My saviours didn't take me to where I stay but they've brought me in to this fully furnitured 5-room house when I saw the colours black with a touch of red I immediately knew who it belonged too it belongs to my invisible secret admire or whatever he calls himself. I am still not well phela what I went through was a trauma and the half if my saviours didn't  arrive then gosh I don't even want to think what could've happened to me but one thing I know is that I was going to kill myself if Thabani's plan worked. I've been looking for my phone but then it hits me the last time I saw it was last night at the club before I went to the ladies room sighs. No matter how traumatized or stressed I am food goes down easily down my throat I don't even choke on it while eating I get down from the chair and walk to where the fridge is its a double door fridge I open it and there is nothing there's only a bottle of water sighs. Why isn't the any food in this house? This is a disaster now I miss my own fridge ai these people better take me back to my house before hunger kills me. And I hope that old woman didn't create a mess in my room together with her grandchildren. Another thing is I don't know if I would ever be able to go out any more I don't want to risk with my life like this again and it's a good thing that my phone is lost Sarel won't be nagging me it's his fault that I ended up leaving with Thabani against my will. He is the reason and I hate him now he better not come to my workplace if he knows what's good for him. I know that some of you were like why didn't she alert the bouncers or the waiters if I had a chance I would've alerted them but he was gazing at me taking note of my movements I wouldn't have just stood up and walked to the bouncers like everything is fine he would've acted first and fast too plus I was also in a panic mode and vulnerable not having anyone by my side. My brain shut out completely after he threatened me I hope he is dead and buried deep within the Hell's soil. But then how did these saviours of mine found me? This is creepy maarn. I walk to the lounge and switch on the TV I know that it won't quench my hunger but it will keep me busy until God knows when.

Someone taps my shoulder making me to jump up & scream.

“It's me. It's okay. You are safe here please sit down” I look at him and sit back down dropping my head and playing with my fingers. “I've brought you food you must be very hungry”. He places the Nando's paper bag on top of the table along with a 2lt coke my stomach growls gosh such embarrassment. Talk about my stomach being forward.

“Thank you”. I take the paper bag and open it and start eating too bad it's a cold drink I prefer wine but as long as there's meat then I'm good. “How did you find me and who are you”?

Him: “I am no one you should worry yourself about and be glad that we found you stop asking questions”. I nod.

Me: “Were you guys maybe following me and who is your boss”?

Him: “I said stop asking questions Signora”.

Me: “Signora? What does it mean”?

Him: “It means madam”.

Me: “Oh it must be Italian. One last question”. He sighs. “What time will you be driving me to my place because I left strangers there”? He chuckles.

Him: “Your place? Oh no Signora. You will be staying here for a week or 2 the bosses orders”.

Me: “What? I can't stay here tomorrow I'm supposed to go to work”!

Him: “Where? Oh no Signora. You are not going anywhere and don't worry you will not lose your job but the boss doesn't want you working there truly speaking”.

Me: “Haikhona! Mnqundu wakho and this boss of yours. Who does your boss think he is dictating my life? And why is he always behind the scenes? Is he even human”? He laughs.

Him: “The boss really cares about you Signora. And yes he is very much human”.

Me: “He cares about me? I don't want him to care about me I can take care of myself”.

Him: “No doubts about that but right now your safety comes first. I will go and buy you some essentials and some food”. I am not winning this one he is not letting me sighs.

Me: “Can I at least go and check how my room is”?

Him: “I will drive you there later. Let me get going. Next time please listen when the boss gives you instructions and don't make him angry”.

Me: “Mxm. Will I ever see your boss? And I  don't take instructions or orders well I'm bad at following rules”.

Him: “Hopefully you will change your ways now. Do you need anything before I leave”?

Me: “My bed”. He laughs.

Him: “I will pick you up later I'll bring along some clothes for you. Or should I bring you some company? Oh almost forgot that you are not a people's person”. He winks and walks away whistling. I guess I will just have to accept things as they are for now at least here I'm safe no harm will come my way. Mxm who am I kidding? What if these people want to human traffic me they are just softening me up? And once comfortable baam they snatch me up yoh Jesus. Anyway I tune into channel 404.

“Breaking news. The CEO of N & T logistics company Mr Thabani Moloto have been found dead. He was brutally murdered and his killers dropped him off at his home's doorstep. His head was chopped off but his body was brought forth to his family. The family is very devastated no arrests have been made yet if you have any information or leads regarding Thabani's brutally murders please go to your nearest police station and report. Reporting live from the Moloto resident is Rosetta Platjies”.

