Chapter 1

Weeks passed and turn into months my final exam were done it was school holidays now. I wish I could visit home but my dad would strangle me with this huge belly that is showing. My aunt steps in the kitchen while I was busy preparing dinner

Aunt: that smells good what's cooking?"

Me: beef curry and pap

She looked at me with an amazement I didn't cook i just wormed yesterday food I suck at cooking my aunt is trying so hard to teach me but I failed miserably

Her: what's the occasion?"

Me: just finished my exam"


smiled and she came close and rubbed my tummy. 

Her:I'm sure u excelled my child. 

I nodded and finished warming up the food dishes for my aunt and I and  we dug in . she went on and on about how work was i nodded to show interest even though i just felt like telling her to shut up. 

She finally called it a night and went to bed  I stayed behind and continued to watch TV . I was not sleepy at all and school were closed so why not stay up till late . my phone Beep when I looked at the caller ID I felt this uneasy feeling

* langa* " when were u going to tell me and don't lie to me co's I know that's my baby u carrying "

I read the massage and felt tears on my eyes . ooh sh*** now he's going to notice I'm on line I immediately log out of whatsapp. My phone started vibrating * call* I was very hesitant in answering the phone without noticing I answered

Him: halo ..... Hallo . .."

Me: hi langa"

Him: explain yourself please!"

He was angry but was tried to talk to me very softly. There was this thing with his voice that made me weak on the knees 

Me: langa how are u? I'm good thanks for asking?

Him: you still cocky ?"

He laughed at list now I can try and talk to him

Me: langa this situation is complicated I just don't know how to untangle myself out of it "

Him: baby we in this thing together nje was that the reason why u broke up with me ?"

I didn't say a word my silence just answered him 

Him: listen I'm coming down next week I will handle this "

Me: langa no please you know how my dad is he would kill us "

Him: I'll die trying in that case"

Me : please listen to me for once .....

There was silence and I could feel he was thinking 

Him: Zola I miss u and I love u and I will make this right I promise"

I wish I could believe him.  But I loved him too much not to trust him

Me : I got to go "

Him: sweet dreams Baby"

I dropped the call and for once in 8 months I felt like my fantasy was coming true. I wish I could hold langa right now. For the 1st time I actual felt connected to this baby i rubbed my tummy and smiled . I was not sure if I loved langa more than this baby but I was glad he called me maybe there is hope after all .

33); font-family: Helvetica Arial sans-serif; font-size: 14px;">Morning's were the hardest . and now waking up was an issue . I felt very irritated out of small things my aunt did her best to avoid me . Saturday morning the street was already buzzing when I looked outside my window people around here they enjoyed drinking and partying all night . ow well who am I to judge . I noticed this car that was packed by my house a black GTI tinted Windows . so I could not see the driver or whoever is in side . I got off from my bed and went to freshen up. Put on my track pants and an oversized T-shirt. While I was preparing breakfast I had shouting outside
Voice1: I swear I'm going to kill this child now "
Women voice : hayi Mani . yini ulaka. This child has suffered enough for the past months i have been with her she has shown that she learned her lesson"
Voice 1 : how can she sleep with one of the guys I work with. Ushilo ukuthi the father of the baby is langa ?"
Voice 2: can you just come down this is not the way to handle things. Act like a parent for once"
The door swagged open my eyes just popped out it was my father he look like he was on battlefield his clothes were bloody and looked like a beast . he tried to grab me but I ran to the bathroom and locked myself inside he banged the door like a mad dog I couldn't help but cry my soul out .
Him : ulale no langa Zola vula lomyango so that I will rearrange you like I did to him"
Now it came back to me that he was on fist fight with u langa futhi I think he was the one beating the poor guy to a pulp. I screamed when I finally realise how much of a monster my father is . I was sick and tired of running and crying it was time I face the music . I really don't care what going to happen to me . I opened the door our eyes meet....

After it felt forever looking at the man that I called my father I felt a huge sting on my Cheek and another blow and another .my aunt was crying in vain and tried stopping my farther from the beating he was giving me but he kept on smacking me till I fell blood coming out from my nose tears poor out of my face but I could not cry out loud I was so angry I finally started pushing him  he was strong but I kept on pushing till I fell this worm thing running down my legs . I did not feel well after that the last thing I remember is my aunt telling me not to leave her  there were so many light that's was  blinding me that just made me want to close my eye again . everything just became blank after that ......


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