I look at the time on my watch and X is running 10 minutes late even this coffee is cold now and I don't really want a refill but since I am waiting for X I might as well ask for refill. X knows how much I despise people who aren't punctual with time I am always 10 minutes early in everywhere I go be it shops or anywhere. I see him entering the coffee shop taking his own sweet time. He pulls a chair and sits down.

“You are late and you know how I despise people who can't keep time”.

“I got delayed up at the hospital”.

Me: “What's so important in a way that you threatened to lay your filthy hands on my sister”. He throws me a file. I browse it and chuckle. “Are you insane? Who on earth goes after Kruglov? The man who has the government in his payroll and practically own this fucken world! Are you tired of living because I definitely am not”!

Him: “Do you think I have a choice? I don't Londeka and my daughter is fighting for her life in that hospital. I need the money for her surgery”!

Me: “How are you going to help her if you die? Did you even think about it? Did you”? He leans back on the chair...

Him: “I did think things through and we are going after Kruglov. He is not God”.

Me: “I don't understand why do you need the money when  your car wash is going well and so is your drug business”.

Him: “It's not enough. I have responsibilities & bills to pay I need this money”.

Me: “Who are you working with”?

Him: “None of your business! We are doing the mission in 5 days time I will go through the plan with you”.

Me: “I hope you are covered insurance wise and next time don't you ever and I mean ever threatened me about hurting my sister. I will go straight to the hospital and switch off your daughter's machine don't you ever do it again. Am I making myself clear”? He nods.

Me: “Good because after this mission I am done well that's if we will make it out alive”.

Him: “Why do you keep on thinking that we won't make it alive? We will”. I laugh.

Me: “With that weak gang of yours? Please don't make me laugh”.

Him: “I have the Russians on my side Londeka. Me & my weak gang we will do just fine”.

Me: “Whatever rocks your boat. Let me get going I have a meeting to get too”. I pack up my things.

Him: “I thought that we were going to go through the plan over a cup of coffee or two with the chocolate muffins”.

Me: “Some other time. I have to rush now”. I stand up and get ready to leave...

“Londeka”. I look at him “I miss you”. I chuckle and shake my head.

Me: “I don't miss you and I am a happily married woman in case you've forgotten. Look at my finger I am married and happy. I will suggest that you miss the mother of your daughter”.

Him: “Don't pretend as if we've never slept together”.

Me: “That was the biggest mistake of life of which I regret till this day. It was not supposed to happen”.

Him: “But it did and not once but trice”.

Me: “Yes. It did happen and as I've said it was a mistake that was never supposed to happen. Oh almost forgot. Your dick is nothing compared to my husbands do something about it like going for enlargement. Women want real man with big dicks not something that will tickle them. Have a good day and you will pay for the coffee. I walk out of the restaurant and head straight to my car. Ladies just a little tip; don't have sex with a young boy they are a disaster... I bring the engine to life and drive off.


Another dragging Monday morning at work. Honestly this job is tiring me and I am not really in the mood to give out fake smiles to customers but hey. I don't want to get fired I still have bills to pay and a stomach to feed. The supervisor (Lwandle) gives us our tables she also gives me Azola's since she will be coming in late. She is very friendly shame yena yazi unlike the others here... I see Mapule & Andile making their way inside the restaurant holding hands oh God. Please take me now! They get settled in one of my table and now I have to go and serve them. I walk up to their table they are busy playing happy family not noticing my presence I wonder who did they leave the baby with. Let me just be strong I clear my throat and they stop playing happy family. Mapule looks at me from head to toe & laughs Andile just looked at me once and got busy with his phone.

“Goo...”. Mapule cuts me short.

“We know who you are you don't have to introduce yourself to us and yes it is a very good morning. So is this what your life have become? Look at you Esethu. You look untidy and I don't know what to say. You've even resorted to being a waitress serving people like us”? I take a deep breath I am trying so hard not to cause a scene.

Me: “Are you going to order or are you going to be throwing slurs at me”? She chuckles.

Her: “Slurs at you? You are not that important Esethu in fact you are a nobody”.

Me: “Must I get you another waitress maybe? I am doing what I am being paid but since you can't cooperate I will have to leave you here and attend my other tables. You are not the only people who need service. Excuse me you will call me once you are ready to order”. I walk away and attend my next table just next to theirs...

Me: “Good morning. My name is Esethu I am at your service this morning. Would y...”. His phone rings cutting me short sighs. This is what I hate about this job let me go and attend another table I will come back here. I see the supervisor coming my way she is with Mapule I sigh. So she went to report me? I wonder what did she tell her.

“Esethu. You do know that being rude to the customers is not allowed here right”? I nod. “Now why were you being rude towards these two? I know that you are always angry but to be rude to the customers is not right. Apologize at this instant”.

Me: “But I did nothing. She's the one who started it I've even asked her if I can bring them another waiter but they refused. So I moved on to another table. They are not president's friends or anything to be treated special they are just like any other customers coming here for their breakfast”.

Mapule: “She is lying. She is still bitter that my husband chose me over her now she is trying to get back at me by being rude”. She folds her arms. Andile is sitting there not entertaining whatever is going on...

Her: “Esethu. You bring your personal fights to work? You are here to serve customers not being rude to them because you can't handle rejection You are a big woman Esethu literally. There are too many dicks out there to being bitter over a dick. Now I will suggest that you apologize or else I will fire you”! I look at her not believing her right now or she too is afraid of Andile? He is a businessman after all he is forever in tabloids and signing deals.

Me: “I will not apologize because I did not do anything. Can I attend my tables now and can you give them another waitress because I can't help them”/

Her: “Whoa instead of apologizing you give me your superior an order”?

Me: “So you want me to accept being bullied by them all in the name because they are ‘customers’? Tough luck to the 3 of you because I am not doing it”.

