My favourite time has come lunch. Gosh how I love this time no matter how bad my day is but once 12:00 hits the dot I smile like a little girl seeing a candy. I put my apron in my locker and walk to chicken licken I am a regular customer there It takes me 10 minutes walk to get there. There are like 11 people before me great. Now I will have to push time playing with my phone I don't have any social networks on my phone it's just games but it's mostly filled with porn. I have like 3 different vibrators I masturbate every single day before I go to work and before I sleep.

“Hello”. Someone greets me from behind. I turn to look and it's some gay those extreme noticeable gays he looks so jolly.


Him: “My name is Sarel but you can call me Zee. Sarel sounds so manly”. He gives me his hand to shake it and I just look at it. You are a man mus why are you tripping?

Me: “What must I do with your name”? His smile vanishes.

Him: “Oh sorry. I was trying to make a conversation”.

Me: “Do I look like someone who likes to talk? Why would you even want to talk to me whereas you are with someone”?

Him: “Why are you being rude or are you that hungry”? I ignore him and continue playing with my phone. “Or you need some dick with veins popping and your legs stretched apart and cursing some niggas name”?

Me: “Geez! Do you mind”?

Him: “You definitely need some dick real dick for that matter. I know a few guys who will give it to you anyway you want it anywhere any time any place. I hope your body won't be a barrier but then it is said that big woman like you are good when it comes to woman on top. Plus the guys I know loves spanking some big ass”. Gosh In my head I'm imagining everything he says my nipples erect and my clitoris starts itching. Damn this gay dude makes me crave some real dick if only there were male prostitutes around here but I will go to a strip club later... I am dragged out of my fantasy by a woman yelling at Sarel or should I say Zee?

“Hhey wena Mfana masimba wani lawo owakhulumayo? Awuhloniphi abantu abadala awuna mthetho wena”! (Hhey boy what shit is it that you are talking? You don't have respect for old people. You are unruly) he looks at his friend and they both burst out with laughter.

Him: “And then? Who invited you in our conversation? You too don't have respect because you're meddling in another people's conversation. If that's not being disrespectful then I don't know what is next time learn to mind your own business old woman yerrr. Or you also want me to organize some dick for you? Are you horny?” The woman looks down clearly defeated by his response he is a bad ass bitch I think I like him already. The others gasp in shock... The cue is moving Sarel have stopped talking guess that old woman dropped his energy levels. My turn comes to order and I order 24 wings with big john burger and a 1.5lt coke that's how big my appetite is. I search for money to pay and shit I think I left it now I have to go back to work to fetch it yoh it will be a vile journey.

Me: “Cancel the order I forgot my money at work”.

Sarel: “Don't worry yourself I will pay for you”.

Me: “No. Don't bother yourself”. I walk away leaving him there. Guess I am not going to eat today sighs. I get to work and sit in one of the empty tables outside and play with my phone.

“You should allow people to help you. Here's your lunch. If you don't mind me asking; are you going to eat everything”? Sarel places the food on top of the table I look at him and roll my eyes.

Me: “I am not a charity case but thank you and yes I'm going to eat everything. Is there a problem”?

Him: “Nothing. You just have a big appetite these are my numbers call me should you need to unwind and live a little. You need to smile some more stufuza”. I roll my eyes and watch him leave together with his friend who is rather quiet of which makes me wonder how does he keep up with him. The food is here and my tummy is doing flap jacks because of happiness I have like 30 minutes left before lunch ends.



The car wash is rather busy for a Monday. I sit down near the barber shop and Brian my friend comes and join me. He has a carry pack with him I own the barber shop too I've just opened it recently.

“Are you good man”?

“Wish I was bruh. I saw Sparks being killed today man and there was nothing I can do to prevent it”.

Him: “Damn man. Why was he killed and who killed him”?

Me: “The man we are working for. Sparks did not want to do an order that was given to him the man shot him without showing any remorse. It was sad man”.

Him: “It seems as if like this man is dangerous bruh. Now who is going to support Boitumelo and the baby financially seeing that her parents disowned her”?

Me: “I have no idea man. Sparks death will really break her apart I don't even wish to witness when they break the news to her”.

Him: “This is bad bruh. I hope Sparks parents will take her in and take care of her and the baby”.

