Chapter 3

It was finally time that I left the hospital and langa has advised that I will stay  with him till I find my feet at list . I had no choice . we did not have a relationship or whats so ever at this point  but we talked I was  just not ready . we drove off in his car I just looked outside my window 

Him : what's wrong Zoeh?"

Me: nothing I'm good "

Him : mmh"

Silence was the only thing I was good at lately langa always said that I need help.  I always told him that I'm OK he is just imagining things . we arrived at his house it was a town house not fancy and not too big just beautiful   when I walked inside I noticed that it was written bachelor all over it . the deco was either gray brow cream or black no life at all . I folded my hand and looked around.  

Me: when did you buy this house ? the last time I checked you lived in a flat "

Him: when I found out you were preg... . "

I looked away but I could fill tears burning in my eyes 

him : " i'm sorry i did not mean too .. " 

Me: where is my room ? "

Him : come I'll show u "

I followed him up stairs   down the passage he opened the door and my room was big very big to be sleeping alone . it had white linen . and painted in cream with yellow touches everything in this room was white and bit of pink and yellow. 

Me : its beautiful"

Him: I'm glad u like it "

I smiled at him he has done all of this for me . 

Him : go in look around and don't forget to open the closet "

I looked at him puzzled but I did not let my excitement show . I was happy and I didn't know I could feel like this . 

Me : thank you "

Him : my pleaser Zoe. Let me go make lunch "

I raises my eyebrow at him 

Him : I'll make a call and lunch will be made and delivered" 

We laughed

he came close to me and gave me hug

Him : I'm glad I made u smile u really deserve to be happy "

He walked out of my room I did not have any lagged so I just walked around my room I looked outside the window the garden outside was so outstanding . I remembered to open the closet as langa advised me too and to my surprise it was packed with new clothes my size infect and some a size bigger than me . I looked at my self in mirror and notice that I still had baby fat so that why the bigger size. He even bought shoes and underwear . I just did not believe my eyes . I walk to the bathroom to take a long bath I ran myself a bobble bath and just shocked myself . I fell asleep till I heard some knocking on my door 

Him : Zola are u alright ?

Me: yep "

Him: are u shore ?"

Me:yes "

I opens the door with a towel wrapped around my body 

Him : I called out u did not respond "

He looked at me with worry 

Me: I just fell asleep in water and did not hear u. "

Him: OK  kwl lunch is ready come join me when u done 

Me: cool aaaah langa before u go thank you "

Him : don't mention it please hurry up I don't like worming food "

I rolled my eye 

Me : something never change I'm coming "

He walked out . and I just threw myself on the bed . and rolled around for once in my life I was free of worrying there may be light at the end of the tunnel after all .


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