The vibe here is out of this world I don't know how many bottles of champagne I've ordered its free mus. Not forgetting the meat platters I've been ordering the table we are seating in is full. Anyway we  are now joined by 3 ladies but they are sitting a little bit far from us busy stealing glances at our table. Shaun is on the dance floor dancing his life away and Anele is probably outside sucking someone's dick Sarel & I are the only ones seating down Sarel is busy taking pictures and snapping videos after here I am going to the sex booth my clitoris is itching it needs some scratching.

“Babe I will be back right now I need to fetch some people outside I hope you don't mind”.

“Oh no. I don't mind hey the more the merrier and besides we are not spending our money let them come and join us”.

Him: “Cool and please keep on eye on Shaun he tends to lose it once he has had enough”.

Me: “I don't think he will lose it tonight as long as he is dancing with that hunk waiter of his look at how happy he is. Go”. He nods and walk away. The waiter comes to my table and stand before me it's a different waiter this time around.

“Are you still good ma'am? Don't you need anything else”?

Me: “Never felt this good in a long time and no. I am sorted for now thank you”.

Him: “Don't hesitate to shout if you need anything I will be at your service”. I nod and he walks away to attend the ladies. I take a swig straight from the bottle without a care in the world. The ladies keep stealing glances at our table waitsi I think these ladies are slay Queens they are just waiting for blessers to come and bless them they look really broke the night is still young I guess the blessers are still on their way. Sarel comes back he is with 3 of his kind plus 1 lady who has a very beautiful body her dress fits her perfectly and her weave is on point. Sarel introduces us truly speaking I am too tired to even grasp their names they are not my friends.

“This place is the Ish Sarel. I mean it is the plug I already love it this should be our new hangout joint and who is she”? She looks at me in a funny way if only she knew. “Never mind that let's get this party started”! She throws her hands in the air and picks up a bottle. “Sarel you sure as hell spent a fortune la I hope your new friend here has contributed”. Sarel giggles and sit down along with the others.

Him: “Don't start Nasiphi”.

Her: “Fine. Whatever”!

Him: “Don't mind her she is too forward”.

Me: “I am not even bothered by her even her presence doesn't make any difference in my life”. Speaking loud enough for her to hear me she needs to know that I don't give a fuck about her.

Guy 1: “Well I can see the table is filled with expensive champagne and food but I see no ciders. What's happening”?

Him: “You can buy them yourselves Bandile as for me and the others we are drinking champagne”.

Bandile: “Hhe things have really changed. Since when do you drink champagne”?

Nasiphi: “He doesn't drink champagne it's just peer pressure from someone here. I'm sure she even bullied him into buying the champagne”. They all laugh except for Sarel.

Him: “You guys don't know what you are talking about. Anyway we are drinking free alcohol eating these platters it's because of her. We order anything we want whenever we want and we get without even paying. So njer you better show her some respect because she is saving you money you don't even have”.

Her: “Say what? Oh no don't worry I know how to afford myself and I will buy my own ciders I am not one's charity case”. I laugh and pick up the menu then give it to her.

Me: “Here's a menu suit yourself sis”. She browses through it my gaze is at her alcohol here is expensive yoh just a mere six of 440ml strong bow R200 imagine this is a rip off especially to people like me who can't really afford. She widens her eyes as she continues to scan the menu.

Her: “What the fuck! This is a daylight robbery nina. Who is the owner of this place I need to have a word with him or her these prices are ludicrous”! I laugh and Sarel joins in.

Me: “I thought you said you can afford yourself why are you throwing tantrums now huh? Afford yourself sisi buy your own booze and allow the ‘charity cases’ to drink for free. Uyaphapha wena”.

Bandile: “I think I like this champagne”/ Sarel laughs.

Him: “You guys are full of drama out hear acting like you have money kanty nex. Next time learn to stay in your lanes and stop judging people before you know them.  Asiphuzeni kubemnandi”. Nasiphi drops her head embarrassed I look at the ladies who were sitting next to our table and their table is still empty they are keeping themselves busy with their phones.