Me: “You know that man ordered his guys to deliver Sparks body in his mother's doorstep and he also ordered them to cut his fingers he needs to add them to his collection. Man I think this man is a serial killer. This man is heartless bruh then he covers his bullshit by sending money along with Sparks body for his parents to bury him”. He whistles.

Him: “Bruh. You need to stop working for this man after you are done with this mission he sounds like a heartless bastard yerrr”.

Me: “That's the plan man. If it wasn't because I need this money I wouldn't even have agreed to do it but my daughter really needs the surgery”.

Him: “Why didn't you guys take Ursula to a public hospital? That would've saved you guys money I don't know why you want to strain yourself like this”.

Me: “You know how Ngiphile is. She doesn't want people to look down on her she has a standard to maintain”. He chuckles.

Him: “A standard to maintain you say. With what money X? I mean you are taking a strain as in now. You feed & clothe Ngiphile. You finance her outing with her friends you have bills to pay you have a sick mother who needs her medication and your little sister who is in university. Everyone is dependent on you X! You need to start by cutting Ngiphile's outings first in fact who in their right mind goes out with friends when their daughter is in hospital fighting for her life”?

Me: “That's her way of keeping sane. She doesn't need to stress”.

Him: “And you must stress for the both of you? Sane my foot! Ursula is also her daughter she should be meeting you halfway in terms of buying food and paying credit shops. You need to put your foot down X stop being weak. Apart from sex what else does she offer”? I just lean back on the camping chair and breathe. He is right. I can't be suffering alone Ursula is her daughter too she also needs to contribute plus she knows everything about hairdressing & make up. She needs to start using them...

Me: “I hear you man. I hear you”. 

Him: “And here she comes along with Boitumelo. Do you think she knows? Like had she been told yet”?

Me: “It doesn't look like it she looks rather bubbly as usual. How far is she”?

Him: “7 months I think”.

Me: “Meaning that she will give premature birth if they break these devastating news to her”? He nods. “Yoh bruh this is some hectic shit man”.

Him: “Tell me about it. Plus she loved Sparks man this is sad”. They finally reach us...

“Hey guys”.


Me: “Erh Blessing letha eziyi 2 lapho”. (Bring two chairs)

Ngiphile: “Oh we are not staying babe I just came to ask you for some money. We need to go out this Saturday with the girls before Boity gives birth”.

Boity: “I do need a chair I am tired”.

Brian: “You can sit on mine I don't mind standing”.

Her: “Thank you B”. Brian stands up and she sits down.

Ngiphile: “The money babe”.

Me: “I don't have it”.

Her: “What? Since when don't you have money X? You always give me money why not now”?

Me: “I've been doing some introspection and saw that a lot of things are actually a ‘want’ in both our lives not a ‘need”.

Her: “What on earth are you talking about”?

Me: “I have decided to stop giving you money with immediate effect”.

Her: “What? She gets up from my lap since she was sitting on it.

Me: “You heard me. Since you know that you are good with your hands and stuff. I want you to start using them you can work in the barber shop it's okay”. She laughs.

Her: “You must be fucking kidding me Xolane! What do you take me for wena stupid”?

Me: “Don't call me stupid Ngiphile I will beat you black & blue right now”.

Her: “Beat who? Me? X please stop joking! Just give me the money and I will be out of your face”!

Me: “I don't have it Ngiphile! I am broke and I will be out of your face”!

Me: “I don't have it Ngiphile! I am broke and I am taking a strain in all of this. Everything is on my shoulders I am tired Ngiphile. Ursula is also your daughter you too should make a plan on how to help with paying her hospital bill. Play your part as her mother! If you are failing to do that we might as well take her to a public hospital. I am sick & tired Ngiphile! You think you the only one stressing ne? I too is stressing but you don't seem to notice that because all you want to do is go out with your friends! You don't care about Ursula. When last did you visit her huh? When last? Answer me dammit”! She is now in a pool of tears everyone has stopped doing what they were doing they are now focusing on us.

Boity: “Moya fatse hle X. Batho bashebile ebile o thabisa dira”. (Calm down X. People are watching plus you are making the enemies happy)

Me: “Fuck the enemies! They don't pay my bills and fuck Ngiphile too”! I stand up pushing Ngiphile aside and she falls on her butt. I get into my car and bump SMA by Nasty C and speeds off I am sick & tired of Ngiphile. She needs to start doing her bit... I slow my car down as I approach Sparks house there are cars parked outside the yard and people going in & out. I debate with myself whether to go in & pay my respect or what. A part of me feels like I'm the reason he got killed if I didn't tell them about this Billy offer he would still be alive. Nah man I will come back later with the gang to pay our respect. I drive off and my phone rings I look at the screen and it's my mother calling I guess Ngiphile ran to her. I answer it anyway...

