Taking disciples

Chapter Four


I was discussing a way forward with the Chief's. I didn't know what to do to save Ines these men say that they caught her right in the act but i know she would never do that she would never kill. From her reaction when she saw me i could see that she has forgotten but maybe i did look familiar to her. I had to make a decision real quick and prove her innocent because these men will kill her. Now i'm wondering who would want to kill Grandmaster i am sure it's the Demons. No one has the power to kill Grandmaster except for the Demon Lord of the Seven Murder Factions Shannon

Arlen: Finn you haven't said a word ever since we got here. The girl deserves a death sentence.

Mo-Yu: That's what i have noticed.

Arlen is my senior and he is a strict and an unyielding man. Mo-Yu is my junior he is good hearted and treats everyone with concern.

Mo-Yu: How sure are we that the girl killed Grandmaster?

Me: There is only one way to find out.

They both looked at me. I know that this was going to hurt Ines but I'll do anything to prove her innocent.


I am in an unfamiliar place and these men standing in front of me look like they are ready to murder me. Three men the one that they called Headmaster looked familiar. I am sure i have seen him somewhere but i don't know where. The two men sat down but he came forward and stood Infront of me. He looked at me in the eyes for the longest time.

" Give me your hand" he said. I gave him my hand. He put a black stone in my hand and did something with his hand. " If this stone doesn't turn white then you're guilty"

he said. The stone was hot but i have to do this to prove my innocence. I don't know what this thing was doing to me because i suddenly felt hot and felt like vomiting. The stone was changing color but i can't take it it hurts. The minute it changed to a white colour i vomited blood and fell on the Headmaster's arms.


When she woke up she looked pale the Blood stone really hurt her. She looked lost because the first thing she said when she woke up was ask where she was. I had asked the guard to get her food because she is weak. I was looking at her while she was eating she'd take a spoon and steal glances at me.

Me: I am the Headmaster Finn.

Ines: Do we know each other? I think i have seen you somewhere.

Me: Eat your food and stop asking questions.

After eating i instructed her to sit down in front of so that i could transfer some of my energy to her. She looked better after all that.

Me: The guards will walk you out of Green hill. You'll be fine.

Ines: Thank you.

I just nodded and watched her walking out. She stopped and looked straight into my eyes like she's searching for something.

Ines: I am looking for a friend. His name is Lucas. He must be from around here.

Me: I don't know anyone by that name.

She handed out a paper to me.

Ines: This is from Grandmaster.

She looked at me one last time and walked out.


Walking out of that room i just wanted to cry and let it all out. What am i going to do? Where will i go?... I have no one but myself. While still in my thoughts i heard some noise coming from the gate. About 20 people made a que. I decided to ask the lady that looked so excited to be hear.

Me: Hi what is going on here?

Lady: Where do you come from? Don't you know?

Me: Know what?

Lady: Green hill is taking disciples today. They take 30 disciple in every three years.

I looked at the man who was leading these new disciples inside. Maybe this is my chance to be in Green hill.

Me: Let me stand behind you.

Lady: You can stand right in front of me.

Me: Thanks

Lady: My name is Ferna.

Me: I am Ines.

The que went on and on till it was my turn. The guy first looked at me then led me inside.


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