Honour My Tears

Chapter seven

A Year Later


My life has been peaceful ever since i moved to the Emotionless Temple. At least here i don't have to deal with Eve who is always on my case. Headmaster and i are getting along very well but he still doesn't talk much.

I glad that i'm done with my practice. I have done everything for Headmaster all i want to do is rest or maybe i can go see my friends in Green hill. I was still resting looking at the ceiling thinking when Lily jumped on my face.

Me: Hey you naughty thing.

Lily is a ginx worm formed by my blood and the phoenix's tears. I don't know how this all happened but i'm glad she's here at least i don't get bored. Even though the worm doesn't speak i know it can hear me.

Me: Come let's go outside it's too hot in here.

She jumped up and down in my shoulder.

Me: Headmaster is meditating. Come let's go ask if we can go to Green hill.

I stood at the door and looked at him he looked so peaceful and stress free.

Finn: Why are you standing there?

Me: * clears throat* I was wondering if i can go to G...

Finn: To do what there? Just because your training is over you think you can do as you wish?

Me: But i am bored and i miss my friends.

Finn: I want you here by 4pm

Me: Is that a yes?

Finn: Now get out of here.

I stood up and rolled my eyes Without him noticing.

Finn: I can still tell you to sit your ass down because of what you just did you know that?

Me: Sorry Headmaster.

I wore my shoes and took a jacket just in case it get's cold. I bumped into Ferna in the gate at Green hill. She was so excited to see me.

Ferna: I don't think you missed me. Why didn't you come visit me? You know we can't visit you in the Emotionless Temple.

Me: You know how headmaster is i have been occupied with training.

Ferna: Let's go to my room. I want to tell you something.

We bumped into Dreco on our way to her room. He stopped whatever he was doing and came to hug me. He looked at me like he's searching for something.

Dreco: Are you eating well? Are you okay? You have lost weight.

Me: Stop worrying i am fine.

Dreco: Fine then i am happy to see you.

Ferna: Why don't you come with us to my room? I'll something to eat for you and Ines.

Dreco: No don't worry about me. Ines don't leave without seeing me.

I nodded and looked at Ferna she looked sad. Now i feel bad because she likes him and Dreco doesn't feel that way.

Me: Let's go.

I held her hand and led the way to her room. It still looked the same.

She told me about how much she loved Dreco while making snacks.

Me: If you like him why don't you tell him?

Ferna: Why don't you tell him?

Me: Me? How?

Ferna: The two of you are close so it will be easy. I made this bracelet for him. Please give it to him.

Me: Wow It's beautiful. Okay let me go.

I found Dreco in his chambers he quickly stood up when he saw me.

Dreco: Inesi have been meaning to ask you.

Me: I have something to give to you.

Dreco: I also have something to tell you but you can start.

I took out the bracelet and gave it to him.

Dreco: You did this for me? It's beautiful Ines. Thank you.

Me: Dr... I didn...

Before i could even finish my sentence he hugged me. This was so weird for me.

Me: Let me get going.

Dreco: Look can we go train together later on.

Me: Um..

Dreco: Please Ines you're my friend and we haven't spent some time together.

Me: Okay

Dreco: Cool.

I walked back to Ferna's chambers.

Me: Lily what am i going to say to Ferna? Dreco thinks that i gave him the necklace. I don't want to break her heart.

" Look who's here? The Headmaster's favourite desciple."

Me: Hi Eve.

I tried to walk away but she stood Infront of me.

Eve: Ever since you became the Headmaster's disciple you've looked down on me. I demand a fight right here and right now. What? You think you're better now?

Me: Didn't your Teacher teach you that magic is not used to play around b...

Eve: Don't you dare bring my Master into this. How dare you Ines?

She took out her magic sword unexpectedly in means to stab me but Lily jumped and got stabbed then fell down.

Me: Do you see what you have done. Lily?

Eve: This little insect was irritating anyways.

Me: Lily?

I tried to touch her but she started shining bright I closed my eyes because the light was too bright. When i looked again i saw a young girl.

Me: Huh?

She stood up and brushed herself. She gave Eve an evil look and when she noticed me she jumped up and down .

Me: Lily?

Lily: Mommy it's me.

Me: How come? You suddenly turned into a human how?

Lily: I don't know but i am happy to be human.

She went to Eve.

Lily: How dare you try to kill me?

Eve: I.. I didn't try to kill you. You jumped inf...

Lily: Shut up and stay away from us. Mother let's go.

I just laughed and followed her to Ferna's chambers.

Ferna: You're back. What did h... Who's this?

Lily: You also don't recognize me? It's me Lily.

Ferna: What? Ine.. how is she human?

Me: Eve stabbed her with a sword and she turned into human.

Ferna: Wow.

Me: I g...

Dreco: Ines Ferna.

I looked at him and smiled i think i saw Ferna blushing. She really is in love i don't blame her Dreco really is a catch pity he doesn't recognize her love for him.

Dreco: In..

Ferna: Dreco?

Dreco: Yes

Ferna: Umh i have been meaning to ask you. Can we go train together later?

Dreco: Sorry I have already asked Ines to train with me.

Me: No it's okay you guys can go train together besides i..

Dreco: No. Ferna and i can do that some other time. You stay at the Emotionless Temple so this is our chance to catch up.

