Whoever is knocking on my door clearly doesn't have timing. I groan and sit upright rubbing my eyes I look at the time and it's just after 09:00am fuck! I get off bed and drag my feet to attend the door. Mxm. What is she doing here? I don't bother opening the butler.

“And then”?

“I am giving you one final chance to redeem yourself X”. I laugh.

Me: “You are giving whom a final chance? A final chance to redeem myself from what”?

Her: “From failing what you couldn't do last night. To show that you are a real man not some fuck boy from the ghetto”.

Me: “Ey wena girl I won't redeem myself for shit. You woke me up just to tell me the nonsense you are telling me now? Tsek vaya la.

Her: “Well if that's the case then I will gladly leave you but know that this is not over Xolane. Yabona wena. You'll shit on yourself I'm telling you”!

Me: “Fine by me. Instead of going to look for the fathers of your fatherless children of yours you are here forcing me to have raw sex with you? Divert your sex stamina to finding the fathers of your children rubbish”. Her eyes get filled with tears. “Vaya la”.

Her: “You will regret this Xolane. You will regret ever messing with me and those fatherless children of mine you are talking about have their fathers”.

Me: “I'll be waiting for the regret to come you swine”. I bang the door in her face and walk back to bed. Who does she think she is threatening me? I am waiting for her shame. My phone rings and it's the hospital I wonder what's wrong now.

“Hello. Is there anything wrong with my daughter”? I'm speaking so fast my face already sweating.

“Please calm down Mr Radebe your daughter is fine”. I let out a sigh of relief. “Unfortunately I have bad news for you. We can't keep your daughter here in our hospital you are 3 months overdue and there are seriously ill people who need the bed. It's either you pay the money or we transfer your daughter to a public hospital we are giving you today to pay the money or we transfer her. We've been too patient with you but now our patience has run out. We will be waiting to hear from you have a good day”. She hangs up. I throw my phone against the wall and it split into 2. Fuck! What am I going to do now? I rub my face with my shaky hands I have no choice but to take Mzwandile's offer I need to help my daughter I need to get her all the help she needs. I can't afford to take her to a public hospital. She might die whilst there public servants are careless and don't really take their job serious. I quickly wear my pants and walk out of my room without locking it my T-shirt is over my shoulder I will wear it in the car.

“Xolane where are you rushing too”? My mom asks me leaning against the door frame with a fresh cup of green tea in her hands.

“Ngiyabuya mama”. I get into my car I roar the engine to life and drive off since my phone is broken I will have to drive straight to Mzwandile's house or I can always ask Boitumelo to call him for me. First stop is at the car wash today it is fully packed unlike other days I am not complaining though this means more money for the car wash. Brian is not around today I wonder where could he be or maybe he is nursing his hangover. Clarah (car wash babe) hurries towards me as soon he sees me she looks happy.

“Good morning boss. How do you like the turnover today”? Her smile is not to be missed.

“I like it”.

Her: “Good. I was so worried thinking that you won't like it”.

Me: “What? I love it as long as it will bring us in money. How did you do it”?

Her: “It's a secret boss but if you like it then I'm good. Oh and we've already made R5000 in just few hours”. I raise my brow and look at her something is not right here. We've never made R5000 in few hours let alone a day something big is really brewing here but as long as money comes in I'm cool with it. I look at these cars and they look quite expensive but then the owners of these beasts's are not around I wonder where they are. 

Me: “That's good news keep it up as long as it is legit I don't mind”.

Her: “It's very much legit boss don't worry”. She winks and walks away. I step inside my mini office and settle down just as I am about to go through the files a strong scent fill up my nostrils. From the shoes it's your formal wear pants a very shiny one it's obvious that this person is a wearing a full suit. I curve a smile as soon as I see who is it I get up from my chair and pull him into a hug.

“Sbuda? Is this you man”? I look at him carefully he has really changed in a short period of 7 years. We used to hustle together doing these petty crimes. One day it got messy we messed with a wrong one and he was shot on the leg that was the last I saw of him seeing him here right now my heart leapts with joy.

