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"WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Sending a bunch of strangers into my office to go through my files and move shit around? I would have gladly done it myself should you have afforded  me the common decency of letting me move with dignity" she said her voice a few octaves higher than normal. She hardly raised her voice but Lord was she angry.

"I'm sorry Mr Muhlenberg she just stormed In here I tried to stop her" said the secretary. 

Did she just. .did she just say Muhlenberg?? Her whole body came to a standstill as the boss slowly turned in his chair so as to face them as he'd been facing away from them the whole time.

Their eyes connected. Father God. Breathe she told herself. She couldn't believe it the man who had taken her virginity and promised her forever but fled. The very same man she had tried so hard to stay away from. He was her fucking boss. .  SHIT! She was definitely getting fired now. 

Her knees would no longer hold her up she sank down to the chair that was luckily behind her. They engaged in a starring contest None of them willing to break the ice.

"Thank you Stacey you can leave now" he said to his secretary in a cold controlled voice. He faced her again.

Gordan: " I wasn't aware that you work here. I guess I should have done a thorough investigation before purchasing this place" he finally said to her.

" why would you do this? Why would you do this to my father to my family? She asked as steely as possible.

Gordan: "it was a good deal" he answered her with his cold eyes staring daggers at her. 

She felt her anger rising again at his dismissive tone. He really was a cold hearted bastard she thought nx!

Gordan: " what position do you hold here?" he asked with a smirk as if he couldn't imagine she'd know anything about work. His tone infuriated her even further.

"I'm the head of interns and no its not because  my dad owned this company but because I'm damn good at my job. I have a degree in HR and public Relations. Those two put together and my natural ability to work with people makes me damn great at my job"she said between clenched teeth. 

He didn't say anything as he pulled her file up on his computer . He sat there for a full 20 minutes going through her file  while she sat on the chair fuming. She was surprised her hair wasn't burning she was 5 to going into full vagita mode. She knew damn well that it doesn't take that long to go through one simple file. 

Gordan:"you have worked here for close to 7 months it seems. I'm really surprised you went to University" he said derisively. " Well not only did I go to university but I graduated top of my class. I'm perfect for this position. If you so much as think to fire me I'll sue your ass for wrongful termination!!" She spat out at him.

Gordan inwardly smiled at her words because initially he had planed to fire her as soon as she set foot into his office leaving both her and her father penniless with no income whatsoever. Get her blacklisted ruining whatever chance she might have had at employment so she could come back groveling at his feet. Then he'd seduce her. Fuck her senselessly make her fall in love with him all over again. Then watch satisfactory as the light dimed from her hypnotic eyes as he rejected her like a hot potato. 

Gordan: "you'll soon learn that I don't take kindly to threats Ms Dhlomo. I'm not firing you today but you'll only remain on the staff for now on trial basis. Like everyone else you'll be required to prove your worth to the company see if you can work to my far stricter standards. If you don't you'll be let go effective immediately" he said looking straight at her smugly.

She wanted to stand up and slap that smug look off his face but instead she stood up and said: " Yes sir. I will expect to be treated like any other employee here". She turned to leave but before she could reach the door he grabbed her arm and she was suddenly standing there too close to him for her comfort. She cursed her traitorous body that wanted nothing but to lean up against him and smell his neck. His smell was invading all her senses making heat pool up in her core.

FUCK. NO. BITCH. ABORT.ABORT!!!she inwardly screamed at herself. She refused to let him affect her. He's not that little boy anymore.

Gordan:"it would be hard to treat you like any other employee here since you're the only one here I've sunk deep into while you screamed my name" He said with lethal dismisall as if she was some cheap hoe.

"And I hate to inform you but as the head of HR interns you're going to be working very closely with me and my HR team as we have a lot of jobs to replace over the next few weeks. If you can't handle that position please feel free to walk out right now" he said coldly letting her arm go as quickly as he had grabbed it and shut the door in her face.

She walked away cussing him with all the names she's known of and heard of. In her head of course. She made her way to her new small cubicle office deep in thought. She was not gonna stay here the risk was just too high.  she had to find a job as in yesterday and be far away from Gordan as possible.

"ZEKHETHELO!. . .somebody called out to her snapping her back to reality.




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