🍁 $ômè CãLL ît LîFè 🍁 (from main to side to ? )




April's POV 



He turns a little like he can't stand to look at me. "Please get down". Its more of a demand now despite the use of the word please. "There are 7 chairs up here" he points around him. 

April: " almost 6" I correct him reminding him about the chair he just tried to murder.

He doesn't find humor in my response. Instead he takes two steps closer to me and motions for me to get down. "You're making me nervous! Not to mention ruining my high". 

I roll my eyes and swing my legs over. 

April: " Heaven forbid a joint go to waste" I say voice dripping with sarcasm.

He actually let's out a rush of air as if seeing me on the ledge had him on the edge. I pass him to head over to the other side of the rooftopthe one with the best view. As I do I can't help but notice how damn hot this guy actually is. He's well manicured smells like money and looks to be only a few years older than me.

As I reach the other side I lean forward to stare down at the cars below trying not to appear Impressed by him. I can tell by his haircut alone that he's the kinda man people are easily impressed by and I refuse to feed into his ego. Not that I know if he has one or not but judging from the Dsquared shirt he's wearing ever so casually he got one. And it's huge.

I hear footsteps approaching from behind and he leans against the railing next to me. Out of the corner of my eye I watch as he takes another hit off his joint. When he finishes

he offers it to me. The nerve! I politely decline. Its enough I have to be drugged by his voice alone imagine smoking weed on top of that . I knind of want to hear his voice again so I throw a question in his direction. 

April: " So what did the chair do to you to make you so angry?" 

He looks at me like really looks at me. He stares hard like all my secrets are there on my face. I've never seen such striking blue eyes. Well maybe I have but im damn sure they looked nothing close to this. I further being nosy just to distract myself from his eyes.

April: "is it a woman?" I inquire. "Did she break your heart?".

"What floor do you live on?" he deliberately ignores my question. "I've never noticed you before".

April: " that's because I don't live here".

"Your boyfriend lives here or something?" he asks.

April: " no I just wanted fresh air and where I live there's no rooftop" I say emphasizing the 'no'.

He seems satisfied with my answer. Silence follows. 

He drags the last bit of his weed in deep thought. 

"Muhlenberg  my name is Gordan Muhlenberg" he says as if I've just passed some test to know his name.




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