“In the flesh boy”.

Me: “Where the hell have you been man”?

Him: “How about we go and chill somewhere and I will fill you in”.

Me: “I know just a spot. It's lovely seeing you old school”. He laughs as we walk out of my mini office... He drives a Porsche cayne a whole fucking Porsche! “Nice ride”.

Him: “Thanks man”. We step inside his car. He cues Emtee x Manando.

We get to Z&B hangout joint and settle down.

Him: “This place is very nice. Whoever the owner has done a good job”.

Me: “Indeed”. One of the waitress approaches our table.

“Good morning. My name is Wendy your waitress for the day would you like to order”?

Him: “I would like to order steak with chips and please double up on the sauce”.

Me: “Pap & wors will do for me”.

Her: “Any beverages”?

Him: “You sell alcohol too”?

Her: “We sell everything”.

Him: “That's nice if that's the case please bring us your expensive finest whiskey”.

Her: “Coming right up”. She walks away shaking her ass nc nc nc. And Sbuda here is enjoying the view.

Him: “I must get her numbers before I leave her ass is perfect for doggy”. I laugh.

Me: “Still a pervert I see”.

Him: “I will never change Mfana. I will die by the pussy”. We laugh.

Me: “So where have you been”? 

Him: “After the shooting ordeal I decided to change my life and start something with my life. Life is too short bruh that day made me realize that. Anyway I went to Free state to stay with my uncle. My uncle is in the poultry business he introduced me to it but I found it quite slow for my liking I needed something that will get me money fast. I told my uncle that I want something that will make me money fast and he introduced me to this other drug King pin. He didn't want me to work for him in the beginning but after some very practised convincing he agreed I made sales for him better than his old distributors who were there before me. He saw that I was really serious about this and he promoted me to be his second in command. And few months down the line I started producing my own drugs and decided to sell it international that way he won't suspect that I'm pushing my business too I never sell my stuff to the locals you know how deep loyalty is in these streets. I am where I am now because of the drug business and I have shares in this other club. So yeah I'm living life man. You should see the girls I hang out with they are high class and their sex games are always lit. What about you”? Damn he is living life but being a drug Lord never crossed my mind and I'm not even planning to become one.

Me: “I own a car wash and doing some jackings here & there nothing major”.

Him: “I'm sure there's no enough money but as long as you are doing something legit man”. I nod. “Feder. Where's your woman”?

Me: “Things are not good man ever since Lethabo got hospitalized we are always fighting. It's just bad man she doesn't even care about her health”.

Him: “What's wrong with Lethabo”?

Me: “Brain tumour. I don't know how she is still alive man”.

Him: “Then what's delaying the process? It can only be God man”.

Me: “Money. Her operation needs money of which I don't have”.

Him: “Write down the amount for me and give me the hospital address I will do the rest. You are my homeboy X and you've rescued me so many times in messy situations let me help you before you take loans you will never be able to repay”.

Me: “Yoh man thank you so much. You have just saved me a lot thank you”. I clasp his hand.

Him: “Only a pleasure boi”. They place our food on top of the table.

Her: “Enjoy”. She walks away...

Him: “I hope the food tastes as good as it looks”.

Me: “You will even lick your fingers”. We laugh. I am so relieved right now at least I won't be paying him back. My daughter will finally get her surgery God thank you”.



I gasp for air and quickly open my eyes as they pour me with cold water. I look around and I see a half naked Thabani looking at me with a dirty smirk plastered in his hideous face nxa. Both my hands are tied on the headboard my legs spread wide apart tied in poles I am naked as blurry as my vision is I see everything. Well at least my pussy is not on fire I guess he did not sleep with me. That's a relief if he did I was going to feel the soreness in my pussy since it was a long time my pussy not feeling any dick. I wonder what time is it. My heart is beating abnormal as I remember last night's events my legs shake and tears prickle my eyes as fear engulfs me again.

