Sarel has been calling me none stop and sending me messages I don't think he understands that I am ignoring him I don't want to go out with them. Why is he being persistent? It's sickening & annoying. The music in this yard and the noise that these people are making it's giving me a splitting headache 5 hours later unnecessary one for that matter but I will just have to suck it up & endure the noise until God knows when after all this ain't place so I am not obliged to keep shush. People have been knocking in my room ever since the party took place but I was just ignoring them people need to learn to leave me alone I also don't care about the food. And they didn't even bother thanking me for helping out mxm but that doesn't even bother me because I don't give a fuck about any of these people present here. My stomach growls indicating hunger sighs. I get up from the bed and head straight to the fridge I take out 3 pieces of KFC did I tell you that I don't know how to cook? I guess not cooking has never been my expertise and my mother never taught me how to cook she was/is still doing everything by herself. I did tell Andile on the word go that I don't know how to cook and he did not have a problem with that hence he hired chefs for the both of us it never crossed my mind to go for cooking lessons I was enjoying the money and always finding food ready when I get home. Pshhhh look now I am struggling it was also hard for me when I started working at Wimpy I seriously wanted to give up standing the whole day was not for me but then I remembered that I have rent & bills to pay sighs. “ping” that's the sound of microwave I take out my chicken and open the bread bin. Great there's no bread just what I needed! I take out another 3 pieces of chicken and pre-heat them then take out cold drink from the fridge and throw my fat self on the bed and start eating. I am disturbed by a hard knock at the door grrrr let me just tell them where to get off I attend the door and I find an old woman with a child in her hands and another one who's busy rubbing her eyes. Oh hell No! It better be not what I think it is because wow.

“Sawubona sisi”.

“Yebo Ma”.

Her: “Sorry to bother you but I'm here to ask if can you kindly please give my grandchildren a place to sleep the house is full and they are busy going up & down. I know that with them sleeping here no one will come here and bother them”. I sigh she is an old woman let me just help her but she better not get used to it I open the door wide enough and allow her in together with the little girl well at least my room is tidy.

Me: “You can put them on the bed”.

Her: “Thank you my daughter. Blessing get on top of the bed”. She tells the little cute girl while putting the younger one in bed. “I will come and check up on them later thank you. You know you are not like what these girls outside are labeling you to be- you are the complete opposite”. I give her a fake smile if only she knew the real me she wouldn't be talking like this.

Me: “Only a pleasure Ma”.

Her: “Let me go and dish up for you I'm sure you haven't eaten the whole day”. She walks out. I look at these cute children I wonder where their parents are if magogo is the one who brought them here in my room but I'm sure they are outside there drinking I sit at the edge of the bed and my phone rings it's Sarel ai this one doesn't give up let me just answer him.


“We will be there in 30 minutes choma I hope you are ready and please wear something sexy you need to slay with your Sdumo mokhaba babes and don't bring anything with. Send me your address ciao”. He doesn't wait for me to say anything he hangs up sighs. I look at the kids and I know that- that old woman will annoy me constantly wanting to check up on her grandchildren it won't kill me if I go out with Sarel and his friends I hope they are not loud people and by the look of things this party will go on till the morning. I send him my address I hope I won't regret this. The old woman steps inside my room without knocking she has a tray with 4 plates in it.

“I've brought you your food never mind the 2 plates the night is still long these people won't leave any time soon and these grandchildren of mine will wake up hungry hence I've added 2 more plates for them. I will also come with mine later when I come and sleep I hope you have enough blankets”/ That's it! I laugh and clap my hands. Yah neh this old woman uyanginyela I strue I better go before I catch a case she is too much for my liking. Good thing is that I don't like her uyaphapha and mdala.

Me: “There are enough blankets on top of the closet as for me I am going out”.

Her: “Oh so basically I will sleep alone? But I like to talk at night”.

Me: “Then you will wake your grandchildren up and tell them bedtime stories because I am going out Mme weh”.

Her: “What time will you back”?

Me: “Anytime I feel like. Now can you exit my room I need to bath my friends will be  here within 30 minutes”.

Her: “Oh okay. I will see you when you leave I am sitting near the door”. She walks out yerrrr...


Block heels√

Waist belt√


Arhhh last but no least I throw in my vibrator and some condoms in my bag who knows maybe I might get lucky and find myself a one stand with a satisfying dick that will leave me full. I really need some sex I need to feel a man's body with mine dripping wet from sweat moans & groans sex scent filling up the whole entire room. The sound of testicles slapping hard on my pussy spanking and all that fuck. The voice of the mystery guy rings in my head his voice has this dark Aura that it's undescribable it's hypnotizing... I am dragged out of my sex fantasy by my phone ringing dammit Sarel.


