I look at our wedding photo frame that is mounted on the wall. We looked so happy together like nothing was ever going to separate us. People envied our relationship we complimented each other very well. We had no problems because we never went to bed angry at each other before we hit the pillows we always made sure that we fixed our issues. We never got tired of showing each other affection whether private or in public._I met Andile at Woolworths I was doing grocery shopping with my Aunt. I was in the cake isle when I bumped into him more like he bumped into me because he was busy with his phone he was pushing a trolley full of goodies there was no real food.


“Fuck maarn”! He curses as soon as the incident happen.

He looks at me straight in the eyes he is very pissed it's not me but something really did piss him off. And he found just a person to take out his frustrations on of which was me. He is freaking handsome with his well plaited dread locks bushy eyebrows. He is not tall nor short just average height he has a belly but not beer belly and he has purple contact lenses. His outdoor outfit was simple yet stylish.

“I... I am so sorry” I say in a calmly.

“Next time watch where you're going stupid woman” he continues to say.

“I said I'm sorry”? Yelling at him.

He was pissing me off. He is the one who bumped into me after all not the other way around. Seems like he doesn't realize that!

“Argh maarn. Whatever” he clicks his tongue and walks away bumping my shoulder on purpose.

I laugh and watch him disappear out of sight. I am no longer in the mood for shopping that arrogant bastard ruined my shopping for me. I leave the cake and walk back to my aunt who looks mad pissed now who pissed her off? I see the arrogant bastard again he winks at me and I just roll my eyes inwardly. Little did I know that was one of our many more encounters to come.

★End of flashback★

I wipe away the tears that are already ruining my mascara I rinse my face and re-apply my make-up. I am meeting up with Andile's parents they actually called a family meeting. My parents don't even know about the meeting I guess it's not that important. I catch a taxi and go to my in-laws in tasbet park. My mind is working overtime right now I wonder what the meeting will be about I hope they are not going to tell me about Andile taking a second wife. I've told them countless times that if Andile takes another wife then I will erase myself from the equation. I don't see myself sharing a man sharing is not for me. Truly speaking I wouldn't even be surprised if they already found a wife for him he too is acting very strange lately. He has signs of a cheating husband. He no longer touches me let alone make love to me. I snap out from my thoughts when the taxi comes into halt. I climb out of the taxi thanking the driver in the process. The meeting must be very serious for them to even call uncle Themba that man hate me. He never hides it. I take a deep breath and knock.

“Come in” Vatiswa yells from the inside. Vatiswa is Andile's mother she used to love me. I don't know what changed.

Stepping into the lounge I am surprised to see Mapule. Mapule is my best friend she is like a sister to me now. I greet everyone and sit down Mapule can't even look at me in the eyes I wonder why. The husband is not here strange.

“Thank you for coming Makoti” uncle Sizwe says. I give him a nod.

Him: “Without wasting time. Makoti we have a very critical issue at hand”. I swallow the lump forming in my throat I hope Andile is fine.

Me: “Wh...what is it? Is it Andile? Is he okay”? I can feel my heart beating fast.

Him: “Oh Andile is fine Makoti”. I let out a breath of relief. “Andile made a mess a mess of which I don't think you will like”.

Me: “What did he do”? I ask my voice already breaking.

Him: “Stand up sisi” he points at Mapule.

Mapule stands up holding her tummy. I look at her then at Vatiswa who has the biggest smile plastered in her face. I hope this is not what I think it is I hope not or else all hell will break loose I don't even know how it will break loose.

Him: “This woman you see standing next to you claims that she is pregnant with Andile's child” I laugh and clap hands.

Me: “What sick joke is this? This is not funny try something else”. Chuckling.

Vatiswa: “Unfortunately for you this is not a joke its true. Your best friend gave your husband what you couldn't give him for 7 years. A baby. Did you hear that? A whole baby and this week Themba & Sizwe are going to pay damages to the Sibiya's this Saturday”. My nose flared and tears prickle my eyes my head is spinning this is not happening!

I stand up and look at Mapule. I chuckle in disbelief and shake my head. The person who I trusted with my life the person whom I shared everything with betrayed me. She was smiling at my face while fucking my husband behind my back. She doesn't even show remorse about it this is one betrayal I will never forget.

Me: I give her a backhand slap. “I regret the day I crossed paths with you. I thought that I had found a sister in you but in actual fact I found a Python I wish you well with Andile”. I look at everyone in this room they are all snakes. I hate them all!

  • I take my bag and walk out tears streaming down my cheeks I am so shattered never in my life did I ever think that my best friend will do me like this. My best friend will betray me in this cruel manner she took advantage of my barrenness. I told her everything even my marital problems but she took all that I told her and she used it to seduce my husband. She gave my husband what he has been longing for all his life. I have failed my husband I am not woman enough as he always says when insulting me. I border a taxi Kelly Price x Friend of mine is playing It's like the driver can see right through me. The song is just perfect for my wounded heart... I order cocktail after cocktail with shooters I am using his black card. Why not drown my sorrows with his money? In fact after my drinking spree here at news café I am going shopping. It hurts it hurts so bad. My phone rings it's the husband. I look at it and down my shooter! Bitch!


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