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CHAPTER 5 (present)



"I hope you're hungry" April said to Gordan as she made her way into his office carrying a Tasha's paper bag. Gordan hadnt realized until that very moment just how hungry he actually was. He'd been so engrossed in the takeover that he'd forgotten to eat. You see? This is why he needed his wife around. He loved her for that.

Gordan: " Are you sure we're married? Because I don't mind doing it all over again" he said in his most charming voice.

April loved it when she found her husband in these rare moods he wasn't as affectionate as she would have loved but he did show her affection from time to time like right now.

April: "what would you do without me? She asked smiling.

Gordan: "I'd simply perish" he said standing up to kiss his wife.

Gordan: " you're a life saver"he said after opening his chicken wild rice salad. He appreciated her bringing him something not too heavy because he still had a long day ahead of him he couldn't afford to be slowed down by a full stomach. He downed his lunch with some cold bottled water.

April: "So how are things coming along over here? You look really busy"

Gordan: " Yes love what with the take over there's a lot of work that still needs to be done like letting a few people go replacing them with new ones meaning they'll be interviews going on as well. Need to go through the finances of this place its a lot"

its a lot" he said almost getting a migraine from just mentioning a few.

This is the part he really didn't like about takeovers. He also didnt like leaving it all to HR to deal with he liked sitting in and overseeing everything. 

Gordan: " don't worry though soon this place will be up and running as soon as we get everything settled. It shouldnt take more than 3 weeks. After that I'll be all yours. I feel like I need a little vacation you know? Where would you like us to go?".

April: " anywhere with you would be a holiday in itself so it really doesn't matter" she said meaning everyword of it. She really loved him. 

Gordan: " well you Mrs Muhlenberg are getting wife of the year award for knowing what to say and do and when to do it" he said in an almost comedic voice.

April couldn't help but laugh out loud.

April: "you better remember that sir!!

well now that you're all fed and back to your not so comedic self I'm gonna leave" she said standing up. She went around the table to her man and sat on his lap.

Gordan: " I really like this type of leaving" he said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

April: "haha can you be serious for one second?".

Before she knew it her lips had collided with his in a very passionate kiss. After a while of kissing Gordan broke it off.

Gordan: " how's that for seriousness? Shut you up didn't it haha". 

April: " whatever" she said getting up deliberately leaving him in that state. She shaked her ass on her way out. He couldn't help but laugh a little. . . .

Life was good.




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