chapter 7


I finished cleaning up the house mom is always on my case about my lazy tandenses 

" don't forget to buy bread when you done" 

Me: yebo ma " 

I finished dusting cleaning the windows and doing laundry  I was so tired like really finished ...I took a shower and decided to wear my short summer dress with flip flops took bread money and stepped out aish summer the sun was blazing outside I walked to Zoe house I wanted her to accompany me to the shops it's Just 3 houses from my house so it was a short walk to her house I knocked and let myself in since door was open ...heysham u sis was busy singing along to AK song I'm not sure if she was tweaking or having a stroke I looked at her she was in the living room doing her thing the music was too loud and she did not notice my presence ... when she turn and saw me she  screamed I just laughed at her we hugged and she turn the volume down

me: yooo chomee u can dance"

Her: you want me to teach u my moves"

I laughed

Me: no cc you do you I'll stick with nodding my head to music but u really dance like a white chick"

Her : well I'm half White any way so point taken "

Me : asambe "

Her : where to ? "

Me : stolo I need to buy bread "

Her : kwl let me get my cap "

she was wearing a short denim dress with flip flop with a pink cap

she locked the house and we walked together to the shop

I love my friend she so shy and yet outspoken she is bookworm but enjoy to hang out with me she has overcome a lot the past month I don't know how she does it but she still bubbly and smiley like ever we bought bread nama gwinya walk back home and set by the fence outside my house

Me: so u you an Langa nisa on or ?"

she looked away and took a deep  breath 

Her: I don't know girl . will always going to have that connection and I love him that will not change but my father will never approve of our relationship"

Me: I understand but we cannot choose who we fall in love with give him a chance

coz I know he also loves you . age is just a number love "

Her: I will but no rush this time i'm just gonna take it one day at time we call each other every day and tax each other I guess that the start ne"

I nodded and looked at the car coming our way I knew this was the guy I'm trying to avoid black Audi packed in front of us and Mr stepped out looking all yummy in all levels wearing white Linnean pans with a white boss shirt his silver watch and bracelet was dangling on his wrist 

him: ladies "

I looked at Zoe who was popping her eyes like a lonitic I nagged her with my shoulder 

Her : hi "

me : what u doing around here "

him : to check up on you can we talk please mpume"

me : I have company right now"

Him : Mpume I'm shore your friend will not mynd "

he looked at Zoe and she stood up and looked at me 

Her : aish friend when u done please call me"

me : but we not done nje "

I looked at her with eyes telling her to stay . please don't  go but yoo lomlungu wavele wahamba ..ya that my friend for your 

I looked at this beist in front of me 

Me : did you have to do that "

him : come we cunt talk hear "

I rolled my eye and walked to his car he started the car and we drove off





I was so excited to see such a hunk and he came to see my friend yooo. what a eye candy shy'm mpumi lended her self with a very handsome guy with a very polished look he sim a bit grown up mybe on his 30's or so yoo he smells and look money all over yoo. what a guy he looked like a guy who workers out with those shoulders I can not believe I'm drooling over Mpume man if he is even her man ... I decided to call my mr charming just to forget about the mystery guy . it rang and on the second ring he answered 

Me : hay Langa how you "

Him :not hi baby hi love "

I giggle 

Me : come on we past that stage ain't we ?"

Him : i want you back Zoe i can not keep on hiding my feelings for you "

talk about a guy who just go straight to the point  

Me: I want that too but how because u are in Jozi I'm here and  you forgot that  my dad wants your head on his plata" 

we laughed 

Him : I love you Nokuzola and even your dad won't get in my way on how I feel for you one day I will make you Mrs Dlamini "

I blushed ow my god I really do love Langa too 

me : maybe we should elope "

Him: wena gwala ndini you. cunt even run "

I giggle we talked about how I'm feeling about going back to school and how is life in general he promised to come back on Valentine weekend just to spend it with me he was on another level of being romantic and how he will do right by me and make things right with my father . after almost an hour talking he had to get back to work and I needed to start cooking . 

him : take care my love will call you tonight "

me : I love you and miss u later "

him : I'm the luckiest man on earth to have you .we hang up and i just throw myself on my bed and smile like returd .love was good and my heart could not stop dancing ... I went to the kitchen to prepare supper I took my phone an taxed Mpume > >> hay pass by my house when you free<<

I taxed my brother 

>> hey bro how you doing ?  <<< I know he never answer his phone or reply to my tax on time so I will just have to wait for respond .


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