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Tonight is the night of the meeting between Kruglov & the Koreans I too will be taking part in it but I will be disguising as one of the hired secretaries for the night I just don't trust this boy. He looks like he is the weakest link of them all boys in his crew but his good with hacking he is a liability so yeah he will do just fine. My phone rings and it's the husband.

“Myeni wami”.

“My beautiful wife. Mind coming to the secret house urgently”?

Me: “I will be the in 20 minutes”.

Him: “Good”. Hanging up. I wonder why is he asking me to come to the secret location that's where a lot of shit goes down I hope he is not planning on shipping girls I don't know how many times I told him that I don't support this motion of him selling little girls as sex slaves but he just doesn't care and I've made peace with it. Yes it was fun at first but now that my daughter is growing up real fast I fear for the unknown. I fear that she too will be sold to the highest bidder Imagine my 12-year-old being a sex slave to a man old enough to be his grandfather my husband wouldn't mind selling her that's how much he loves money. This is another reason why I am working this hard to give her the best life and protect her from this world's cruelty at all cost but most importantly from our enemies especially my husband's enemies. Don't get me wrong; I do love my husband but his passionate desire for money is not giving me rest he will do anything for money any fucking thing! Even if it means killing his parents...

20 minutes later I am at the secret location there are 2 cars parked here I wonder who does the other car belong too. I fix myself and walk towards the yard I greet the guards as I make my way inside the house I find Stallion my husband's right-hand man guarding the door with his pump gun in hand he is one scary man with scars covering his face and his body structure is massive like guys yoh he is too much.

“Boss lady welcome”.

“Where's my husband and why did he call me here? Whose he with since I saw a car I never saw in my whole entire life right next to his”?

Him: “He will be with you shortly and only he can answer your question”.

Me: “But you are his right-hand man you must know everything that he does”. He laughs.

Him: “Must I also know how he fucks you and how your facial expression is when he hits the G-spot”? I sneer.

Me: “What the actual fuck! Why would you want him to tell you about our sex life? Something's are better off left unknown”/

Him: “Exactly. The very same way you don't want your husband to tell me about your sex life is the very same way he doesn't tell me everything that he does”.

Me: “Mxm. Fuck you”.

Him: “Thanks. I really need one”. I stare at him for a while and chuckle. “What's funny”?

Me: “Do you have a girlfriend”?

Him: “No. But I do have a boyfriend”. I widen my eyes.

Me: “What? Don't tell me that you are a gay Stallion! You are too manly to be one”.

Him: “Hence I'm the one who does the fucking not the other way around and it's not as bad as you think. Sex is sex after all. I honestly think that you should try anal sex with your husband you guys need to explore stop having boring sex”.

Me: “Sies! You are disgusting Stallion. Let me go and look for my husband”. He laughs as I walk away. Why would he suggest something so nasty? Yuckkk... I step into one of the rooms and I find my husband busy on the phone and there's a man tied on the chair naked he looks like he has been out of it for quite sometime I wonder who is he but he does look familiar I'm sure is one of his who doubled crossed him. The husband notices my presence and bid goodbye to who ever he was talking too he walks up to me and we hug then he kisses my cheek.

“I'm glad you here”.

“As if I had a choice. Who is he”?

Him: “He is one of the man that will be attending Kruglov's meeting taking place tonight”.

Me: “But he doesn't look Korean to me and he looks familiar”.

Him: “It turns out that Kruglov is hosting different men from different countries whatever he is planning seems to be vast for him to call all the Kingpins of each country. And he looks familiar because he once worked for my father back in the days.

Me: “Seems like it. So why are you holding him hostage”?

Him: “Oh Him? I wanted him to call Kruglov's right hand-man and telling him to tell Kruglov that he won't be attending the meeting he is not feeling well but he will send someone on his behalf”.

Me: “Wow! I guess that person is me right? I better go and get ready then”.

Him: “Oh no Darling it's not you. You are no longer going there. Me & you are going to Zimbali for few days. My mother offered to baby sit Kiara until we come back”. I chuckle.

Me: “And why am I only finding out about this now Steven! Since when do you make decisions without consulting with me”?

Him: “Do you have a problem with that? I can always cancel the bookings it's fine after all I was doing this for you because you work too hard I thought that maybe you could do with some rest before the Kruglov's dealings take place”. I sigh okay he is right I do need the holiday but he was supposed to talk to me first akere communication is what keeps our marriage going? Eish...

Me: “It's okay babe we can go I do really need the holiday but next time please let me know while there's still time so that I can get everything in order”.

Him: “I'm sorry love I will remember that next time I am truly sorry”.

Me: “It's fine. So who will be attending the meeting on behalf of this man”?

Him: “I too don't know but Billy does he has everything planned out”/ I nod... I hope whoever they will be sending knows his/her story and not sell us out.



Tomorrow the Skhosana's will be burying Siyamthanda Jazz Skhosana aka Sparks. His death left his family very devastated Boitumelo went into labour the same time they broke the news to her she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like Sparks eish. Seeing his mother so broken it's really heartbreaking I mean Sparks was the breadwinner in his family he was the one providing for them. Well at least the 100k that Billy gave them will give him a dignified funeral and they must give the remaining amount to Boitumelo to raise her child and look after herself. I'm sure some of the family members have insured him hape batho ba rata chelete. Ngiphile? Well I last saw her during the incident that took place few days ago she hasn't tried reaching out to me and so did I I think we are better off apart it will just do us good maybe just maybe she might grow a brain and go and see how her daughter is progressing. My phone rings and it's Aneliswa my no strings attached buddy what does she want I don't know but I feel like she is falling for me of which was not even part of the agreement the first time we started it I will have to let her go once and for all. Let me hear what she wants...