Me: “Let me get one of the waiters to bring us ciders”. Anele comes back we've even forgotten about him he looks drained shame. He throws himself next to me and let's out a deep breathe. “Rough hours”?

Him: “You have no idea. But it was worth it girl I love you the sex booth was on fire yasis I should've brought more lube if I knew that my night was going to turn out this way. And then laba? When did they get here”?

Me: “Few minutes ago”.

Him: “They bore me I don't even know why Sarel invited them. Are we drinking ciders yet”?

Me: “Yeap. I'll be taking this wine home it goes down well with a box of large pizza indulging on some Netflix. Argh I miss my bed now”. He laughs and throws his head back.

Him: “I need to lie down on my tummy while naked my asshole hurts these man really ripped me apart”. I laugh.

Me: “Serves you right for liking things I did tell you that you won't regret coming here”.

Him: “I definitely don't regret coming here”. The waiter comes and takes our orders.

Me: “Can you also go and take those girls orders they look bored and I don't think their blessers are no longer coming”.

Him: “Those girls? They are not waiting for blessers. The boss gives them 3 bottles of wine every weekend I am just waiting for the boss to give me an order to give them”. I furrow my brow and softly laugh.

Me: “Seems like your boss like throwing alcohol around for free especially on random ladies neh”?

Him: “Not really. You do know that you are the first woman who he has allowed to order anything you want without a limit and he doesn't even complain of which is very strange. He must really be taken by you”. I laugh.

Me: “Right. Since this is my night it's actually dedicated to me tell everyone that the next round is on the house at the courtesy of your boss of course now excuse me”. I stand up fixing my dress and walk away leaving the bartender his jaw dropped on the floor. Why not? There's no limit after all. I get to the DJ booth and ask the DJ to turn off the music and gives Me a microphone.

Him: “What are you doing”?

Me: “I am about to make it rain give me the microphone”. He gives me the microphone and turns off the music. The crowd boo's and complaints.

Him: “Don't cost me my job please”.

Me: “Attention everyone”! They all stop whatever they are doing and focus on me. “The next round is on the house order anything you want. Happy drinking everyone”! They all scream in excitement and the DJ switches on the music I need to release myself.

I quickly rush to the bathroom and the line is quite long I must say gosh if I stand more minutes I will definitely pee on myself. 

“There's a special toilet for you signora you don't have to stand in a long cue please come with me”. One of the Bouncers tells me in an italian accent. I can refuse right now but then I don't want to embarrass myself by wetting myself. I don't protest but I follow him regardless. We step into this other room wait it's an office a spacious one for that matter with its black decoration & furniture with a touch of red here & there it's just too dark there's a mystery behind these colours in fact the smell here really smells familiar. The bouncer shows me where the toilet is I step inside the toilet and do my thing once done I wash my hands and step out of the toilet and I find the bouncer waiting for me.

Me: “Why did you pick me out of all the girls who were standing on a cue since there were others before me”?

Him: “Bosses orders signora”.

Me: “Hmmmm will I ever see this boss of yours”?

Him: “One day signora. We may leave now. But please do yourself a favour and don't entertain any man because that will anger the boss”.

Me: “Haibo mnqundu wenu together. I will entertain whoever I want and my clitoris needs some scratching so please”. I leave him standing there. Yoh who are they to tell me what to do? Mxm. I walk back to where there others are. Everyone seems happy yazi... When I get to where we are seating I find the area packed sighs. And the night has just begun. I settle down Nasiphi is now drunk she's even passed out on the chair. The slay Queens have now been joined by ama blessers.

“Where the hell were you club owner”? Sarel screams in my ear. 

Me: “I went to the ladies room and the cue was really long”.

Him: “Why go there when there are toilets just behind you? Oh almost forgot that you went to the Dj booth. Girl you are my role model”. I give him a faint smile.

Me: “Yippiii”.