 I switch off the TV. My heart starts beating out of my chest  these people are heartless hha. They are more dangerous than Thabani was how do they deliver someone's body in their families doorstep? Nakhona a headless body? Where did they take his head? These people are evil & heartless now more than ever I fear for my life. Arh but then Thabani deserved it honestly. I wonder if Sarel have seen the news seeing that he knew the man very well. I mean he couldn't even wait for me to catch a breathe and he was already telling me about a man who has been scouting me at the whole night. Who does that? Instead of drinking they are busy scouting us out. See? This is why I am rude to people and don't want them close to me it's because of this.



To say that I'm enjoying the so-called vacation I would be lying. Nothing is enjoyable here Steven is forever on Zoom with his associates talking about deals and work. We don't even have sex it's just so boring I wish I was back home tackling divorce cases those mushy cases are much better than this nonsense that I'm doing here. Anyway today I decided to go to the beach just to unwind it's actually my first time going there

Steven went to a golf tournament. I take my beach bag from the closet and put in my essentials I'm too skinny to be wearing a bikini I am really not comfortable with my body I've tried everything to gain weight even pills but nothing worked I still do want to gain some meat. Okay these bum shorts will do just fine at least my boobs are big kahle kahle I'm a shapeless slender but I still turn heads everywhere I go. The walk to the beach is just 10 minutes... In no time I'm here and it is really not that packed. I walk to the mini beach bar and settle down.

“Beautiful day it is ma'am. Would you like anything to drink”? The shirtless bartender asks me.

“Tropical mixture”.

Him: “You don't want anything strong? Like strawberry daiquiri or sex in the beach”?

Me: “I don't do alcohol”.

Him: “Oh. But what's tropical mixture”?

Me: “Mixture of all fruit juice”.

Him: “Okay. Let me try and whip it for you hopefully it will come out the way you want”. He taps the table with his fingers and shifts. The view here is beautiful and it seems as if like everyone is enjoying it...

“Londeka Ndimande”. That voice sounds like it belongs to Derrick Nzimela he used to be my rival back then in law. I spin my chair around and yes is definitely him together with his beautiful & humble wife Nosipho.

“Derrick Nzimela & Mrs Nzimela. How are you”? I get down from my chair and hug both of them.

“Not good. And how are you”?

Me: “I'm good. Why are you not good”?

Him: “Thobani. You know Thobani my business partner right”? I nod. “He passed on. He was brutally murdered”.

Me: “Oh my God. I am so sorry. Who murdered him? And why”?

Him: “That's what we want to know hence we are going back home today. We had to cut our vacation short”.

Me: “I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the police will find his murders”.

Nosipho: “That's what we hope for but with this corrupt justice system in our country I don't think they will even find his murders. In fact they will sweep everything under the carpet. What's more inhumane about all this is that after killing him they went and dumped his headless body in my aunt's doorstep and now she is hospitalized her high blood went up I don't even want to think about the state my uncle is in yazi yini”. The only person I know who delivers your body to your family's doorstep is Billy no one else. I wonder what did he do to piss him off to an extent of Billy killing him or maybe he betrayed him and found out or what if Billy did love I was going to say that he slept with his wife but he has none. Deep down I want to know what I also wonder if Steven heard the news because not so long ago he told me that they were going to venture some legal business together.

Me: “Eish yah it's going to be a little difficult and there's a possibility that the police might on the murders payroll. But we can only pray people are so heartless”.

Her: “Tell me about it”.

Derrick: “It was good seeing you again we need to get going now. Enjoy the rest of your vacation”.

Me: “I will thank you and have a safe journey too”.

Them: “Thank you”. They walk away. I sit back down. Steven is going to be happy with Thabani's passing now this will give him full control of the drug shipment business. Oh well I guess it's more money for us.

“I've tried my best I hope you will like it”. The bartender pushes the glass before me.

Me: “Thank you. I hope it tastes nice as it looks”. I take a sip and my phone ring's it's Steven I wouldn't be surprised if he cuts our vacation short. Now that will really make me happy. “Baby”.

Him: “Where the hell are you”?

Me: “I'm at the beach”.

Him: “Get your ass back here we are leaving in 2 hours time”.

Me: “You don't have to tell me twice I'm coming”. I hang up then gulp down the tropical mixture without stopping once done I burp and pay then walk away.

“Are all your essentials packed”? Steven asks me taking his luggage with. I don't even know why he's in a rush because our flight will only be leaving in 2 hours time.

