[Funeral day]

“Ey vuka wena”. (Wake up) I wake Ngiphile up. Don't ask me how she ended up in my bed but she did and it still means nothing. Just because we had sex that doesn't mean that things are good between us they are far from being better. She stirs looking the other way not showing signs of waking up any time soon. I pull off the blankets dropping them on the floor this will surely wake her up. I take a bath in fact I just do touch ups I will come back later to come and bath properly I am a man after all I don't smell I can go 3 days without bathing and still not develop a foul smell. Getting back to the bedroom I find Ngiphile awake busy with her phone.

“Go and take a bath we are running late”. I tell her while wearing my clothes I have to look presentable.

“What's the rush? The funeral is 2 hours away”.

Me: “Go to your house and prepare yourself because you know that you are very slow”.

Her: “Wow. Just like that Xolane”?

Me: “What were you thinking was going to happen? Just because we had sex that doesn't mean that everything is fine between us. Now get up from my bed and go to your house also take the sheets with you. They smell of your scent causing me nausea”. I take my gun and put it on my waist leaving her crying. So she thought that sex was going to fix everything? She is too naive. On my way to Siyamthanda's house I pick Mzwandile & Brian at a garage since Mzwandile's car is broken and Brian's car is at the service. Oh and last night everything went well Baksteen got all the information that those men were discussing they sure did discuss a lot Billy will fill us in Monday. I'm just glad that everything went well and we are all safe well for now until we start striking.

“The day is finally here. Today we are accompanying Sparks to his final resting place. Yabona who ever killed him doesn't have a heart. He is cruel did he even think that this man has a family and a baby on the way? Oh what am I saying? Of course he knew that he had a family that's why he even became more heartless and dumped Sparks body in his mother's doorstep. He deserves to rot in hell”! Mzwandile says you can hear from his voice that he is angry. But who wouldn't be if your sister is the one who will suffer? How is she going to cope mara? I hope she attends therapy or something. It's also a good thing that he doesn't know who killed Sparks they had a very tight brotherhood I understand his anger toward all of this I just do. Brian & I look at each and he shrugs.

“He is heartless indeed”. I had to say something.

Him: “Don't you have someone in mind who might want him dead”?

Me: “No idea. The last time I remember he did not have any enemies”.

Him: “Enhlek this is all your fault Xolane if you didn't introduce him to this gangster shit of yours he would still be alive. It is all your fault! You killed him”! I ignore him and concentrate on the road. I might say something hurtful to him. He is out here acting like a saint not knowing that we know what he did to acquire his riches. But not everyone knows that he has lot money because he doesn't give out a lot and he wears normal like all the other guys around. His house here in the hood is a 3 room house but he has 2 mansions in Ben fluer & highveld view he thinks we don't know all that and more.

Brian: “Did Xolane point a gun in his head and forced him to join the gang? Did he? Ungazokhuluma amazimba Lana ngizaku kakisa wona ngomlomo nou”. He laughs.

Him: “You will do what? Do you know who I am? Don't test me boy because you won't like it when I retaliate. It's not going to be nice don't come for me”.

Brian: “You think I don't know who you are? Is that what you think? News flash boy I know exactly who you are and what you are. I dare you to retaliate I dare you Mzwandile and I will show you your deceased...”. 

“Enough bafethu! Enough maarn”! They both stop bickering and concentrate on me. “What you are doing is uncalled-for and very childish. Today is all about Siyamthanda not the two of you. Show some respect! You can go back to your bickering once we've laid him to rest you can even kill each other for all I care. And Mzwandile Sparks came to me I did not go to him next time get your facts straight”.

Brian: “Hade man mara uyanya lo msoon wakhe”!

Mzwandile: “Nginomsunu mina? Ungijwayela amasimba wena. X stop the car. Let me show this boy who am I”! I ignore him and increase the speed to 280 these boys don't know me. Off to the free way I go cars hooting from the front & behind I am driving like a maniac. They are now shouting for me to stop I curve a smile and watch them through the rear mirror as they scream like little girls. Brian tightens his seat belt and Mzwandile is holding the door handle. Laughing if only he knew that I can sommar unlock the door and give him a fright.

