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APRIL'S POV (how she met Gordan)


As I sit here with one foot on either side of the ledge looking down from 12 stories above the streets of Durban I can't help but think about suicide. Not my own or anything like that I like my life enough to want to see it through. I'm more focused on other people and how they ultimately come to that decision.

I think about death alot. Particularly today considering I'd just come from my close aunts funeral who had committed suicide. As soon as the funeral was done I was out of there as if I was on fire looking for the first rooftop I could hijack and just have some alone time with nothing but peace and quiet. . .and of course my thoughts.

Tonight the sky was more than beautiful it had stars shining so bright you didn't need lights to find your way around the dark.

Unfortunately for me the rooftop door was shoved open so hard I expected the stairwell to cave in. Instead the stairwell spitted a whole human being out onto the rooftop. Great! just what I needed😒. 

The door slammed shut again and footsteps  move swiftly across the deck. I don't even bother looking up I'm more than a little irritated my peace has been disturbed. Good thing though Whoever came out here was in such a hurry that they didn't see me out here on the edge.

I sigh quietly as i close my eyes take a deep breath before finally opening them to face my intruder whos leaning over the rail. Even leaning over the rail I can tell he's tall with broad shoulders . I can barely make out the rise and fall of his back as he drags in deep breaths and forces them out again. He appears to be on the verge of a breakdown. I think about speaking up so that he knows he has company but between thinking it and actually doing it he spins around and kicks one of the rooftop chairs behind him. I flinch as it screeches across the the floor but it doesn't stop there. He then kicks it until I think he's tired and he's left standing there over the chair staring at it with his hands now in his pockets.  He fishes out something in one of the pockets. A joint. 

I'm not going to judge him because in the 2 years I've been through college I know about such recreational drugs. Its just that he's out in public

I know about such recreational drugs. Its just that he's out in public hello?? He takes in a long drag of his joint and starts towards the ledge and notices me. He stops walking when our eyes meet. His expression holds no shock nor amusement after seeing me. He's about 10 feet away but there's enough light from the stars for me to see his striking  eyes as they slowly drag over my body without revealing a single thought. I'll be damned!! This guy holds his cards very well. His gaze narrows and his mouth drawn tight like a male version of Mona Lisa

"What's your name?"he asks.

I feel his voice in my stomach which can't be good. . .I mean shouldn't voices stop at the ears? His voice was deep confident and a little bit like African butter(smooth). When I don't answer him he brings his joint back to his mouth and takes another hit while Looking at me. 

"April" I finally say. Omg I hate my voice😭It sounded so bad its like it was battling a virus of its own. .  it sounded so weak. Too weak to even reach past his ears let alone get to his stomach im sure. 

"Do you have a surname April?" He asked.

April: " Williams".

He lifts his chin up a little and nudges his head towards me. "Will you please get down from there April Williams?" he asks.

It isn't until he asks this that I notice his posture Almost as if he's nervous I'm going to fall. I glance down at my feet 12 stories high and then back at him.

April: "No thanks. I'm quite comfortable where I am".




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