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The next morning.

Gordan sat back at his desk with a huge grin on his face. The papers were all signed and now he was the owner of 'Dhlomo Coporations'. He felt undeniably proud of himself. He had taken it right out from under him without the man being the slightest aware of what was going to happen . Talk about the element of surprise he mused to himself while shaking his head. . .what he didnt understand is how his opponent could be so stupid. Dhlomo knew his business was in trouble but he never not once suspected an ensuing hostile takeover. How stupid.

The way he was so pleased with himself he had to stop himself from marching over there so he can see the look on that bastards face when they tell him he's no longer the rightful owner of his own company. "Hahaha" he actually laughed. He genuinely enjoyed takeovers but this one was the pinnacle of everything he'd been working for over the past years.

He was itching to see is Dhlomos face when he realized that Gordan was the man responsible for the takeover. 

Gordan: "Check mate".

He heard commotion outside his office and lifted his head up to find the man of the hour barging in his doorway. "Sir you can't go in there" said Gordans secretary a little panicked.

Gordan: "its okay Stacey I'll take it from here. You can call security so long I have a feeling Mr Dhlomo won't be staying for long" he said with a knowing smile.

Dhlomo: " You son of a bitch" he yelled.

Gordan: " Its good to see you again Dhlomo" he said

never losing his cool.

Dhlomo: " I was getting things under control before you came in and stole my company" he continued to yell. "I ran my company successfully for over 20 years you shit. You might have the world fooled but I know you. You probably stole everything you have".

Gordan was losing some of his cool cause this man acting like he knew him knew nothing. He was just a factor in messing with him in his childhood but that shit stopped over there. He was the master now and Dhlomo will soon understand he's the puppet now.

Gordan:" I may have started from the wrong side of town as you like to point out But I made choices to change my life and now you're gonna be the one who's left with nothing" he said with a mocking smile. 

Dhlomo: " this isn't the last time you hear from me" he threatened.

Gordan: " I'd start running if I was you cause you see Dhlomo I have records showing that you have been embezzling money from the company and you haven't been paying your tax returns. I currently have your life in the palm of my hands.

I'd start calling me Groetman if I was you" said 26 year old Gordan to a 53 year old Dhlomo.

Gordan: "Security!! Get this gentleman out of here and make sure he doesn't ever set foot in any of our premises". He then turned his back on him and stared out the big glass walls facing the citywith his hands in pockets as if this whole exchange of words didn't just happen. 




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WebSenor 2019-05-11 15:15:15

Its very good reading your book. Much appreciated.