Chapter 6

langa ***


I looked at this beautiful girl next to me she is so innocent and yet very feisty I wonder if she know how much Love her and I know she need to be focused on her studies but I feel very selfish now I wish I can take her with me why does life have to be so complicated and to think this girl was almost the mother of my 1st born she keeps glancing at me I guess the kiss took her by surprise but I could not hold myself any more aish the things I wanna do to her now and that short she's got on is making my manhood keep growing ... and she licks her lips and she looks so flushed with her rosy cheeks she holds my hand 

Her: I will never forget you or stop loving you you were my 1st in everything and loving you was never a mistake but it was just to complicated "

she looked away I can sense that she wanted to cry but was holding her tears 

Me: hay this is not goodbye you know it's a beginning I promise you I will uncomplicated things

I hold her hand tighter and pulled her close for a hug ...she smelled very sweet vanilla mixed with pitch's and roses I kissed her  forehead and whispered I love you . 

there was a bang in the window for a minutes there I  felt my heart stop I thought of the worst and Zola jumped from my arms and looked at who was banging the window her face lighted up and jump out the car and screamed she was hugging and jumping up an down to another girl that I assumed she's her friend wow girl and crazy reactions when they meet I had to step outside the car to witness this crazy behavior I took few pics of her and when they realized that I was taking pics they stopped and looked my direction 

Zola: langa I'm sorry about that I would like you to meet....

Girl : wow chomie utheni ?? is this .... in Langa the Langa 

the girl looked at me they screamed again and started clapping hands wow this was something else I couldn't stop laughing and shaking my head in disbelief ... 

girl came towards me offers me her hand for shake 

girl : well Mr I'm Nompumelelo aka mpume Msimang" 

me : I'm Langa Dlamini nice to meet you "

mpume : no the pleasure is all mine "

I shakes my head in disbelief that Zola is so quiet but her friend is one wild card  yoo I guess  they right when they say opposite attract... 

Zola : any way chomee how u doing? 

Mpume : kosa'ekuseni when I start filling you in about my life we got a lot to talk about ... please finish up LA and join us your aunt asked me to get you "

wow that was a surprise they already know we here ... I guess that my queue  to leave I looked at Zola and gave her a signal that it's time to part ways ...



Mpume took my bags to my house while I hug u Langa one more time goodbys are always so hard for me I felt like crying but held my tears back 

Him : "promise you will visit "

Me :" as if Nkanyamba ( referring to my aunt) will allow me"

we chuckled 

Him :" I'm very persuasive I can talk to her on your behalf "

Me : "let me think about it ke "

Him : "I gotta go it's a long drive to JHB"

Me:" call me kuma pit stops akho and when you get there "

Him :" I promise study hard please and be a good girl no funny business OK "

I rolled my eyes and smiled 

me : you take care Also 

he kissed me on my cheek and started walking to his car I stood there and looked at him he  started the car and rolled his window down

Him : "when u alone open your bag I left something there that u can remember me with and never forget this is not a goodbye my love "

before I can even respond he speed off I was left with a smile on my face but also a bitter filling of the new chapter I'm going to open of my life I walk home and the minutes I got inside my aunt suffocated me with a hug and compliment on how I look asked me how I'm filling and if I'm ok or not long lecture came after that regarding boys love sex and life yooo I was so bored and really tired Mpume just decided to leave when my aunt was going on an on I just nodded pretending to be listening yoo I know I messed up and I'm the one who have to put my life back in order I excused myself and went to my room I took my phone and taxed Mpume 

me > >how mge wangishiya kanjalo talk about a real friend <<<

He : >>>haysuka  inkanyamba was going on an on I was not ready for lecture shym <<

me : >> sorry love so how are u ? how have you been <<

He : >> ow well as you know I dumped that fuck boy when he slapped me on the xmas party and I thought I'll take a break in dating but there is this guy cc his really matured and good looking he's kinda asking me out but I'm too intimidated you know<<

Me >> you only live once cc and life is too short<< 

Her >> you right ne but let me think about it luv so u and mr dimples haybo mge why u never told Me he was twins with Trey Songz <<

Me >> lol !!!

Her: >> so story sithini mge fill me in <<

Me >> well we ....

a knock came to my room

Aunt : "Zola une visitor "

Me : OK ngiyeza anti 

taxed. Mpume ...>>> later got to go <<

I could see she was typing I just put my phone in the charger and stepped out to see who want to see me   I don't have any friends in this place it's only Mpume because my aunt is friends with her mom and they teach at the same school ow well I entered the seating room  and to my surprise I sow my big brother 

Me : "Zweli ? "

Zweli :" zoe how you doing ? "

he stood up and gave me a hug me and Zweli are siblings his few Years older than me just 2 years in fect and in varsity doing engineering we share the same dad but different mother's his tall and slim dark -caramel in compaction and with china eyes his hair is cut into a brush and his structure is like a soccer player and well ukukhuthaza with I dwangu his always on point I guess he takes after my Father . he was wearing navy chinos with powder blue guess golf T-shirt with brown puma Sneakers ...

Me : "what you doing here ? "

Him : "to see you besides this is also my aunt house I can come and go as i please "

we laughed 

Him :" I asked you a question  .."

I looked at him puzzled he rolled his eyes 

Him :" so how are you ? "

I smiled 

Me : I'm god I guess time will tell I just want to put everything that happened behind me "

Him : I'm sorry I was not there for you I didn't know "

Me : its kwl any way how you doing I see varsity got you looking like a model or something

we giggle 

Him : I'm just hot nje cc no need to put a tag on it "

we laughed my aunt came with scones and juice we thanked her and she went to kitchen she was preparing supper . we continued talking watching t.v with Zweli he told me he is no longer residing at my father house he moved out and leaves close to campus his renting a flat now . my dad is leaving with Zanele's( my little sister ) mom  on permanent bases ... I never got along with her she was too young for my dad and written gold digger I'll over her face any way we spend the whole day with my brother he even stayed for dinner my aunt insisted   it really felt good to be back home and to see my brother was a bonus he left something to 9 at night I escorted him to his car we hugged and promise to visit soon .he drove off and I was really tired now just wanted to shower and slip . I went to my aunt room set next to her she was reading a Bible that what she normally those before sleeping 

Me: thank you "

she looked at me and open her arms and I gave her a Hug

Her : everything will be OK my child have faith and pray ..."

she reached over her side drawer and took out  a brown envelope 

Her : open it when you are ready but I know you made me proud "

it was my report card I kissed her on chick and wished her good night . went to my room put the envelope aside undressed took my towel wrapped it around my body and took a shower it was relaxing I finished washing my self and when I stepped in my room my phone was buzzing I rushed to it but call cut before I can answer . I looked at the screen 8 miss calls 14 what's app massages and 3 voice mail aish Langa .....


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