Arriving at Siyamthanda's place cars are already parked in line I drive further down the road and park my car next to where the other cars of my crew has parked. Mzwandile steps out of the car and take everything out such a pussy. Brian is still in the car I guess he is catching his breath. I walk to where the gang is passing Ngiphile chatting with the other girls I greet the gang and we all walk inside Siyamthanda's yards we are all wearing white our guns in our waist very much visible to the public eye. Some just fear us or maybe they fear the guns I will never know... We carry his coffin out of his house and take it to the tent the people are singing you can tell that they are not comfortable with our presence but this was our boy we have to honour him like a man that he was. All six of us stands beside his coffin. Zamile takes out his gun and shoot in the air twice not entirely in the air but the tent making it to have holes in it. Everyone screams and take cover. These people I scout for the pastor and he too is gone I guess he ran away. He is a coward he should've called the blood of Jesus to save them after all he died for them.

“Akathesheke umfundisi”. (Let the pastor start preaching)

“Udabule ezimbili uvayile”. (He has left) I whisper in his ear and he nods. I hope the pastor comes back... Zamile clears his throat to the half-full tent since others left and they look at him.

Him: “Ngizomashamisa lenkonzo aning'nike isihambo”. (I will lead this congregation give me the programme) they just stare at him. “Hhey voetsek nina ngithi isihambo makusheshwe”! (Give me     the programme right now) let me intervene before he makes a big unnecessary scene

Me: “He is asking for a programme”. Thabile Siyamthanda's older sister quickly stands up and give it to him.

Him: “Iculo lapho”. Silence... He takes his gun and place it on the table “Iculo”. Yazi Zamile can be so extra look now he is scaring these poor people one thing I know though is that he will not harm them in a way.

“Amagugu ale...” poor woman doesn't even get far with the singing and Zamile interrupts her rudely.

Him: “Yini loko? Amagugu kabani? Awume magriza. Mtsaki ayisho I nombolo”. (What is that? Whose precious jewels? Wait grandma. Mtsaki give us a song) the poor woman seats down embarrassed Zamile is embarrassing us haikhona. What he is doing is uncalled-for and very disrespectful to Siyamthanda's family.

“Moya wami ng'sebenzela” he starts with his deep voice and the gang joins in. “Moya wami ng'sebenzele... 

Moya wami sebenzela umoya wami”.

Soon everyone join in and they are all in the spirit of praising they no longer have fear. From a distance I spot Billy along with his goons next to him this man have some liver Ishuuu. Like how do you attend a funeral of a person you killed without even thinking twice? He doesn't even look bothered by it  those standing near him are surprised to see a white man with bodyguards next to him attending a black funeral I'm sure they think that it's his boss who came to support since he was also working as a cashier shame. If only they knew the truth. Baksteen pats me on my shoulder and signals me with his eyes to see Billy who have women drooling over him I nod at him and he gives a slight nod then walks away. He better not cause a scene...

“When I grow up I want to be just like him he is my role model that one. O ghabhadiya be life I mean dude is here to confirm that Sparks is really dead. Hhayi yi nja daai maarn”. I look at him and chuckle.

Me: “Best of luck Ntwana. I don't wish to be like him”.

Him: “Mara ntwana. What if he goes and digs Sparks body and use it for his rituals since he is here”?

Me: “Rituals? What rituals”?

Him: “Man don't tell me that Billy is not part of some devil cult he is man he is creepy and his eyes are so cold I sometimes see Satan himself when looking at him”/ I laugh out loud grabbing attention from everyone in the tent I drop my head down and continue laughing but not as loud as before. Yoh trust Baksteen to make a joke in serious situations look now people are looking at me as if I'm crazy.

“Ukitwazwa yini? Awuhloniphi ngani u Mufi”? (What's tickling you? Why don't you respect the deceased)

Me: “Hade bra”. Yoh trust Zamile to be strict on you for no apparent reason it's a good thing that he doesn't know who killed Sparks he is full of anger and he doesn't have a heart he would've gone in a killing spree by now but Billy is worse he is no match to him I don't even think he has a girlfriend. The ceremony continues and Zamile calls Thato (Sparks best friend) to talk on behalf of friends. Thato stands up eyes blood shot red I saw him tensed earlier on when Billy was here.

