Chapter 2

i opened my eyes I was in strange place I looked around and there was langa seating next to me with my aunt on my other side . I tried to move but I felt very light. I touched my tummy and realized that I was no longer pregnant . everything came rushing back to me . my Father beating me and I knew the possibilities I have lost the Baby. Lang's woke up and rushed to my side he did not look the same .he had bruises on his face and was even limping. 

Him: hay don't try to move"

Me : how long have I been in a hospital?"

Him: two weeks "

I felt my eyes getting heavy with tears   tear escaped my eye. "

Him: it's going to be OK."

Me: "no its not "

I looked away I hated the man I thought I was in love with I never thought in a million years my life will unfold like this . 

Aunt: give us a moment langa "

I could tell he was looking at me I just did not look back . 

Langa: OK I will step outside "

Aunt: Zola look at me my child"

I did not respond I just lay there looking into spacenothing  that my aunt will do or say to make me feel better at this point

Aunt : sisi please my child. You have to be strong I know u have experienced hardship in a young age but what aver your father did he did it out of anger he loves you my child and he is so.."

I turned around and looked at her with so much rage 

Me : "get out !!!!" 

Aunt: haybo Zola "

She looked at me puzzles I started screaming so loud that I felt my body heating up

I started screaming so loud that I felt my body heating up langa came in a rush 

Him: Zola are u all right?"

I started shaking uncontrollably. Langa tried to pin me down but my body was doing things on its own the nurse came in and cleared the room i then felt this sting in my arm and I was out as light . 



I woke up after few hours there was a doctor and a nurse who were monitoring me . 

Dr: sorry for waking you up . how are you feeling miss msomi?"

I did not feel like responding to that question because I didn't even have an answer for it . 

Me: did I lose the baby ?"

Dr : I'm sorry "

I just looked away and felt my throat getting dry.  I wanted to cry but my anger forced me to just be still. 

Me : when am I getting out of here?"

Dr: we still need to monitor your condition but so far so good it may be soon . "

I boded and looked and the nurse who just gave me a fake smile . I didn't smile back 

They did there rounds and left langa walked in looking so drained

Him : hi"

I nodded 

Him : how are u feeling?"

I just looked at him how can he ask me such a lame question he came close and took a seat next to me 

Him: I'm sorry "

I looked I way him saying that just made me feel like some of the weight has been taken away from my shoulder's

Me: where is my father?"

Him : I pressed charges so he was arrested"

I looked at him with shock in my eyes he stood up came next to me and gave me a hug. I just felt secured in his arms and protected . I could sense that he was hurting as much as I was . I sobbed in silence in his arms.


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