Who are you?

Chapter two


Seeing my father in so much pain broke my heart. He was in so much painhis left leg had burnt and he was having problems breathing. The villagers were leaving they didn't care that i was crying thru just told me that they will come back because they wanted to kill me and not my father.

Me: Papa hang in there. You will be fine.

Papa: I want you to stay like this . Be my sweet little girl forever. Your 20th birthday is is in two days and when it comes you need to go to Green hill and look for Headmaster Manana. He'll take good care of you.

Me: Papa? Why are you talking like this? You are going to be fine. We can go to Green hill together but first we'll celebrate my birthday.

" He is not going to make it. He is badly burnt." This man from the forest likes to appear from nowhere.

Me: He has to live. I am the one who is supposed to die. They should have killed me.

Papa tried to say one last word but couldn't he just closed his eyes and breathed for the last time. I closed my eyes and let my tears escape. My father didn't deserve to die like this. He was a good man. After crying for what seemed like forever i looked at this man looking at me with worry in his eyes.

Me: Aren't you scared that i'm going to kill you? Or bring you bad luck?

Man: Why? I don't believe all these stories that they are saying.

Me: Maybe you should. What's your name?

Man: My name? uuhh... Fi... Lucas. My name is Lucas.

Me: I am Ines.

Lucas: Come on Ines. Let's bury your father.

Me: Don't you need to go? I m...

Lucas: No i will help you bury your father. Now wipe those years and let's get on to business.

I just looked at him and smiled. He is so handsome and good hearted. I helped him dig my father's grave. Burying him was the hardest thing i have ever done but it had to be done. After all that crying Lucas said that he'll help me rebuild the house. We were now sitting under the tree chatting.

Lucas: I admire you. You are a strong phenomenal woman. With all the bad things that these people did to you you are still standing and you have never wanted to avenge yourself. You have a good heart.

Me: If it wasn't for my father

i really don't know what i would've done.

I think i fell asleep while we were still chatting because i was woken by the sun shining on my eyes. I looked around and found Lucas trying to collect all the wood that didn't get burnt from the fire.He was almost done with the house.I was shocked who could build a house in a day? This is witchcraft. I quickly brushed my face and stood up.

Me: How did you build this house in just a few hours?

Lucas: Good morning Miss Ines.

Me: Morning Lucas. Did you build this house? How did you do it? I mean most of the stuff was burnt.

Lucas: Don't worry about that. You have a house now.

Me: But h... umhh thank you Lucas. No one has ever done such a good thing for me except for my father.

Lucas: It's okay. I'm afraid i will have to leave now.

Me: Already?

I didn't expect him to leave so soon. What did i expect? He's not even my family.

Lucas: Yes i need to go back home.

Me: Okay but can you stay a little. Tomorrow is my birthday and i have no one to celebrate it with.

He looked at me for the longest time and nodded.

Lucas: Fine i will stay.


I watched her cooking and singing. She was such a bubbly soul. Her story broke my heart. I didn't tell her my real name because i hate it when people get all happy over seeing me. Many people know me as the Immortal Firnado/Finn. I am one of the five immortals that save and protect people against evil. We were a group of five but three immortals died and now there's only me and Immortal Sulien.

After all the cooking she dished up and came with the food.

Ines: Thanks to the food you came with or else i would've starved to death. I have made a new dish. Please try it out. Here taste.

She took a fork and tried to feed me. I looked at her for quiet some time. If she knew who i am she wouldn't even come close to me. I smiled and took a bite.

Me: You are a great cook. It tastes good.

Ines: Thank you. So where do you come from?

Me: * coughs* From a village near Zozo.

She looked at me like she didn't believe me. She touched my cheeks and squeezed them.

Me: Hey? What are you doing?

Ines: You should smile a little. You are always serious.

She laughed a little. A smile escaped my lips.

Ines: That's more like it. Do you know where Green hill is? My father said that when i turn 20 i have to go to Green hill and look for Headmaster Manana.

This was shocking news. What could she want from my Master?

Me: Why do you need to see The Headmaster of Green hill?

Ines: I don't know but Papa once said that The Headmaster came here on the day i was born and said that i will have to go to Green hill when i am 20.

Me: I will give you a map it will show you the way to Green hill.

Ines: Thank you so much.

I am a morning person so i always wake up first. The first thing i did the following day was to make a bangle for Ines using magic. I want her to have something that will keep her safe wherever she goes. I put on a drop of my blood on the bangle and finished it off with the jade of peace. By the time she woke up i was already done. She looks so innocent and beautiful she doesn't deserve all this hatred from people.

Me: Happy birthday. I made this for you. Don't ever take it off.

Ines: A bangle for me? It's sparkling. It's so beautiful. Thank you! thank you!

She tried to jump and hug me but tripped and almost fell but i held her. We looked into each other's eyes for some time. I cleared my throat and helped her get up.

Ines: Let me get on with food.

We spent the whole day singing. I was the one doing the singing she actually blackmailed me into it. I think she got tired of all the playing because she later fell asleep. I think this was the right time for me to erase her memory of the latest events. I can't have her remembering me when she goes to Green hill. I sat next to her crouched my legs and closed my eyes.

Me: I call on the jade of memory. Erase all the recent events in her memory.

After erasing her memory i sat down and looked at her. It's sad to leave without telling her but i have to leave. I know she will be heartbroken but tomorrow is the big day and i need to be there. I held her hand one last time and took my bags.


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