Chapter 5

Zoe **

it was Sunday and I was sleepy I drag myself to the bathroom took a shower dried myself brushed my tooth and stepped outside the shower i lotioned my myself and put on my grey cargo shorts white vest and white all star I dragged myself downstairs I looked at langa who was looking even worse than I was 

me : u still in your PJ's

Langa : shoooo not to loud please"

I laughed at him and started preparing breakfast u see what happened lust night we painted the town red we went out  clubbing and and drank goofed around till the morning any way it was sot off a parting gift to me I guess to us because langa is also leaving  town and going to JHb He accepted  a new job offer we promised to keep in touch always and stay as friends even though last night we kinda kisses and it erupted fillings that i thought were long gone i don't know it it will be possible to put Langa on the friend zone now 

Him: I drank to much izolo yooo I cunt fill my head"

I giggled 

Him : I'm never drinking again"

me : yaaah right as if that will ever happened"

Him: did u finish packing ?"

Me : almost and you?"

Him: I haven't started will you help me please "

me : yaa no problem "

I handed him his plate of breakfast eggs   beacon 2 slice of tomato baked bean chutney and toast..

him: you are a star thank you baby "

me: I'm really going to miss us we had fun nee?"

him: wish we could never part"

we started eating and  sheared small talked I washed the plates and helped langa with packing I did all the packing while he was busy on the call  he was not planning on selling the house so he said that it will be a holiday house if he comes down I went to my room and finished with my packing after I was done I dragged my suitcases down to the lounge.. funny that i came here with nothing but i'm leaving with suitcase

Me : I'm done "

him : I'll take a shower and will be off give me few min "

me : kwl "

I  walked outside and set on stoop I send a whatsapp message to my aunt informed her that I'll be there in the next hour or 2 

I was so happy in going back to my  aunt's house but was not sure how people are going to look at me with no baby on my hand 

I'm sure they will think the worst like maybe I gave it up for adoption maybe killed it who knows

I had to stop the negative thoughts from bringing me down

I had to open a new chapter in my life and do right by myself try and sort things out with my siblings and maybe my Father

yes my Father langa help me to forgive him in order to forgive myself and to move on because it  was tearing me apart to hold a grudge and to be angry I smiled to that tot that I have come to far and I'm ready start afresh 

Langa : hay what's up with that smile "

Me: thank you "

he raised his eyebrow and looked at me oow God that look i blushed and looked away

Me : for every thing "

I embraced him with a hug and he  kissed my  forehead he smiled at me  

Him: no thank you baby you ready to go??"

I nodded and smiled back at him holding him even tighter 

i wish the drive to my aunts house was longer I was bittersweet going  back a lot happens in that house and I almost lost myself in process I was looking outside the window and I must admit loxion life is so full of life .langa kept glancing at me and I can feel his hurting but well life is not always jolly he packed couple of houses  from my house and look at me 

Him : so u good? u so lost in thought  u-right?"

Me: sho! I should be asking u that u have such a long face "

I played punched his shoulder he pouted and looked at me 

Him: I'm gonna miss u wish u can come with me "

Me: we don't always get what we want u know. beside I need to finish my studies and make something out of my life"

Him : grade 12 wow u moving up "

we laughed as if that is a movement my aunt told me she got my report but she she was over the moon with my result well i passed I wonder how my grades are 

Me : I cunt wait its my final year at high school next year varsity here I come "

Him : you must come study in jhb "

Me : u pushing it now "

Him : brother got to try u know "

Me: u really are something "

we shared  a look that he only gave me when I know he wants to kiss me or hold me I'm always going to love this guy but I feel like we together in wrong time or wrong life time his brown eyes were sparkling and he came close and kissed me his lips were soft and with a minty taste his hand touch my cheeks and brushed my hair from my face I felt myself flouting as his tongue explored my mouth I was out of breath and my hands were sweaty . I pulled back slowly and I look at the man I will always love and I  want to be with always ...

Him : I love you Zoe  never forget that "

Me : I love you too. "

for the 1st time I felt heart broken firstly i Lost my baby my dad and now the love of my life ...yaa ne life!


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