🍁$ômè CaLl it LīFe🍁 (from main to side to ? )





."I just don't understand why we had to leave the party" complained his wife. Oh his wife His beautiful innocent wife. She was most men's dream. How she married him is still a mystery in itself. I mean he was 5 to damaged . Damaged by the one who promised to be by his side forever. . . .he chuckled sinisterly to himself stupid right?

Gordan: " I have an early and important day tomorrow that I need to prepare for. and plus the party was almost over anyway".

They both headed to the master bedroom and April went to take a shower while Gordan changed into comfortable clothing and went to his study to put the final touches to his plan. A plan he had deviced a long time ago. A plan that motivated him to be the man that he his today. 

Gordan Muhlenberg is the President of  Berg Telecommunications. He also buys small companies with potential who are on the verge of bankruptcy. He flips them over into mult-million dollar producing companies.

This particular company however is more personal to him. It's Mr Dhlomos.

The ball was in his court now and he was definitely gonna be the master of this game. Believe that he mused to himself.



.Different POV( point of view)


She had spotted Gordan across the room and her insides went up in flames. She narrowed her eyes as the man walked around like he owned the place. She knew the kinder funnier version of him not this arrogant mogul. It's apparent that the boy she knew was long gone. Heck he may never have existed past her imagination. He definitely wasn't that boy who took her virginity all those years ago she thought sadly.

She watched him now as he turned and walked from the room with his wife following behind him to nearest exit. He was easily the sexiest man in the room with his tailored tuxedo and piercing blue eyes. Oh those eyes. Her heart fluttered as she remember those long summer nights of nothing but passion.

Her mother died when she was very young so she had no recollection of her. Her father remarried soon after to someone who couldn't be bothered with her existence leaving her to her own devices most of the time. Her father was always on business trips making her childoon quite unpleasant.

She'd seen Gordan in school from time to time in tenth grade. And one morning she "accidentally" ran into him. 

She never looked back ever since then she finally had someone who wanted to give her the attention and love she'd been craving her whole childhood life.  She got to know him more than she ever knew anyone else. He told her about his life in California how he was always in trouble or looking for it because of how poor they were but also on how he planned to make something out of himself and take over the corporate world so he could give her the world. She really loved his hunger and motivation but its him she loved more than any of those things. 

She sighed as she thought back.

She had spent the past years making sure she never runs into him ever again. She also managed to acquire a degree in Human Resources and Public Relations so as to never depend on any man her father included. She was currently looking for a permanent job as she was almost done with the internship she was doing at her fathers company.

Little did she know that her world as she knew It was about to change. When morning came nothing would ever be the same again.




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