“Yewena Xolani. What is it that I hear? Why did you embarrass Ngiphile the mother of your daughter like that in front of your friends”? I chuckle.

“She said that? Did she tell you the reason why”?

Her: “Amuse me. Make me believe you”/

Me: “She wanted money to go out with her friends and I told her that I don't have it she then called me stupid”.

Her: “Why did you refuse to give her the money? She is your girlfriend”!

Me: “Mama. I did not give her the money because I don't have it everything is my problem. I pay for your medication pay for Nokuzola's university fee and buy her textbooks I pay for my bills & buy groceries for you & myself. I still have to pay funeral covers & Ursula's steep hospital bills then give Ngiphile money every weekend to ‘keep herself sane’ Don't you think that's too much load for one person? Did you even ask her when last did she go & visit Ngiphile? Did you”? I hear her sigh. “Thought as much”.

Her: “Son loo...” I cut her short.

Me: “Don't. Goodbye”. I hang up. No one knows what I'm going through well apart from Brian. I don't even remember when last did I have proper sleep I sleep for 45 minutes and stay awake the whole night. I too need to live a normal life but when I think of my daughter I rethink things through. Everything I do I do it for my daughter. My mom lives in her house & I live in mine Ngiphile comes every now & then. I get to my house and take a bath...



20:00pm I'm at Penny's adult club. You see Penny's adult club is a rare kind of a club. 1st floor is your normal club with music & half naked girls serving beverages. 2nd floor it's a female strip club. 3rd floor it's a sex booth where everyone have sex with random people but they test you if you are clean first. 4th floor it's a brothel floor you pay to have sex but they allow BDSM mostly. Last but not least 5th floor. Every women's little naughty haven. I am in the shortest dress ever you can actually see my buttocks and I am not wearing any underwear. I pay to get in and once inside I am welcomed by women screaming I push myself in and walk straight to the VIP area there are only few women here I chose VIP area because men this side are complete naked seeing their dicks swinging side to side excites me. I was introduced to this strip club by Sakhile Andile's sister. Lights are deemed from where we are sitting but the one for the stage is too bright music comes in and 3 naked men with edible dicks grace the stage. They start slow dancing as if they are fucking someone the woman screams and my hand is already playing with my clitoris. A moan escape my lips as I finger fuck myself I am in my own little haven. I close my eyes throw my head back and open my legs wide. I open my bag and take out my vibrator and pleasure myself the music is just setting the mood.

“I will take it from here”. A deep voice whispers in my ear. “Don't open your eyes”. I feel a cloth covering my eyes. His hands find themselves in my breasts and he plays with them pinching my nipples here & there. A moan escapes my lips again I can sense coming to stand before me... His dick plays at the entrance of my mouth he keeps on rubbing his dick tip at the entrance of my mouth. I part my lips apart and he teases his dick rolling it inside my mouth I start sucking it like a sweet candy in my mouth. I gag as I deep throat him never have I done this but brazzers taught me well. He groans & curses his dick expands in my mouth and he shoots his load I swallow his sperms... He is now going down on me he blows air in my pussy and his tongue is already playing with my pussy. I get this urge to scream but I remembered that there are people here.

“Don't mind them they are occupied too. Let go”. Gosh he muffs me as if his life depends on it this is a whole new experience for me. I feel my climax building up as he massages my clitoris vigorously... My legs are relaxed and I feel myself about to release. My legs tremble as he continues eating me he holds my legs steady preventing them from shaking before I know it I've done did release my juices in his mouth but I think I've peed in the process. He sits on top of me... “I guess I'm too good you even squirted. You are amazing and from now on you are mine and mine alone. I know you I know where you work and I fantasize about you”. He licks me all over my face. “Next time you will be screaming my name grabbing my black sheets”. He gets up damn. Let me take a deep breath and get a grip of myself. I open my eyes and everything is still taking place... Was it all in my mind or what? But I had the best session ever am satisfied.


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