“Anginawo amaningi. Umjita uyidlalile eyakhe I namba sizomkhumbula. Ukukhuluma kwami ngeke kumenze u Jesu uvayile sayosizamela indawo daar ema upstairs. Kubuhlungu ngo Boitumelo ne nencosi yakho mara sizobabhekelela la sikhona khona. Nangu nonyoko nabo sesteri bakho abadlali ngamanzi baku fashion show ma models ntwana yami it shows ukuthy they didn't love you they were pretending”. (I don't have much to say. Siyamthanda has played his part we will miss him. Talking about him will not bring him back to life like Jesus he has gone to secure our places there in heaven. My heart pains for Boitumelo and your child but don't worry we will help where we can. Here is your mother & sisters they are not even crying for you they are looking like they are in a fashion show they are models my man) whispering erupts from everyone present ai people & gossip but he is telling the truth about his family not crying for him they are wearing expensive clothes more like in a competition with other relatives. “Lala ngoxolo ndoda sobonana kwelizayo usi kruntele ku bra God daar”. (Rest in peace man see you in the afterlife and greet God for us there in heaven)... We all take out our guns and shoot in the air from a distance you can hear cars spinning and music blasting girls screaming exactly how he lived his life.

We take his casket out of the yard the gents start a chorus and it is only then that his mother starts crying mxm. Zamile told the hearse to leave earlier on we will march to the graveyard carrying his casket it's not that far just 20 minutes walk... Arriving at the graveyard gunshots fill up the entire air all gangs are present at least we have no rivals. I spot Billy again I thought that he left but I was wrong. Siyamthanda's casket goes down and painful wails erupt from the women guess it's only now that sinks in their minds that Siyamthanda is no more he is really gone. He may be gone but never forgotten his spirit will always live on.

“Dust to dust

Ashes to Ashes

One of our own has fallen

Makube yimpakamo phezukwakhe ngensimbi”. (Let it rain bullets) since it is said that these mortuary people come back at night to steal the caskets of the deceased if they are expensive now we have to shoot it so that they won't come back at night and dig it up. The soil has been filled to cover his grave and off we go back home to eat then after tears later on.



I am so over this day already been helping out with cooking here where I'm renting this old man is throwing his 21 years old son a party the mother is the one who actually asked me to help them I really wanted to refuse but then again I was bored so it was best to keep busy. But I will not be joining them I will lock myself in my room and eat my junk I don't feel like too many people. The rich relatives haven't arrived yet those people annoy the shit out of me they think that they are better than everyone else mxm. Back home they knew that I didn't give a fuck about them well that's because I was rich myself in fact I was the one making it rain with expensive alcohol maybe that's how they loved me. It all makes sense now “people will love you & support you only when it's beneficial”. Yes Nicki Minaj did preach it back then I thought that she was just singing but hhayi maarn she was being real.

“Lovely seeing you outside”.

“And you are”?

Her: “Nqobile I reside right next door”.

Me: “Oh I don't know you”.

Her: “I figured. What's your name”?

Me: “Esethu”.

Her: “Nice name”.

Me: “Thanks”.

Her: “Why don't you like being outside and never go to the shops”?

Me: “I don't see the reason for me to be outside and I buy everything I need at the mall”.

Her: “You know that mingling with people won't kill you right? You don't have to be friends with them but just to talk about random things about life & stuff”.

Me: “Oh no. I am doing just fine by myself and I'm not a people's person”.

Her: “Any reason why you aren't a people's person”?

Me: “It doesn't concern you”.

Her: “Wow! You don't have to be mean you should've just ignored me because that's just plain rude”.

Me: “Was I? Oh I didn't realize”.

Her: “Aren't you going to apologize and show some remorse at least”?

Me: “Apologize”? Laughing. “Apologizing for what exactly? I did nothing bad”.

Her: “You were rude Esethu”.

Me: “I'm not rude. That's how I am now if you will excuse me I have to finish up here and make myself scarce before this place gets packed”.

Her: “Rude bitch”. She clicks her tongue and walks away. What was she expecting from me really? This is how I am the sooner people understand that the better for all of us because I am not about to change my attitude just to accommodate them never. My phone beeps indicating a message I take it from my pocket and it's a message from Sarel.

★The hype later on. I will come & fetch you Esethu and no excuses tonight you are going to let loose★

I put it back inside my pocket we shall see.


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