Dreco was really putting me in s awkward position. I don't want Ferna to feel like i'm betraying her.

Dreco: I'll be right back someone is calling me.

When he left there was an awkward silence.

Ferna: Look Ines i really like Dreco so if you also like him please say so right now.

Me: What? No i like him as a friend. Dreco is like a brother to me i don't see him that way and besides i have never had a crush or loved anyone in that way.

Ferna: * sigh* That's a relief.

Lily: Ferna can i have some food.

Ferna: Even as a human you still love food? You still love veggies?

Lily: Yes! Yes.


Thank God Headmaster allowed me to go out and get new flowers for his garden. Dreco once told me about Peach blossom where there are beautiful flowers. I decided to go there and get some. I expected an old place or an abandoned place but Peach blossom is beautiful and the flowers smell good. I was busy singing and picking flowers when i suddenly heard someone speaking.

" Who dares come to my Peach blossom without my permission and pick up my flowers without my permission?" i turned to look at the person speaking. I didn't expect to see what i saw i even dropped the flowers because of shock. I have never seen such a beautiful man he is light in complexion and his skin God.

"Do you have something to say young lady?"

Me: I am sorry

he is light in complexion and his skin God.

"Do you have something to say young lady?"

Me: I am sorry i didn't know this place belonged to someone.

" There was a barrier but you broke it that must've meant something"

Me: I am sorry. I will leave.

I picked up my water bottle and attempted to walk away but he stopped me. He looked at me for the longest time he looked like he was thinking.

" What is your name?"

Me: Ines my name is Ines.

" Oh so you are the famous desciple of Immortal Firnado.You can pick whatever flower you like. You know you remind me of deceased sister. You look just like her" My name is Shannon"

Me: Thank you so much.

I picked up the flowers while he walked away.

Me: Wait..

He looked at me.

Me: You are handsome and i think you are the most beautiful man of all six realms.

Shannon: * laughs* I know that but thank you.

He started doing the power of the ancient memory lane I'm sure he thought I didn't know what he was doing to me i knew he was checking my past .

Me: What do you want to know about me? You didn't have to do that I could've told you.

Shannon: * laughs* How can i forget? You are the desciple of the mighty Finn that's why you know that magic.

Me: Yes

I saw him look at his wrist. He looked worried.

Shannon: Bye young lady. I hope to see you soon.

He suddenly disappeared.

I took my flowers and went back to the Emotionless Temple. I found Lily laying down in bed.

Me: Where is Master?

Lily: He has been meditating ever since you left.

Me: Let's go see him.

Lily: I can't. I ate too much and now i can't walk.

Me: Bye then.

I looked at my Master meditating. He looked so peaceful and happy. I smiled to myself. Nothing made me happy than seeing my Master happy yes he is strict towards me but i know whatever he does is for my sake and that he cares for me.

I went to the garden to plant these new flowers. While busy singing and planting them i cut myself mistakenly i screamed in pain. I don't know how he got here so fast but he managed to stop the bleeding.

Finn: Leave these flowers. I will do them myself.

Me: But Master this is my duty.

Finn: Didn't you hear what i said?

Me: Yes Master.

Finn: You have been out all day now go eat.

Me: I am not hu..

Finn: I don't remember asking you.

Me: Yes.

Finn: Tomorrow it's Mo-Yu's birthday celebration so we'll go to Green Hill.

Me: Okay.

Lily was still in bed reading books.

Lily: I am bored can't we do something interesting.

Me: Let's go to Green Hill.

Lily: I don't want to face Evelyn i will kill that girl mommy. I have an idea. Let's spy on someone using the mirror.

Me: I don't think that's a good idea.

Lily: Come on. Let's check what Headmaster is doing.

Me: Okay

She sat up straight and asked me to bring the mirror.

Lily: yaktubufmouyettafegyimaadaatam niyanashandual 2taktubān yaktubāniplural


Headmaster appeared on the mirror.

Me: I can't see clearly what is he doing?

She didn't answer me but closed her eyes.

Finn: Who's there?

Me: Lily he is in the bathroom. He can actually feel that someone is looking at him.

I couldn't look at him while he is naked that is just disrespectful.

Me: Put this mirror away. Look at what we have done how am i going to look at my Master again? I will have to apologize. I saw him i saw everything.

I stood up and started pacing up and down not knowing what to do.

Me: He probably knows by now that i was the o.. i am going to see him.

I am now standing next to his room my heart is beating too fast how am i going to face him?

Finn: Are you gonna stand there or you are gonna come in?

I quickly went inside and greeted him. He was sitting on his chair reading a book when i came in he closed it and put it away.

Finn: Ines what is it?

I didn't know where to start i started scratching my head.

Finn: Well then if you won't talk. Leave.

I knelt down and looked down.

Me: Headmaster I'm sorry i didn't mean to. I just wanted to see what you were doing and it happened that you were in the bathroom. Please punish me.

I lifted my head and stole a glance at him he wasn't angry but looked so shocked.

Finn: You were the one watching me bathing? Wh.. um.. what did you see?

Me: Please forgive me Headmaster i saw everything.

Finn: Okay you can leave.

Me: Please punish me.

He couldn't even look at me. I really didn't mean to do this. Seeing my Master naked was never part of the plan


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