Him: “Almost forgot there was a man who came here looking for you. Apparently he has been eyeing you ever since we got here let me go and call him for you”/ he doesn't wait for my response he just leaves. Okay my stomach growls well there's still meat here these people are busy drinking and don't care about the meat. I take the meat platter and put it on my laps and start eating I don't even care about the stares I'm receiving.

“Hi”. A manly voice greets. I lift my head and I see a man in his early 30s he is smart yes but he has mokhaba guys of which makes him look a little older even if I was interested in him I wouldn't date him we both have Mokhaba flappy tummies you guys we won't just work especially when it comes to sex. It's definitely a no from me.

“Hello”. He settles next to me. “Thabani is the name”.

Me: “Esethu”.

Him: “Well I'm not one to beat around the Bush I am a very straight forward person. I've taken a liking on you what I'm trying to say is that I love you”. I laugh like literally as if like he just dropped a funny joke.

Me: “It's a good thing that you love me but unfortunately for you I don't love you we just won't work out. And I don't do relationships”.

Him: “Just give me a chance and allow me to shower you with love”.

Me: “I am not interested bhuti. Now futsek here”.

Him: “Laleka sisi ngeke ngize ngiloko ngincengana nawe uyezwa? Makuvayiwa la uvaya nami”. (Listen here sister's I will not keep on begging you do you hear me? When we leave here we leave together) his tone suddenly changes.

Me: “Ngithi angihambi nawe mnqundu wakho. Futsek”!  (I am not leaving with you asshole. Piss off) he gasps. He places his hand on my voluptuous thigh and squeezes it.

Him: “Do you know who I am wena sferbe? Uyangazi ngubani mina njandini”? (Do you know who I am you dog) I look around and no one is paying attention to me and this guy here. Lord what if he kills me here? I am so not ready to die hell no. “Awungazi I got my answer. Listen here and listen to me very carefully. When it's time to leave I will signal you with my head that it's time for us to leave. You dare refuse I will fucking rip your heart out while alive am I clear? And oh you dare try to run away nc nc nc I will find you”. He licks my cheek and move his hand up my thigh and stops as he feels my shaved pussy he smirks  and retracts his hand. “You are really a slut. I'll see you soon”. He stands up and walks away like he just didn't threaten me leaving me shivering with fear. I look around for Sarel or Shaun but they are both nowhere to be found. Anele is passed out next to me the others are enjoying the free alcohol. My mood just got ruined I am even sober I just want to go home right now but since Sarel ain't here I don't know how I am going to get home I can't even uber because I don't have numbers. A night that was supposed to be harmless and fun turned out south for me bringing in fear I guess I will have no choice but to leave with him. I can already imagine how he is going to fuck me he doesn't look like the gentle type. I pick up the champagne and take a big swig with my whole body trembling even my heart is beating out of my chest I am just not ready for what's going to down tonight.

“And nou? Why do you look like as if you just saw a blast from the past”? Anele asks me I didn't even hear him waking up.

Me: “It's... It's nothing”.

Him: “Where are the other's”? I shrug. “I'm sure they've already left. Let me go and get myself a last round then we leave okay”. I nod. He stands up and leaves. Wait a minute how can Sarel go home and leave me here? Or maybe he planned all this? Hhe if that's the case then our friendship ends tonight. I can't be friends with people who sell me to their friends or whatever they are. I pray that Anele comes back before this Thabani guy gets here he is my only hope now.

Few hours pass and he is still not back yet. Fear creeps in once more and the people are starting to decrease it's almost 04:00am after all. I see him talking to his friends and he comes straight to me.

“It's time to leave and don't you dare make it obvious to people that you are leaving this place against your will. Uyangiva mus”? He slightly lifts his shirt giving me a glimpse of his silver gun he means business. I quickly nod standing up and taking my bag with. His right hand is around my waist. “Now smile and pretend as if we are a couple”. He squeezes my tummy he keeps on giving me kisses until we are out of the club. We get to his car and he pushes me roughly inside his car. “Drive”. He tells his driver. I scream and knock on the windows but then he covers my mouth with a cloth making me to pass out...


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