chapter 8



me : why u always do this ? "

Him : what "

he raised his eyebrow and looked at me while focusing on the road I can't Help but feel his hold that this man have over me I'm really trying hard not too fall for him so ease you mind i know you wandering about this guy so let me fill u in 

~flash back~

we meet a month ago when I was on my way home coming from church I was walking on the sidewalk and the sun did not do no Justice to my skin my hand was held above my head to cover my face . when suddenly  this car parked by me the guy  offered me a lift which I clearly turned down he than did the unexpected and walked besides me which was strange coz a guy with his looks don't seem to be the begging or nagging type..I was a bit shy to walk with the handsome man that i have ever seen alive we talked about general stuff and I told him about my self since he wanted to know ...after few laughed and a good chat he asked for my number I gave him my 10's he walked back to his car I went home and realized that he never told me his name I smiled on that thought 

~end of flashback ~

Him: what's so funny?"

Me : Just thinking you know how we met it was just odd"

Him : it was fait "

Me : and u did not even tell me your name was that by papoose? "

He smiled and touched my exposed thighs and rubbed them sending shivers down my spine 

Him : u never asked freckle face "

I blushed as it kinda turn me on the way he call me by freckle face i  instantly turn red I looked outside the window we were in suburban area

Me: Thabo where we going ?"

( yes my man or my man to be is Thabo 27 of age lawyer by profession grew up in free state and studied in Cape town and working in one of the Law firm in Durban North as Junior prosecutor) 

Him: I want to show you where I leave 

Me : haybo looks like we moving a bit too  fast now "

Him : like how ? course the last time I sow u was 3 weeks  back when I left to attend trial in Richards Bay 

Me : the one you never told me about ??"

Him : my work can be dangerous I did not want to worry you "

Me: I see"

he parked his car in the  underground basement he lived in complex which was part of an estate at umhlanga

Him : sesfikile shall we? "

me : I guess I don't have a choice"

he stepped out and open my door i stepped out fear of the unknown creped in my subconscious 

he held my hand and we walked to the elevator and to his apartment

Him : you know I don't bite he said while opening his door he's place was very artistic wow it looked like an art gallery i let go of his hand as we walked in i looked at all the painting and artifact sculptures I was blown away his leaving room had a beautiful portrait of a beautiful women on Xhosa attire .

I looked at it i was so mesmerised

He stood behind me

Him : do you like ? "

I just nodded  

Him : you'll  meet her one day she is a very uptight lady "

I turned and looked at him

me : you know her "

he smiled and took my hand we set on his brown leather couch  

him : yes


him : yes she is my mother "

Me : I thought you Sotho? 

Him : I am just on my father's side . and you my beautiful Zulu princess why u never told me about your father ? "

I looked away and did not want to show any emotions about a man i had no memory off all i know is that he left my mother for another women. 

Me : you in to art ? "

he looked at me trying to read my mind but I tried so hard not to give him anything to be suspicious off he came close and hold me tight 

him : I know u will tell me when you ready "

I rested my head on his chest and just inhaled his Cologne   he lifted my head and smashed his lips on mine I did not know if I should respond or not I just knew this guy for a month or less we only been talking on and off on whatsapp if he is not busy he call's once in while when he wants hear my voice but did he really have any feelings for me ?or I'm just another naive girl that he want to slip with? ..I pulled back and stood up before I can respond to his kiss he looked at me puzzled 

Him : I'm sorry I ..I. did not mean to .." he rubbed the palm of his hands 

Me : Thabo what are you doing? "

Him : I like you I really do I know you only tanning 18 in few months so I will wait for you till you are an adult before we pursue this "

Me : what is this ? "

Him : the first day I sow you coming from church with a tight Navy dress that looked like it was made on you your fear skin complexion shining on the beautiful sunny day I like the fact that you have dreadlocks that suits you and the way you freckles light up your face .you just perfect I knew when I walked you home that day I want to walk next you at all time what i'm trying to say is that I'm really attracted to you and if you want to take things slow or think about us or me in fact feel free to do so .

he looked down and I could not believe what a just heard wow his word just touched me and i could not help but feel my heart skipping a bit for him I walked toward him and before I could sit down he stood up I held his hand and looked into his eyes I was way too short to reach his face so I let my hands pull his face to mine without breaking eye contact I gave him a peck on his mouth he first did not respond he looked deep in my eyes I guess he sow what I wanted and he held my waist a kissed me like I have never been kissed before I felt my brain exploding with pleasure I moaned in between our kiss which drove him mad I could film his manhood poking me and I could not resist him I was so wet and I knew that if we don't stop now he  will drop my panties his hands caressed my back the other was playing with my hair this must be love ...yes I'm in love


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