Honour My Tears

Author : Anovuyo Vundu

Genre :  Fantasy

Description :  Quickly give me a scissor, she's running out of breath be quick. Eve you need to help me, push just push", said the old lady. When everyone had given up the baby girl came out but it was not crying and everyone was shocked as to why it was not crying. While still shocked by the baby who was not crying one lady noticed something odd. " Look! Look! The grass has turned black. She's a curse! The baby is s curse!", she screamed. Everyone started screaming that the baby is a curse. The old lady put the baby down and noticed that the mother was no longer breathing. Everyone started screaming and left the house saying the baby is a witch. The Father of the baby [ Rondor Armito] just stood outside surprised by what was happening. He finally took courage and went inside. The first thing he saw was his wife lying in a pool of blood. He rushed to her and sat next to her. After crying for his wife he realized that he had a child. He stood up and took the beautiful baby girl. He stared at her for the longest time. A part of him wanted to kill the baby but she looked so innocent and beautiful. He decided that he was going to take his baby and go live in a separate place away from people just to keep her safe but first he had to bury his wife.On the day of his wife's funeral, he was alone because the community refused to associate itself with witches. An old friend of Rondor who is the Headmaster of the Green hill Sect. He was known to be the most powerful man of all these Sect. Because the baby had no name Rondor asked Headmaster to have her a name and he named her Ines meaning Pure and Virginal. He then told Rondor to take Ines to Green hill when she turns 20..................................' I won't be here forever and so you will need to take care of everyone. You will be the Headmaster of Green hill when i die. Years from now you will meet your fated calamity and when you do, kill her. You will have to kill her because she is your curse and you cannot fall in love with her", the Headmaster said to Finn. Finn was the Headmaster's most trustworthy and good hearted disciple. He made s promise to the Headmaster that he will kill his fateful curse when he meets her one day"

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