“We are outside and why didn't you tell us there's a party happening”?

Me: “Give me 5 minutes”. Hanging up. I do some final touch ups and off I leave. Everyone here stops what they are doing and look at me as I exit the yard ke hore I can feel myself maarn. Okay there are too many cars here and I don't know which one is which this is a mess. What if he was playing a prank on me? I hear someone whistling behind me I don't dare turn back that's just pure disrespect.

“Aww stufuza madoda look at you slaying babes”. Sarel says as he stands next to me. “Hhayi. You are going to take our mans wena you look absolutely gorgeous”. I giggle.

Me: “Thank you babe”. We walk to his car oh wow he drives a mustang what the actual heck! How loaded is this person? But as they always say; “ask no questions. Hear no lies”. We step inside his car it has pink fur seats okay wow.

Him: “We are going to meet the others there it's going to be fun”.

Me: “I hope I won't regret going out with you”/

Him: “Trust me. I have a bottle of ciroc & 6 ice Tropez at the back get yourself in a mood”.

Me: “Don't tell me twice”. Ayep yep comes in yhey...



The gents decided to take the after tears to the Hype pub I am not in the mood so I will pass. I need to rest and tomorrow I will have to wake up and go to the hospital to check my daughter's progress I really need the money and they keep on postponing the heist eish.

“What are you thinking about man”? Mzwandile asks me with concern.

“I need money man. I need it to get my daughter the best surgeon from Italy to come and operate my daughter”.

Him: “Still the same”?

Me: “Yeah”.

Him: “How much do you need maybe I might be able to help”. I turn to look at him and he seems serious. Can I trust him though? Phela he is a cultist erhh. But then nothing will happen to me right because my mother is a praying woman. Yhey when she prays the gates of heaven opens.

Me: “Are you sure man”?

Him: “Yeah. Look I know that you know how I attain my riches and me loaning you the money won't make you one of us. You are doing this for you daughter and besides you must be sober minded once your missions starts I'm sure you don't want any distractions”.

Me: “We will talk. I will call you tomorrow morning my body is tired it needs all the rest it can get”.

Him: “I understand man do contact me tomorrow and get some rest”. We fist bump and I walk to my car. Mzwandile wants to help me but what if he wants something in return? Something that I would never be able to give? I hope he is helping me with good intentions not because he would want something in return. I will definitely sleep on it tonight.

I step into my room and I find Lwandle naked in my bed legs wide open displaying her perfectly shaved pussy and her Perfect portable boobs. My dick erect at this beautiful picture that I am seeing before me.

“Hey handsome”. She gets off bed and walk towards me her heels making noise across the floor. She pins her lips with mine and plays with my dick it is still in my pants tired as I am I give in. I place both my hands at the back of her head and we continue kissing. She unzips my pants and takes out my dick and start giving it a hand massage my right hand moves down to her ass my middle finger finds itself playing with her pussy entrance she is wet. I slip it in and start finger fucking her she moans and throws her head back I throw the second finger in.

“Fuck Xolane”! She yelps as my finger goes in & out of her wet pussy. I retract my finger as she starts digging my back with her nails because I know that she's on a verge of cuming. She drops down on her knees and drops my pants on the floor and takes my dick into her hands and starts blowing some air at the tip of my dick sending some electrifying feeling to my whole body... She takes it all inside her tiny mouth and starts sucking it like a lollipop deep throating it and gagging in it on the process.

“Fuck Lwandle”! I push her head deeper I groan as she gags on it with her free hand she reaches for my balls and starts playing with them making me talk in a language that me myself don't even understand. I can feel my dick expanding in her mouth as I release a deep growl and shoot my shot in her mouth she swallows and some dropping down in the floor. I yank her up and throw her on top of the bed and get on top of her kissing her while looking for condoms under the pillow.

“I want you raw X. I want to feel you inside me”. She nibbles in my ear. Hha. No. This is a trap she wants to get pregnant by me I am not falling for it.

“No. I prefer condoms”. She pushes me on top of her making me to fall on the floor shit.

Her: “Yini? Don't you trust me Xolane? Why are you refusing to make love to me without a condom”?

