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8 YEARS later. 


Gordan looked around the table and had to force himself not to fall asleep. He couldn't stand attending these events where everyone drank too much laughed too loud and tried to outshine the other by their expensive taste in clothing women alcohol and cars.

Gordan knew he was a what women called a real catch. Hell he was even voted sexiest man alive in one of those ridiculous magazines he really didn't care about. And since that stupid article he'd been approached by even more materialistic women which he imagines can't be easy on his poor beautiful wife. He looked at her from across the room. A real gem.

The magazine also listed his networth as  being above Donald Trumps. They also mentioned that he was tall dark handsome. He stood over 6ft tall with broad shoulders and muscles that ripped throughout his whole body.

A woman breezed passed him wearing entirely too much perfume snapping him back to reality. He sighed as he grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. 

Damn superficial wanna-be socialites he thought to himself.

He'd be out of here if it wasn't for his wife. She dragged him here in the name of support (rolls eyes). His wife more than thrived at these parties. She had women hanging on to her every word. She was the social envy to put it midly. She had class accompanied by a touch of obedience she was what you call a lady. Every mans dream. . . . right?

Their wedding could have made front pages on a lot of newspapers easily making it the wedding of the year 3 years ago but he hadn't wanted anything like that. He just wanted the people who mattered to be there. Only.

"The you are boy" his father said making his way to him with a glass of scotch in his hand while the other held a cigar.

James: "what're you doing hiding in the corner

shouldn't you be enjoying the party?"

He glared at his father cause his father knew how much he hated these parties.

James: "well boy I don't mean to dilute your mood any further but there's been an addition to the guest list and I have a feeling you won't like it."

Gordan: "why? Who's here?

James: "okay don't look right now but at that far end Mr Dhlomo just walked in" he said pointing to one of the entrances.

Gordan: "WHAT? That son of a bitch! What is he doing here?

Gordan stoop up so that he can have a better view of the man who made half of his teenage years hell but also indirectly making him the cutthroat businessman he is today.

Gordan: " its too late for him whatever business deals he might still be trying to make won't make a difference cause by tomorrow morning his company will be mine" he said with a sneer.

As Gordan watched Mr Dhlomo a beautiful woman approached him stepping up on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. Mr Dhlomo didn't even bother to turn or acknowledge her which she didn't seem to notice. Her dress was sheer black at the top dipping low in both the back and front. She had dark hair which was swept in a classic bun with tendrils floating around her fragile face. She had dark brown eyes that had a hypnotic quality to them.

He instantly got angry and felt a tightening in his gut at just the sight of her. She'd nearly destroyed him! 

He went over to his wife.

Gordan: "we're leaving now!" He said in a voice that brooked no argument.

Wife: " let me just finish this glass of cham. . . ." she saw the look on Gordans face before she could even finish her sentence and she knew play time was over. 

She stopped what she was doing and followed him out.

The drive back home was filled with silence. Wifie was facing the window more than a little annoyed by the abrupt departure. 

Gordan was engrossed in his own thoughts. Thinking about the past he tried so hard to run away from and it came in all its fuxking glory. It pissed him off. It pissed him off that the very same past that almost left him in ruins came unscathed and unbothered.

We'll he'd be damned If he let that happen on his watch. They were in his territory now. They were going to pay. 

Starting with that piece of shit called Mdluli. There was just no two ways about it.





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I enjoy reading these writings

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