Me: “Yes everything is packed. Aren't we going to eat first before we leave since we have an hour and a half to spare”?

Him: “We don't have that Billy have hired a private jet us for we will eat on the plane. I already have a name for the shipping business we are going to be rich baby”. Kissing my cheek. You see? This is the only thing he knows making money. Be rich. He doesn't care about Thabani being dead he is already planning for the future and all the money that will be coming in sighs. But I still love him.

Me: “Okay. Let's go then”. He picks up my luggage and we walk out of our hotel room a cab is already waiting for us. I am finally going home how I miss my daughter I can't wait to see her. “Baby. What exactly happened to Thabani”?

Him: “We will find out once we get there but this has Billy written over it”.

Me: “But why would Billy kill Thabani? I mean these people don't know each other. Or did Thabani maybe stole something from Billy”?

Him: “Nothing like that. But there's a reason why he killed him and I don't think it's business related its something personal”.

Me: “Hmmm. I guess it involves a woman”. He laughs.

Him: “What woman? Have you forgotten where his girlfriends end up once he is done with them”? Sighs.

Me: “I haven't forgotten of which makes wonder why doesn't he just end things with them and let them leave their life”?

Him: “He would never risk with his life like that. At least he doesn't kill them”.

Me: “But still and besides he is the one who approach those ladies and showers them with everything they want”.

Him: “Those ladies should know that nothing is for mahala”. There's no use arguing with him about this because he doesn't see anything wrong with what Billy do once he's done with them.



My head is spinning after watching the news again how could this be? Who killed him? When? Oh God. I wonder where is Esethu in all of this I would never forgive myself if something happened to her. What was I thinking asking Thabani to come over? Look now Esethu is missing even her phone isn't going through dammit. I can't just sit and not do anything I will have to find her I hope I won't be too late then. Pacing up & down won't help me either. Where will I even begin looking for Esethu? I'm sure whoever killed Thabani has taken Esethu too torturing her for things she doesn't know anything about.

“Did you see the news? Let me not get started about the social media it is buzzing like crazy regarding Thabani's painful death”. Anele tells me this stepping into the lounge he too is shocked about Thabani's death. I mean everyone is. Thabani is a very rich influential business tycoon so his death shocked everyone.

“I don't even want to log into any of them”.

Him: “Where is Esethu in all of this because I don't remember her being mentioned on the news”?

Me: “You are asking the wrong person. I'm sure Thabani's killers took her after killing Thabani”.

Him: “I've warned you! I did tell you that selling Esethu to Thabani is not a good idea but no you didn't want to listen to me Sarel! I've told you countless times that she is not like the other girls. Look what's happening now. Esethu must be traumatized wherever she is that's if she's still alive”.

Me: “I messed up I know but Thabani specifically wanted her he paid me a lot of money for her. I thought that it was going to be simple like every weekend but I was wrong”.

Him: “What if the owner of the club is the one who killed him? I mean he was giving Esethu everything he wanted so he couldn't watch another man take Esethu after how he spent on her last night”. I shake my head.

Me: “No. The owner of a club is a woman her name is Penny. I don't think she's the one who took her”.

Him: “Or maybe he made a deal with someone but did not live up to his end of bargain and he decided to kill him”.

Me: “Then went and dumped his headless body in his family's doorstep”?

Him “Speaking of his body. Where is his head”? We both look at each and shrug.

Me: “I don't know where is his head”.

Him: “I wonder. You better pray that this doesn't backfire and comes back to bite you in the ass”.

Me: “It won't. No one knows that I sell Thabani girls to be his sex slaves except for the clique”.

Him: “It better be. Now we have to work on finding Esethu and alive too. But I had lots of fun last night I've never had sex and enjoyed it like that in my whole entire life. I will always cherish it”.

Me: “And the champagne? Babe I even took some with even Nasiphi hhayi shame it was fun”.

Him: “Too bad we will never have night's like that again because you sold our plug to Thabani who is now dead and the plug is nowhere to be found”.

Me: “Argh we will find another plug wena babes”.

Him: “Even if we find one the experience would never be the same”.

Me: “Yeah you are right. Let's go and drink just to forget about all this”.

Him: “Good. Our lives can't come to a stand still just because Esethu is missing she was not part of the clique after all”.

Me: “You are right. I don't even know why are we worried about her. Call the others”.

Him: “Now you talking”. He is right though our lives can't really stand just because of Esethu? Nope life must go on I ain't got time to stress about strangers who will never make any impact in my life.


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