Me: “Because I don't want to”. I get up from the floor and get into bed then take my phone and put it on record I don't trust Lwandle she has a bad history. She cries rape if a guy doesn't want to sleep with her and drop the charges after a month or so. She is bad news I only found out about this 2 weeks after we agreed to be friends with benefits.

Her: “You are stupid Xolane. It's not as if I will fall pregnant I am on the pill maarn”.

Me: “Why are you so eager to have raw sex with me Lwandle”?

Her: “Because I wanted you to feel my pussy feel how warm & tight it is but because you are stupid you will not to get to fill the warmth of it”. Hhayi ngeke sbali this girl is dangerous than electricity wuuuh or maybe she wants to infect me with HIV even worse any STD/STIs.

Me: “I will pass the warmth of your pussy. It's either we use a condom or you wear your clothes and go straight home”.

Her: “You are chasing me out? You will regret this Xolane I promise you”! She starts wearing her clothes.

Me: “Oh is it? Good. Let me regret it and possibly thank my ancestors for saving me from dying from the warmth & tightness of your pussy”.

Her: “Fuck you Xolane and for your information no man denies me sex and lives happy afterwards. I will embarrass you I swear with your beret tail dick. Stupid man”! She picks up her bag from the floor and leaves. Record saved let me masturbate once and leave tramps who force us to have unprotected sex with them. Ai the amantombazana the ghels are dangerous. 



The vibe here is too slow for my liking even the music is too boring. We've been here for over 2 hours but the vibe is still the same I think this place is for people who are bored or people who don't like hektik/Kasi vibe as for me I prefer those Kasi vibe scenes they give one life even Sarel's friends are bored. I even feel like I've dressed up for nothing mxm.

“This place is not doing it for me can't we move somewhere else? I tried to be patient but I'm failing to be patient any more I am bored”! Anele (Sarel's cousin) tell us already in his feet.

“I share the same sentiments with you. This place is dull and so not vibe”. Adding to Anele's statement.

Sarel: “Well it's still early guys the vibe will happen in no time the people who make this place vibey are still not here I'm sure they are on their way”.

Shaun: “Msoon we people who make vibe! We are bored thina look we are not even getting drunk. Anyway why are we drinking alcohol using a straw? This is bullshit”.

Him: “I know that you not feeling the vibe give it time”.

Me: “That's one shit I won't do I am leaving this is bullshit! I did not dress up just to nod my head drink alcohol with a straw and watch people bored just like us”! I stand up and pull my dress down then pick up my bag.

Anele: “I am leaving too”.

Sarel: “Fine then. Where do you want to go”? 

Me: “Do you guys know Penny's adult club”? Grins.

Them: “Nope”.

Shaun: “Is it a strip club”?

Me: “And more. Let's go you will definitely enjoy yourselves there”.

Anele: “I hope we won't regret it”. I look at Sarel.

Me: “There are big muscled man with satisfying dicks dangling side to side there's also a sex booth no yazini let's just go”.

Shaun: “I am excited already let's go girls”. We all walk out of the Hype like we are some famous super models I am riding with Sarel and Anele is riding with Shaun.

We arrive at Penny's adult club and they scan us for any weapons then they allow us in. The club is full and the music is blasting.

“Now this is my kind of a scene”! Shaun shouts in my ear.

Me: “You ain't seen anything let's go and look for a place to sit then I will take you on a tour we might even score ourselves some hunks for the night”. We walk further into the club and we opt for the 3rd VIP section since the 1st & 2nd one are full. We settle down and a shirtless waiter wearing only an underwear comes to our table Anele squirms in excitement. The waiter takes out a very expensive wine bottle I look at him wanting him to tell me more.

“The Boss asked me to give you this he said it's complementary for gracing us with your presence this very night and everything is free for you and your friends you can order whatever you want”. He tells me this with a big smile plastered on his face.

Me: “Your boss? Who is your boss”?

Him: “He will present himself to you when he wants to”.

Shaun: “Out of topic. Can I? I mean touch your abs”?

Him: “You can even touch my dick if you want and possibly give you a free show later”. He squirms and rakes his hands in this waiters chest he is so excited.

Me: “Can you please bring us your meat platters? I am hungry”.

Him: “Coming right up”. He walks away. Anele & Shaun scream while Sarel is seating  here with his mouth wide open.

Shaun: “Girl you are the plug. I love you so much maarn you the ish”!

Anele: “I mean hello. We are basically the VVIPs of this place at least our cards will be safe tonight”. Who the fuck is this boss? Argh maarn this is starting to creep me out honestly.


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