Mapule: “See how sharp her tongue is? She doesn't have a filter. She just burbs rubbish and can't even say a simple ‘sorry”.

Me: “And you expect me to apologize to this? Are you hearing how she talks to me? Must I not talk back because she is a customer and married to a famous businessman? Why can't she apologize to me too”?

Lwandle: “It doesn't matter how they talk to you. They pay your bills and can you apologize to them so that we can all go back to work. Customers are even looking at us it's embarrassing”. She hisses.

Me: “That bullshit can miss me. I am not going to apologize to anyone and you the one who brought all this attention to us. Can I go back to work now and leave you likcking these two asses”? She sighs.

Her: “Yes you may. I will deal with you later”.

Me: “Thank you”. I walk away leaving them talking you may. I will deal with you later”.

Me: “Thank you”. I walk away leaving them talking I am not about to be bullied by them wuhhh shame. They better think again. The white man is no longer there oh well another unhappy customer I take the menu from the table and it is a little heavy. I take a peep and my eyes shoot open upon seeing this money I'm sure it makes up to R3000. I take it and slip it in my apron. Why would this man leave so much money where else he did not buy anything? Maybe he has forgotten it I will give it to him when he comes to fetch it. Mapule gives me a nasty look as I pass by I know that I am not off the hook as yet I still have to deal with the manager. He is one ruthless bastard he wouldn't even think twice about firing me mxm. Just as I've predicted he calls for me via the intercom I roll my eyes and go to his office. I knock and he permits me to get in he is in his old 50s...

“You've called for me sir”.

“Yes and I know you know why. Take a seat”. I do as told. “What happened”?

I narrate everything to him and he just looks at me under his glasses.

Him: “That's not what Lwandle told me”.

Me: “I know but I am telling you the truth”.

Him: “Since this is your first offence I will give you a warning but next time I will fire you if you keep up with that behaviour”. Well it's better than being fired.

Me: “Thank you sir I promise to do better next time”.

Him: “I will take your word. You may leave”. I nod at him and walk out of his office I let out a breath of relief once out of his office.



Billy called a meeting we are meeting in his shady office as usual somewhere around Middelburg downtown. At least it's 30-45 minutes drive from Witbank to Middelburg. It is me my crew and some of his men they look twice our size it's my first time seeing them. He is standing near the window looking at the not so appealing view. He fixes his tie and walks to his chair he is actually smiling that's a first considering that he is always serious. What ever got him to smile should do so e every day.

“Welcome gentlemen. You may all take a seat”. We sit down the door opens and in walks in Londeka followed by her husband. WTF? What are they doing here”.

“Sorry we late we got held up somewhere”. He goes and stand next to Billy.

Billy: “We were about start everyone this is Steven my second in command and he has come with his beautiful wife Londekha”.

Steven: “As you all know that we were supposed to go after Kruglov in 5 days time but that will not be happening any more the Koreans will be coming that means we must postpone it. They have a very big deal to seal we are not sure about what though in order for us to attain all the information we must have an inside man who will pose as a waiter since they'll be hosting their meeting at Lavida hall. That person must be able to put a bug underneath the platters and underneath the wine glasses don't worry the bugs are transparent they won't see anything not unless you mess this up and once they catch you don't snitch on us because I will be coming after your family. Who can pull this off amongst you”? We all look at each other no one wants to risk with their lives he must find someone else. He shakes his head. “Billy. You told me that these are the most fearless men known to believe. Now tell me here. How will they pull off the mission of going after Kruglov if they won't even pose as mere waiters something so simple”? Well in my mind the plan was for Londeka to seduce Kruglov and put a bug in his office and chirp in his hair that way we can monitor his moves and hear what he has says and to whom now this?

Billy: “I am disappointed at them honestly. Since no one wants to go I guess I will just have to select randomly you deny I put a bullet in your head. Am I clear”? We all nod “Good. Spikes you will the one who is going to pose as a waiter did I make myself clear”? Spikes shoot his eyes open and starts shaking. “You don't want to do it”? He slowly nods. Billy takes a gun in Steven's waist and shoot spikes to times in the head he drops his head dead. Now we are all scared. “Take his body away. In fact go & deliver it in his home door steps with a box containing money they will use the money to bury him don't forget to cut of his fingers another collection added to my cold room. Leave”. He turns to look at us... “So must I choose a person again”?

“I... I will do it”. Baksteena calls out standing up. “I will do it just give me all the orders”. Is he crazy? He sure is out of his damn mind! He knows that he is the weakest link amongst us why is putting his life in danger like this? I can't even stop him because If I do I will be forced to take his place.

Billy: “Are you sure”?

Him: “Yes. I'm sure”.

Steven: “Very good then. What's your name”?

Him: “Baksteen”.

Steven: “All of you can leave but not you Baksteen I have to take you through the whole process. My love please step forward with the bag”. Londeka stand up and we all walk out of the office Billy too. My heart is racing I can't believe that Billy killed Spikes just because he refused to do a simple task. Now more than ever I'm sure that should we fail this mission of going after Kruglov and survive I have no doubt that he will kill us. Imagine my mother finding me in her doorstep dead yoh that will kill her too and the family will have a double funeral.

Kg: “Man. I think agreeing to work with Billy was a bad idea this man is heartless yoh. Bruh Spikes has a baby coming he was so excited about it but look now he won't even get to see him/her this is heartbreaking”.

Me: “Tell me about it and to think that he wanted out but T (his best friend) advised him not to I'm sure he is blaming himself and I don't think he will ever be the same again since Spikes got killed in front of him. He witnessed his friend die damn man”.

Him: “We better not mess this up or else we will be next. Baksteen better make this work too”. I nod and we get into our different cars and drive off...


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