“Wakey wakey sunshine. How did you sleep? Because after the back to back sessions I had with you I did not sleep you gave some energy to make us breakfast of which will be ready in few minutes. Damn girl you are so tight and your pussy was warm even though we used a condom”. I stare at him blankly. Did he just say we had sex? But how? Because my pussy still feels intact like no penetration took place or maybe he was dreaming. “Don't look at me like that you were even screaming my name it was evident that I was fucking you good”.

“W... We fucked”? My question comes out as a whisper in my trembling lips.

Him: “Yes. Don't tell me that you don't remember! You were screaming my name how dare you don't remember”! He is angry now. I didn't mean to piss him off I was just asking him a genuine question. “Tell me that you remember! Tell me wena sfebe”! He paces up & down raking his right hand in his thick hair. He chuckles then looks at me. “You trying to tell me that you did not feel me”? I shake my head in fear. He takes his gun from his dressing table and swing it around the air then pointing me with it. The way I'm so scared I release myself right here in this not so huge bed. “We are going to fuck again and you better fucking make me ejaculate 3x do you hear me”? I open my eyes wide in shock. “Do you? You better utter my answer and stop nodding like you are a mime. We are going to fuck and you are going to make me cum am I clear”? He is still pointing me with the gun.

Me: “Y... Yes we... Wil..l and I'll mak...e you cum”. Sniffs.

Him: “You better wipe those tears because they won't help here you are at my mercy now. Give me a good time should I not ejaculate I will blow your brains out and you will carry them in your hands okay”? I nod. He drops his boxer What the fuck residents! He has no dick he practically has a beret tail as a dick yet he claims that he made me scream his name? With that beret tail? I'm sure he was tickling me. I can't help but laugh through my tears this is such a joke. Ayikho guys ayikho I dick! He looks at me as if I'm crazy or something. “What's funny wena sferbe”! He fires one warning shot in the ceiling and I immediately stop laughing. My laughter is now replaced with fear. “I will show you a movie baby girl I'll be back”. He walks out. I wiggle my legs but they ain't giving in and so are my hands. I am stuck here I have nowhere to go or anyone to help me I guess I must wait for the movie. Sighs I just hope that I don't get gang banged I love sex yes. But I don't want different dicks same time no. The door fly open and he steps in with 3 muscular tall half naked men covered in tattoos they look so foreign. You can see it in their pants that they are big.

“Laugh again sferbe. Laugh at whatever you found funny earlier on”. I just stare at him. “Oh you can't laugh now? Let us see if you will laugh again. Men drop down your pants and have some fun with her damage her womb rip her ass apart. Let her scream and beg you to let her go if possible fuck her until she bleeds. Hope you will find this funny bitch”! The men drop their pants on the floor their dicks pointing me one starts stroking his dick and walks towards me with a dirty smirk plastered in his face. He gets to my side and he brushes my hair and roughly slap my breast. I whimper and he pinches it roughly... Now the three men are surrounding me touching me all over my body inappropriately they pinch my nipples and forcing their big fingers in my pussy Thabani is just standing there watching all of this. Guess this is the movie he was talking about. I press my lips together preventing a sob from escaping my mouth I close my eyes as tears roll down my cheeks and brace myself as one man gets on top of me trying to penetrate me when all of a sudden shooting takes place unexpectedly. I close my eyes tightly I don't want to open them I'd rather die without seeing the shooters. Someone pushes off the man who was on top of me. 

“Abbiamo trovato il suo capo”. (We've found her boss)

“Non sembra maltrattata ma l'avrebbero violentata se non fossimo arrivati ​​in tempo”. (She is not badly beaten but they were going to rape her if we didn't arrive in time)

“Hanno a che fare con signore vi porteremo la loro testas.  la signora sembra traumatizzata però”. (We've dealt with them sir we will bring you their heads. Madam looks traumatized though)

“Signore” (sir) he hangs up. What language is this now? And who are these people? Someone unties my hands and another one unties my legs I'm being covered with a towel and picked up heavy as I am. “We won't hurt you we are taking you home”. Relief over comes me as I cling my arms tightly around my saviour's nexk. God thank you.


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