“Why didn't you tell me about Sparks death wena Xolane”?

Me: “Why must I? It's not a party nor a wedding mus so I didn't see any need to announce it”.

Her: “Hhayi u wrong Xolane. Any way bamuvala nini”? (When are they burying him)

Me: “Mamore” (tomorrow)

Her: “Tyd”?

Me: “09:00am”.

Her: “What time are you going to fetch me”? I laugh.

Me: “Fetch you? Are we perhaps dating”?

Her: “No. But that will be you showing that you are a gentleman not some unromantic guy”.

Me: “I will not come and fetch you. In fact this thing going on between us has come to an end see to it that you delete my numbers and stop calling me again or else I will kill you without even thinking twice”.

Her: “I'm pregnant Xolane”.

Me: “Get rid of it or I will do it myself should you decide to keep it don't come running to me and tell me about support I will kill the both of you. Don't involve me in your shit Aneliswa or better yet go and look for the Father of the baby that you are carrying because I am damn sure that I am not the father”. Hanging up. I block her numbers and switch off my phone...

“Ilele endala mjita”. (The old has fallen)

“Imkile ingwenya straight”.

Him: “Yah neh mara uyacava le family ukuthy I sthabe njani? Mjita babambe nesidwadlo esisha”. (Do you realize how happy the family is? Dude they even brought new clothes)

Me: “Badudisa imali ka Billy uyabona aziyehli nokuyehla”. (They are spending Billy's money and you can see that they are not even crying)

Him: “Is'vaar mabathy isdudu impande yesono bheka manje bayoba mjojo nges'dudu saka mufi Ek'se athi ngizinsizi imali yamagugu”. (It's true when they say money is the root of all evil. Look now these people are going to be rich with Sparks money plus let's not forget the insurance pay out)

Me: “Impilo Mfana impilo injalo” (It's life boy life it's like that)

Him: “I kgef straight. Asitheshe sicede before Sparks body gets here”.

Me: “Masiye”. (Let's go). We've been helping with erecting the tent and fetching woods for fire plus they've even bought a cow for him that we had to help with slaughtering it. My mind drifts off to Baksteen I'm thinking about how he is going to cope tonight he hasn't been himself lately I fear that he will break down and gets caught then sell us out. I should've just nominated myself to do this job but the fear of the Koreans got the best of me I am not ready to die. He better make sure that he doesn't get caught... I snap out of my thoughts when I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn to look and it's Ngiphile she is with her sister Ingiphile yeah they are actually twins.

“Hey X”. They both greet.


Ngiphile: “I'm sorry about Sparks passing”.

Me: “Thanks”.

Ingiphile: “Kuhambeni ngaye vele”? (What happened to him)

Me: “Ubhodile”. (He passed on)

Her: “Ngiyacava. I mean what or better yet who killed him? I can bet on my life that it was a gang rival fight or a deal gone wrong”.

Me: “I don't know honestly maybe it was a gang rival fight that killed him of which is funny because I don't remember us being in any gang rival fight but I guess you know better right since you were dating him”. She gasps and Ngiphile looks at her.

Ngiphile: “What? How could you Ingiphile? For how long have you guys been seeing each other”?

Her: “6 months if not 7 actually I don't remember for how long. It's no longer a big deal since he has passed on”. She shrugs.

Ngiphile: “It is since you are carrying his child Ingiphile! He is the father right”? She nods. “Oh wow! Congratulations on your fatherless unborn child Ingiphile”. She storms off leaving me looking at Ingiphile who looks down when she meets my gaze I am in total shock. How could Sparks get Ingiphile Boitumelo's cousin pregnant? He fucken knocked her down thanks God he is dead because things would've turned out bad. I shake my head and walk away leaving her standing there looking all ashamed. Women.



I am finally home after a hectic day I had at work since it's pay day and everyone wants to eat out plus I was also busy with Azola's tables again. She left work early because she had to prepare for a very big mission that she was given to do she was so excited when telling me this. I kick off my heels and walk straight to the fridge. I take out my last night's left overs and pre-heat them I will also need some ice cream after I am done here and a bottle of wine plus some porn. Well I am proud to say that after the fun I had at Penny's adult club a week ago I didn't watch porn I was too satisfied by whatever took place I wish I can turn back the hands of time and go back there just for one final round. My food is ready I settle on the couch and switch on the TV there's nothing interesting to watch. Well music will do. My phone rings and it's a number I don't recognize or maybe it's one of my colleagues but why would they call me? Because I am not friends with any of them!

“Esethu hello”.

“Hello my beautiful dark fantasy”. I retract it from my ear and look at the screen again. Hhayini I don't know this number.

Me: “Who are you”?

Him: “I am whoever you want me to be but you are my beautiful dark fantasy that have been occupying my mind for few weeks. Tell me here; why didn't you come to Penny's club this whole week”?

Me: “Wuuhhh who are you Mnqundu wakho and where did you get my numbers”?

Him: “I am the one who made you cum. I'm quite sure you are wet just by hearing my voice because I can definitely hear a moan escaping your lips”. I press my thighs together...

Me: “Rha! Mnqundu wakho”! I hang up and switch off my phone. Who the hell is this man and where did he get my numbers? I'm sure Ronald gave it to them but wait. I don't think he knows him argh. Why am I even thinking about him? But his voice is exotic and he sounded like a white man not entirely a white man. But he had that Russian accent you know the Antonio Benendas accent. Hhayi ke something pink was never part of my sex fantasies ever! I guess there's a first time for everything right? Yes definitely.


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