy out on me now you know exactly what you did to me and what you want to do now with those words said I  felt the need to stand up 

Me : if we continue like this you going to get me into trouble with my mom .."

Him :  OK kwl let go   I will let this pass."

we drove to my house it was already dark and light were on In my house which mins mom is back hope she does not shout at me and spoil my day .he packed the car and faced me 

him : I'm going to miss u infect I miss u already "

Me : you such a big baby 

him : your baby right 

Me : yes my baby but promise me one thing 

Him: yes love 

Me: don't play with  just because im younger than you   u made me have this feelings for you so treat me the way a lady should be treated coz I'm not just any naive girl after your money and wealth and blinded by your good looked. don't answer me now think about it I love you .

I packed his lips and jumped of an ran to my house. 

I had to know I hope he tells me the truth and he does not play with my heart .. love suck at times


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