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Epic fail. That's the only way Gordan could describe their first meeting encounter after 8 years. He wanted to appear more intimadating more crude to her so that she knows who's in charge now. he was never ready for the level of betrayal his body put him through. He was so annoyed with himself. The whole plan was to get to her get a reaction from her. He sat down thinking about the second his hand grabbed her arm how lightening shot through his fingertips straight to his groins. Fucken traitor he said to himself.

He made the decision to call his wife she always had a way of calming him down when he was going through the motions. 

April: " missing me already?" She said as soon as she picked up the phone.

Gordan: " I count every minute when you're not next to me counting the seconds before you're in my arms"

April: " aah baby you need to come back early then today. I'll prepare a little something for you".

Gordan:" mmmh does it involve lace?". . .

April:" my very own pyschic how did you know?" she asked playfully.

Gordan: " you forget baby me being your husband means I am you and you are me we are one. . .I know what you're gonna say before you even say it" he said with his previous encounter with Khethelo long forgotten.

"Zekhethelo you dropped your access card" said Sandile ( one of the interns) running behind to catch up with her. 

Khethelo: " thank you I didn't realize I dropped it" she said halfheartedly as she sat down in her little corner. . .

Before she  knew it it was time to go home . It couldn't have come any sooner . she just wanted to be as far away from this place as possible.

Gordan was amongst the last ones to leave the building. He made his way to his 2018 Mercedes-benz S-class sedan.

"Good evening Mr Muhlenberg " his driver greeted. He'd been with him for the past 4 years. Driving him around on weekdays unless they ( him and his wife) had a private function to attend then he'd drive himself .

Gordan: "Peter" he said nodding his head in acknowledgment . 

The drive home wasn't that long. As soon as he got home he made his way around he said nodding his head in acknowledgment . 

The drive home wasn't that long. As soon as he got home he made his way around trying to find his beautiful wife of three years. He found her in the dining room helping the chef set up the table. He just stood there and watched her without her knowing.

Now you need to understand that April was most guys' wet dream. She had the body of a model. Tall petite with a small rack on her and a tight ass.

When she finally saw him standing there she sauntered her body over to him and gave him a Mind blowing kiss without so much as a 'Hi'.

He felt his pants getting tight and knew that they might have to reheat dinner cause there was no way he was not going to devour his wife right this minute. He carried her up the stairs bridal style to the master bedroom. He ripped the stockings attached to her garter belt never breaking contact with her lips. 

He stopped kissing her lips and kissed her neck ever so gently making his way down to her little erect buds. . .sucking and blowing on them making her shiver. He kissed her stomach moving down to her honey pot where he didn't waste time. He ate her like a mad manuntil she started quacking with orgasmic shivers.

He stood up and took off his clothes went to retrieve a condom from the side table. They had made an agreement to wait until they had been married for at least 5 years before having babies since they were still young they wanted to enjoy time alone with each other .

He came back all set.

Gordan:" you ready for me?"he asked spreading her legs wide rubbing his dick up and down her slit .

April :" Gordan" she said breathlessly " I'm always ready for you" She said trying to meet him half way and next thing she knew he was balls deep inside of her. 




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